Optimizing Your Site For Baidu

If you are in China, you have to depend on one and only search engine and that is the ultimate “Baidu”.

Even though Google is one of the prime search engine across the world, however the wind that dominates the search market of mainland China is none other than Baidu. With a blend of factors such as restrictions from the government, language dexterity, and the right combination of Baidu SEO services, has made it the most important and much appreciated search engine amongst billions of Chinese population who are in habitual touch with the internet. This has a huge impact and a ground-zero factors for companies which want to enhance and grow their business in the Chinese market. The company needs to make sure to optimize their site as per the conditions and terms set by Baidu. In short, you need to understand that Baidu is unlike Google, Yahoo or any other search engines!

There are a few essential factors which you will need to work on, if you want to attain the best result from Baidu.

Domain Name

Baidu would anytime prefer domains which exercise .cn top level domain (TLD). Even though it will also rank sites ending with .net and .com, yet it will also favor .cn domains. These will have a better ranking position on SEROs.


Even though the other search engines do not give much attention to the location of your site, as to where it is getting hosed, Baidu, would definitely want your site to be hosted in China. Even though Hong Kong for this purpose could be counted in, however, in the case of Taiwan, it does not have the bandwidth to serve the mainland.

Physical Address

Baidu will always support a site if it has its physical address in China. At the least the semblance of the physical presence should denote China. Now do not be mistaken, because fort this it is not important for you to have an office and staff members working in China, or you also will not need to rest an area or office in Shanghai. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that the local details that you provide should have contact details of China.


Looking at Technology that Reduces the Number of Trucking Accidents

Fleet managers have a reputation for being early adopters of advanced technologies, especially in the field of safety. Per US’s largest commercial motor vehicle insurer, most of the truck collisions are caused due to the driver’s mistake; distraction and driver fatigue being the most prominent among them.

Head of Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance, Ian Taylor, says that driver fatigue makes one more prone to distraction, which leads to the driver making mistakes. Considering the statement, Taylor also revealed that they are offering a free trial of an innovative in-cab technology that could spell the end of fatigue and distraction-related accidents.

In-cab technology for all your trucking safety needs

A company named Seeing Machines developed The Guardian system for the first time to be implemented in the massive machinery deployed in the mining industry. The technology uses a highly sophisticated face-tracking software to combat their fatigue. It tracks the movement of various facial features including, expressions, movement of the eyelids, and the direction at which the driver is looking.

If the system detects the driver has closed his/her eyes for more than 1.5 seconds, it sounds an in-cab alarm as this pattern indicates “micro sleep” in its programming. This leads to vibration of the driver’s seat to instantly jolt the driver back to full consciousness. The same thing happens if the software detects that the driver is looking elsewhere but the road for a sustained period.

After every incident, a seven second long recording video of the driver’s face is sent to the operation center of Seeing Machines for complete analysis. If the authorities deem that further action is necessary, they notify the driver’s dispatcher within two minutes so that they may take appropriate measures to ensure the driver’s safety and as well as of the road users.

Online safety at your fingertips

Apart from in-vehicle technology, new age online technology is also aiding with driver training. Instant availability of online training programs aims to change the attitude of drivers towards driving behavior and general safety. It can also reduce and prevent collision rates by providing real-time feedback on unpredictable driving conditions.

There’s no doubt that technology is progressing at a rapid pace and it shouldn’t be long till we can see a revolutionary innovation that changes the safety game altogether. As many as truck safety technology features there may be, the means available to get justice after an accident has taken place is critically limited.

The future of truck safety

Looking at the future of disaster management, all the experts in the subject matter agreed that cost of repairs and maintenance are likely to rise, so the real solution lies in the reduction of incidents via education and innovation.

Future accident management programs will also be broadly like the principles of programs of other vehicle classes. The future holds a lot of promise that we’ll just have to wait and watch becoming a reality.



The recent growing trend of increasing content writing needs has become popular with increasing demand for online reading, networking and surfing. There are a pool of opportunities for writers who are willing to step into the world of content marketing. From press releases to Blog writing to Website Writing to Product Reviewing, you have a multitude range to choose from. If writing is everything you know, then there is a pretty good opportunity with you to make a good living with your talent. Gone are the days when writers used to be paid meagerly. And guess what? You are just a click away from registering yourself on the suitable freelancing platform which meets your necessities in the best possible way. Here is an elaborate comparison between two big freelancing websites ie  Contentmart and Zerys to give you a clear picture of things.


Do you like to work with strict deadlines? Well, what I mean to say is, would you like that a clock is ticking on your head and every single hour you are being reminded that you are coming closer to the deadline? I am sure not. On Zerys , you get 24 hours to complete each  500 words per page. Isn’t it monotonous? You cannot afford to lose the deadlines at all if you are working under Direct-Assigned Jobs. If you do, then the project is gone. Where as on Contentmart, you don’t lose out on the project you are working if you communicate with the client beforehand. You would simply be informed that you missed the deadline but Contentmart doesn’t act till the client cancels the order. Hence, it works more flexibly than any other freelancing platform.


Well, the reliability and credibility of a freelancing option matters the most. You would always want to connect with the platform which looks best after your vested interests. If you are a freelancer then apprehensions are bound to creep in. You would want a platform where you can access your payments in the safest manner and which also allows you better payment alternatives. With Zerys , all the above things go missing. You need to have a mandatory Paypal Account in order to access your payments which is surely a turn off for many. Whereas, on the other hand, Contentmart offers you other options like direct bank account transfer and makes things simplistic for you.


Definitely Contentmart is. It is totally fair with the writer’s needs in every possible way. The best part is that it would not go on to cancel your order if perhaps you failed to complete the order at a given deadline. Whereas on Zerys if you don’t complete the job before the due date then the order is automatically returned to the client’s job board so another writer can take the job. The job goes into your Missed Deadline folder.


Hence, understanding the intricacies of choosing a better option for yourself involves no rocket science. With all the pros and cons, you can make the right choice for yourself without any doubts.


Writing is an art and very few of us know how to utilize it effectively to earn a handsome amount every single day. If you have it, congrats. Welcome to the league which can fetch you more than you had expected to earn. With increase in demand of content over the years, people are searching for good freelancing options which can help them choose the best sort freelance writers. As a writer, all you need to have is possess excellent writing skills and the clients would be always wanting to hire you. Here is an analysis of Contentmart with Copify, both of which are competent freelancing websites.


Writing is a passion for some and working on strict deadlines kills your creativity. Doesn’t it ?While fixing healthy deadlines is necessary for fulfilling client’s requirements , but the problem arises when it’s the other way round. What if someone told you that you have next 24 hours to write 500 words? It’s not always possible to work like a machine, fulfilling targets and just thinking about overbeating time to submit your work. Here is where Contentmart has made a positive mark among several other competitive websites and specially Copify. Copify works monotonously with such hard deadlines which allows no space to writers needs. So basically your estimated turnaround for 100-500 words is 24 hours,500-1000 words is 48 hours, 1000-2500 words is 72 hours. Whereas, on Contentmart there is no such hard and fast policy of  this sort. You choose a project of your own accord and you can contact with client to extend the deadlines and work without any such pressure. It’s totally upto you whether you want to write 100 words a day or 1000 words a day as the projects are  meant to be submitted just before the deadline.


Undoubtedly, Contentmart is. The best part is that you get each and every information about the writer on his/her dashboard. Plus you get around 100-110 bids on each order so you have a good choice to choose the best writer for yourself. The portfolio in itself speaks a lot about the freelancer and hence as a client you don’t need to indulge in any other formalities unlike on Copify.


The best thing is that Contentmart doesn’t allow any upfront options for the freelancers which makes it more safe and secure. You money is at no risk as a client. You have all rights to reject the order if the content doesn’t meet your expectations. But Copify does give the option of upfront payments to its clients. Sometimes freelancers can take undue advantage of trust reposed on them and hence it can be disappointing for the clients. Hence, you can now make a judicious choice for yourself with all the things you know now.


Now you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of working on both on the platforms and choose the best for yourself.

Web Hosting

Why is VPS Hosting an Economical Choice for you?

VPS hosting is helpful for businesses who are in need for speed and accuracy. Such type of service is comprised of software that is implemented upon server side operations. The VPS hosting service is popularly known as cloud computing. It is in the sense that the date is stored in a secured physical location. It is extremely popular today because of its speed and high level of security. VPS hosting offers a variety of benefits, but for you to enjoy the advantages, you have to carefully select a VPS provider. The is one of the best VPS providers in town. It offers both dedicated and shared web server features to ensure a smooth and seamless operation. It is your partner in growing your business.

Below are the reasons why VPS hosting is considered economical and beneficial to every business:

  • The VPS plan is less expensive as compared to the usual dedicated hosting plan. The latter also use ordinary physical servers which do not provide optimum security of data.
  • The VPS plan can be customized according to the needs and requirements of your business. When it comes to billing, the client is usually billed on the basis of pay per use. This is highly economical and practical on a business standpoint.
  • VPS hosting is easily scalable. You can start off in a virtual environment with a limited resources. As your business grows, the requirements and demands change too. Hence, the flexible hosting plan of the VPS service enables you to scale the service according to the needs of your business. The best thing is you will no longer have to pay for excessive resources. That’s how economical VPS hosting is.

  • Another perks of VPS hosting service is you get to control your virtual server through affordable shared hosting plans. VPS hosting provider gives you complete access to the server, which is not possible within the shared server.

If you are in need of a reliable and highly dependable partner in growing your business, then turn to VPS hosting and make sure you choose the best provider.


What to consider when choosing a computer repair service?

We are living in a computer world. In fact, two out of every three households in the United States own a computer. This has paved a way to computer repair services. If you are going to search around, you will notice that there are so many computer repair shops to choose from. It is important to conduct due diligence when making a choice. Not all repair shops out there will look after the welfare of your precious computer. In fact, not all of them are trained to handle all types of computer. Hence, it is important to distinguish the best computer repair shop in the market.

When selecting a computer repair shop, you have to take into account the following:


  • Cost – The cost is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a computer repair service. Try to get recommendations from a friend or somebody you know who have tried computer repair service. See to it that the repair shop is not overcharging.
  • Reputation – check the reputation and credibility of the repair shop. Usually, those who have been in the business for quite a while now are the trusted ones because they will not make it in the business if they are not competent. It is also worthwhile to consider new companies, but of course you have to check if they offer money back guarantee. Highly reputable companies don’t mind offering money back guarantee because they are confident with the quality of their service.

  • Customer reviews – do not forget to check what other people are saying about a particular computer repair shop. A few clicks online will give ideas as to what computer repair shops are the best and what you should avoid.
  • License and certificate – Only deal with a licensed and certified computer repair shop. One of them is the Philly computer repair It is one of the best there is in the market today. It carries all the necessary certificates and has a license to operate. It also offers guarantee for its products and services.

Get the Best Professional Photographer For Your Wedding

Photography is a big challenge. Not everyone can become a good photographer. To become a professional photographer, you need to take proper lessons in clicking photos and from correct angles.

To find a professional photographer for your wedding is itself a challenge. Before hiring a photographer ask your friends and relatives regarding his experience in clicking marriage photographs. New York Photography is considered to be one of the best in the world. It is advisable that you should contact experienced photographers from New York. They have the ability and skill to click quality photographs. Since marriage is an auspicious day for you, hence do not take chances by hiring inexperienced photographers.

  • Your marriage photographs will be cherished by your wife and by your family lifelong. These photos become memoirs. Hence, your wedding photos should be clean, clear and accurate. They should be shot from proper angles and should not be indistinct or distorted. Professional photographers keep all these things in mind before taking a shot. These photographs bear the best moments of your wedding day. It should be captured in the most excellent manner so that your memories would be refreshed for years to come.
  • Professional photographers shoot photos in various styles, such as, fine art, documentary and portraiture style. Get a photographer who is well acquainted with these sorts of photography. He can deliver precisely what you are looking for. Professional photographers are costly but remember, they will satisfy your requirements. After all, marriage is an important event in your life and all proper precautions should be taken so that things do not get spoilt. If you have particular requirements then inform your choice to your photographers so that they can fulfill your desire.

  • When hiring a professional photographer online then first go through the reviews, check out his work online carefully and then contact him. Settle the mode of payment and see that he is not overcharging you. Stick to your budget, do not over cross it. If the photographer’s charges are more, than contact another photographer whose charges are reasonable. The best way is to consult your colleagues and friends who recently have recruited a photographer for his or her marriage.

How to choose the best digital camera?

Digital cameras are available in various sizes, shapes and designs. The selection should be based on your application. There are waterproof cameras as well which are handy to capture photos in the rainy season and on the beach front.

There are following three types of digital cameras:

  • Point and shoot cameras
  • Cameras with interchangeable lens
  • Digital SLRs (DSLRs)

There are special purpose cameras as well which are built to perform a specific function in a very efficient manner.

Selection of camera

  • If you are looking for an affordable camera, you can settle for ‘point and shoot camera’. The camera comes with simple features, and it will be light in weight. Hence, it will slip into your pocket very easily, and various events can be covered with the compact camera. You can choose an entry-level camera that comes with basic features or premium model that comes with advanced features.
  • The image quality of interchangeable New York Digital Cameras will be very high. The performance of the camera will be very fast, and you can exercise creative options. However, the downside is the higher price tag. The optical viewfinder is eliminated in mirror less interchangeable lens cameras. Hence, they can be used very easily and they permit advanced shooting options as well. There are somless versions which deliver results that are similar to DSLRs.

  • DSLRs are very expensive. Professional photographers would like to go for DSLRs as the performance of these cameras is very high. You will be able to track objects quickly and efficiently by using a DSLR camera. There will be a clear view of the subject by using the optical viewfinder. You will not experience image lag as happens in electronic viewfinders in a mirror less camera. Fast-moving objects can be captured in the best possible way.

Your Data Is Probably Costing You Money

Information Quality is the establishment for all information and frameworks exercises inside an organization. Quality information is required to convey revise data to leaders who will use it to pick up an upper hand in the market. Surveying information quality over the venture or inside particular business capacities is basic. Associations must distinguish key information components and business rules, survey information for regular imperfections, make standards or activities for settling information, and make measurements to identify absconds as they enter a framework/database. Information is a basic corporate resource that gets incorporated into Information, which is the reason for Knowledge inside your association.


  • Realities about things sorted out for examination or used to reason or decide
  • Crude material from which data is inferred and is the reason for insightful activities and choices


  • Accumulations of usable realities or information
  • Handled put away or transmitted information
  • Information in setting with exact definition and clear introduction


  • Particular data about something-the whole or scope of what has been found or learned
  • Data known and in the best possible setting
  • Esteem added to data by individuals who have involvement and keenness to comprehend its potential

The climax is applying learning by using Information for Value which is corporate Wisdom. Corporate Wisdom is subsequently an element of an enterprise’s ability to obtain and apply information. This ability to procure and apply learning, Corporate Intelligence, is predicated upon the underlying Quality of Data Assets. What are information resources? Information Assets are the information questions in an Enterprise that effect business capacities. They might be fragmented by business capacity, for example:

  • Client
  • Deals
  • Accomplice
  • Bill of Material
  • Resources
  • Introduced Base
  • Assentions
  • Qualification
  • Money related (GL, AP, AR, and so on.)
  • Charging
  • HR

What is data quality?

Data Quality is the state where information resources have the accompanying traits.

  • Clear definition or significance
  • Amend values
  • Reasonable introduction organize (as spoke to an information specialist)

What’s inalienably amiss with information?

Vast Volumes of Data –

The measure of accessible data gathered by organizations has multiplied or tripled since 2002 and 10-30 percent is of low quality (wrong, conflicting, ineffectively designed, entered inaccurately, and so forth.)

Information is Dynamic –

Information is always being upgraded by workers, clients and outsiders.

Individuals are Myopic About Quality –

Information quality is not a prime thought in numerous organizations since the cost of support is high and the procedure is troublesome and ugly.



Skills of coding have become more important than ever and they are turning into the core proficiency and capability for all types of Today’s Century employees. The unavoidable fact is showing the way to individuals to look for new methods of learning to code.

Tests4geeks is one of such learning websites. It is the service for IT skills programming assessment. It’s a tool which makes the process of hiring programmers easier.  It is the service which tests your candidates-programmers before you see them. Each programming test is developed by professionals with great knowledge, experience, and skill. Tests4geeks is a platform created to make interview process for corporate as well as start-ups easier and much better than what it is right now. You can create tests for various platforms and languages, and then you can test your candidates as per their general knowledge on the subject they are interviewing for. After the particular test is done, you can call those candidates in future for a further personal interview.

Tests4geeks is not only good for people who want to conduct these tests but also for those who as a developer want to test their own knowledge. It is the program which includes the best tests for hiring coders. This service is especially for individuals who are working as team leads, HR managers, and recruiters.  In addition, programmers can also join in for the reason that there are thousands of chances to show off their skill and test themselves here!

The Tests4Geeks helps companies to hire the deserving candidates as per their requirement. Because many a times candidates write so many things in their resume no matter how much they know. So it helps to enable companies and Human resource agencies to test every candidate to decide whether that candidate has the basic knowledge of what he is applying for or not. It makes the life easier by offering you to take tests online to filter the good candidates. With the help of Tests4Geeks, you can shortlist your candidates and then sit for an interview. The process is quite effective and easy that you can choose the best talents easily without much involvement and expense. Tests4geeks can be a game changer for your organization as you will receive a bunch of awesome pre-chosen shortlisted candidates who have been tested already. The candidate can choose any test among the hundreds such as PHP, HTML, .net, JavaScript, c# programming test Python, Databases, Java, and iOS. They also contain subcategories too.

Benefits of tests4geeks-

It is helpful for Business, HR agencies and for programmers. As for HR agencies, tests4geeks will provide them their best candidates. And as programmers, they can test themselves, get a report and attach it to their resume. It will help demonstrate candidate’s knowledge and skills during a job search. It’s very simple and easy to use for long process. It has big scope in future as students can learn this to make bright career in this field. It’s very necessary to do this course from a reputation institute. As there are many institutes which claim to give better course and training on these courses.

How useful it is –

Whenever you have to hire programmers or candidates, you can give an ad on sites like Indeed, Monster, and other job portals. Then you receive a large number of applications, out of which you call a few of them for an interview. Now say, you take interview of 40 candidates in a day. After taking the interview of all, you find out that out of those 40, about 25 have not even the basic knowledge of the skills you desire for. It means you have just wasted your valuable time with those 25 candidates. We all know Time is a valuable asset! We need to spend our time carefully. Now, the Tests4Geeks allows you to create a test for the skills you want in your candidates. So as in this case, create CSS/HTML test and send the link to the test to all the candidates that sent their applications. Now when they will complete their test, you will get the results. Then, you can assess the results of all, and call only those who deserve or have the skills you desire. It saves your time and money, and the cost of using Tests4geeks is quite affordable. And for candidates, it is the key to getting the best job as per their talent.

It works in a certain pattern as follows:

For HR Agencies

So if you want to hire a programmer or a candidate, at first send him a link to the particular test which can be found on the website. Once the candidate completes the test, you will receive an email of an automated report. If you are not satisfied with the candidate result, then, you have just saved your valuable time! And if the result is satisfactory, then you have earned an important asset for your future! You don’t need any special skills to use Tests4Geeks online service. It is very easy to use, and you can create multiple tests in just a few minutes.

Just enters his name and emails to start the test, the link got active. Once the candidate is done with the test, the reports will be emailed to the candidate and to the company.

  • Pass test by Myself-

This option is just for testing candidates skills by own.

  • Tests4Geeks offers branding option-

It offers the candidate and the company to use your own sub domain on your Company’s domain, to promote your business and skills for the bright future.

One can save his/her quality time by using the service of Tests4Geeks which is available at good prices online. Therefore, for companies can take online knowledge test of the candidates before calling them for an interview and can save their valuable time! All in all, Tests4geeks is a really great and huge platform for both candidate and Hiring managers to find suitable job and job candidate


Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest In It Support Services

Let us now face it, even though all of us will agree that computer technologies has helped in simplifying our lives, and has been quite effective in streamlining our businesses, the system can turn out being highly challenging.

There are so many things which may knock off or go wrong and without the right IT support system like NYC IT Support recovering the issue can get quite tough for us. A good IT support service can help us with resolving several issues and take care of things such as software and hardware problems, network and security check, system updates and so forth.

Challenges such as these could be quite acute for small or mid sized firms as they do not come with the resources required to resolve such issues. Also it is not possible for mid-sized or small organizations to hire IT specialists to deal through any technical issue, which may arise at any given point. When the system goes down, quite frequently, they would call for an outside repair tech, which probably might not be accessible at that much needed hour. This is why it is always better to make the most out of a managed IT support. They are a cost effective solution too. They come with some great benefits for a company and we have mentioned a few of them below:

It is any day cost effective

An understaffed and small IT department can turn out being quite burdening for a small company to maintain, plus it gets quite expensive. However there is not much that you need to worry about because a properly managed IT support comprises of a team of experts who would be available to resolve your issue as and when required. You also do not have to pay them for what you would require paying full-time salaries to IT experts.

All complexities of technology would get resolved

 With the assistance of a well managed IT service, you have a team of experienced IT experts, who would at all time access the latest IT solutions and at a very reasonable cost.

Assistance available 24X7

IT managed serviced providers will provide you with support and help 24X7. They would keep track of alerts, fix all issues remotely and fix problems before it even arises. Rises are reduced drastically and this enables you to work in a safer IT infrastructure.