Other Problems and How You Can Fix Them Yourself

Here are some other things that might be a problem for your computer.

Defective power socket

The DC Jack (power supply socket) shows no damage and the current is there and still your notebook will not boot? Especially with systems that are older, the power supply socket/charging socket often is worn out because of constant plugging in and out. This website will offer you the spare part that is suitable for this problem and will correct possible errors that stop the device from properly starting or booting up.

Empty CMOS RTC battery

Your computer is not saving the bios settings? This situation is often linked to an empty or defective CMOS Bios battery. In majority of cases, the CMOS battery is only plugged and not soldered. By just replacing the CMOS Bios battery yourself and use it as you are used to is the easy way.

Save money

Save money as well as profit with our fast shipping for parts for computers of any kind. The company looks forward to filling your order!

CMOS error and causes

Has your PC, computer, tablet or notebook suddenly stop working?

Are BIOS settings reset after each boot up?

Error messages

Will you get an error message after starting such as:

  • CMOS Checksum error
  • Invalid Date and Time
  • CMOS configuration mismatch
  • CMOS settings wrong

If you are getting these error messages, then the error is possibly due to a defective or empty CMOS backup battery.


 The term CMOS stands for Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor and is a memory module/battery where the bios settings for your computer are stored. If the CMOS battery is defective or empty, the settings for the system are reset at every start, and this result in one of the above error messages.


The American Dream for the Chinese

There have been an increasing number of property listings in the US. Recently, it has attracted Chinese citizens to purchase properties overseas. Even when China has started developing high rise buildings in their own country, others are still pursuing the American dream of being in the US. It may be quite difficult to achieve due to the limitation of Chinese national to US immigration. As a matter of fact, residential properties have a high number of Chinese buyers for the past three years, amounting to almost $32 billion in total. The popular states that the Chinese prefer are California, Florida and New York among others. Additionally, the Chinese community in the US has been evident due to the students who enroll in American colleges. These also prefer buying properties in the US as an investment compared to just renting out.

Foreign investors create more opportunities for countries. In the case of the Chinese, it brings in businesses for retailers. There are a lot of rich Chinese who are already in the US with vast investments beyond real estate. Chinese buyers are said to pay in cash and leaves a good impression for business in smaller cities. These also affect the affordability of houses in the US but the competition with American buyers is also affected. However, more Chinese are involved with luxury properties resulting to indirect competition with local buyers. China is contributing to the real estate market positively. Other cities in the US have more properties but are likewise, more expensive. This is the reason why some buyers are geared towards other cities who can offer luxury residential properties that are not double the price, unlike some places. However, this does not generally mean that the market ends there, foreign investment is also still welcome for the other states. More Chinese look after the opportunities in the US real estate market. As a result, it can negatively impact those who are US locals. Policies have been reinforced to limit the amount of investment from Chinese buyers. The strict implementation requires the declaration of bank accounts. There is speculation regarding illegal activity among Chinese investors and these cause denying transactions with the US. Furthermore, the issues of smuggling and corruption among businessmen cause trouble and almost no chance of crossing China’s borders.

As China’s economy grows, investments are seen to be more significant. Other industries also experience an increase in the amount being involved, as well as other countries that are interested to transact. China has attracted more investors itself but being in the business mindset, Chinese business owners wish to continue further in the US. This has always been the cause long in history. Even decades ago, China experienced Nanking Massacre but then recovered through economic reforms. It took them quite long but to be able to compete with the US who has always been the most powerful, is quite remarkable.

Without a doubt, Chinese investors are being innovative to think of ways to expand. It can be difficult to handle the protocols of the US but since China is a powerful country on its own, their investments will still be helpful to the US economy. The tighter controls imposed by the US do not threaten the will of the Chinese to pursue businesses across the world. More importantly, the US is actually the one who benefits in a larger scale due to the investments being done by China. The real estate is a vast market and as the demand also increases, the possibility of improving and developing is not limited. There may be challenges faced by the Chinese who go through this path but not even the policies can stop their will.


4 Online Editors to Use Photoshop for Free

Are you looking for ways to edit and manipulate your images online? Without the necessity of downloading any software on your PC or laptops. Or can’t afford to pay for Photoshop as it costs a high, and your work is not that often. So what should you do in such situation? No need to scratch your head, or look for ways. We understand all your problems and henceforth, we have with this post. With the sole reason of helping you out of your misery. That is what we are here for, providing asolution to all your problems.

What Online Editors to Use?

In this case, we are here with a list of 4 top and best-ranked photo editors. These are regarded very highly as compared to others, by the designers. And most often come in handy for users with basic requirements. The list is as follow:


Online Photoshop is a free to use, and an interactive web-based online photo editing tool. Its interactive User-Friendly interface enables and empowers the user’s features that are very close to of what the Photoshop offers to users. But in OnlinePhotoShop’scase, the price makes the difference. It is for free, yes and with dozens of features available that will help you create, design, recreate, edit and manipulate images the way you want them to.


The next and another web based online photoshop free; FreePhotoTool is not lagging behind in the race to be among the top online image/photo editors. It works very close to the Adobe Photoshop and as a result offering most of the features same as of Photoshop’s.
So it’s better to have alternatives for everything. Finding Photoshop unavailable? No need to panic gets the job done with FreePhotoTool with ease.


Next on our list, is iPiccy. iPiccy lets you create an image from the scratch or edit an image, making photo editing simpler and a lot easier. The best thing about iPiccy? Well, you have everything accessible from the menu you can see on the left. There are a number of features available that are solely for the designers. With iPiccy there lots of merits to consider such as, easy to use interface, various upload options, efficient results with advanced tools, easy downloads when done.


Pixlr is one name, you must have heard more than often. One of the vastly used photo editing tool is accessible online. Pixlr offers a variety of packages for the users to pick from, for purposes of editing based on the desired needs and necessities of the users. An Interactive User Interface, with efficient tools that can get the job done in minutes. Even a rookies can navigate through the online tool with ease.


The tools mentioned above, are the ones that offer you free online photo editing services. Services that are close to of those that the Photoshop offers to its users. These tools are web based and free, you won’t be charged for using these services, and will get the best results, as per your requirements and needs.


Increase Traffic and Conversion with these Secret SEO Tips


Using the latest SEO techniques is awesome, but that’s not enough. You need to ensure your SEO efforts are paying off through conversions. Reputable SEO companies in India will not just perform the usual on-page and off-page optimization; they’ll also help you to generate revenue from your online business by implementing some of the best-kept secrets discussed in this article.


Whether you own a large corporation or small business, your ultimate goal is to convert traffic into customers and increase revenue. If your SEO strategies are attracting visitors to your website, that’s great! It shows you’ve taken the right step, but that may not be enough in the long run.

There are some other strategies you need to incorporate in a bid to increase the number of email signups, the number of leads, and users with the potential to convert into buyers. Here are insider secrets and best SEO practices you can adopt to generate revenue.

1. Regularly update your blog with the right content

Do you want to get the best ROI from your website? Add the right content to your blog, and do that regularly. A report by Hubspot shows that, companies that blog regularly generate 126 percent more leads than those that don’t. It also shows that 82 percent of marketers who blog daily get customers from their blogs.

Now, you know why a SEO company has content writing as part of their services that encourage adding the right content to your blog, regularly.

It’s important that we draw a difference between the right content and powerful content. Well, powerful content can evoke the “wow” effect from readers, but it may not necessarily solve their problems. On the other hand, the right content will not only wow them, but will also provide them with actionable tips to use and get results.

By constantly publishing fresh content, you’ll gradually build momentum and establish trust. Don’t forget that your readers are smart and will figure out manipulative and deceptive tactics. On the upside, if your content is interesting, they’ll remember the words you use and with time, will give you their trust. This will translate into repeat visitors with higher conversion rates. Repeat visitors trust you, and they will have no hesitation in buying from you.

2. Create one, compelling call-to-action on each page

We all know that call-to-action is imperative for converting your visitors to customers. Thus, you need to include several of them on each web page, right?

Well, you could not be more wrong. When you use too many calls-to-action on a single page, visitors begin to view your website as spammy. If, for example, they’re visiting a site that offers web development services, and each page features three CTAs, that scream, “start your free trial,” “join now,” and “click here to start,” visitors are likely to get confused and head somewhere else for web development services.

Therefore, just use one call-to-action that blends perfectly well with your content and your web design.

3. Reduce your page load time to 2 seconds or less

Your site is probably annoying your visitors right now because it’s taking eons to load. Consumers expect your web page to load in two seconds or less. And after 3 seconds, they simply give up and move to your competitor’s tab.

Here are important statistics on how page load time affects online shoppers:

  • 52 percent of shoppers assert that fast page load speed defines their site loyalty
  • 79 percent of online shoppers dissatisfied with the website performance are not likely to purchase from the same website.
  • 44 percent of shoppers will inform their friends about a bad online experience they encountered
  • One second delay (or three seconds of waiting) can lower customer satisfaction by around 16 percent.

Ask your SEO firm in India to reduce your website load time. They can analyse your site and share with you exactly the changes you should make to reduce page load time and increase load speed.

4. Use images and videos

Humans are visual; they love photos and videos which reduce reading time. Pictures that help them visualize what they can get from your service or product will always be a hit. Visual content creates a sense of familiarity for shoppers, making them more comfortable when buying something online.

 Remember customers that shop from the conventional brick and mortar store use their sense of smell, sound, touch and feel to buy a product. Similarly, on your site visitors will be affected by seeing and hearing. Provide them with plenty of photos and videos to make them comfortable and eager to be associated with your products or services.

5. Use social proof

While looking for a service or product, consumers will definitely turn to trusted friends and family members while taking decisions. first want to ask trusted sources like friends for recommendations. You should be on the forefront to leverage this behavior to increase traffic and conversions.

The best examples of social proof are:

  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Trust symbols
  • Video testimonials
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • PR

Most sites avail any of these forms of social proof and the best thing for you to do is present positive content before your audience at the earliest. This is a step in the right direction and will take them from the status of a visitor to a customer.

Your best bet would be to seek help from an SEO agency in Delhi to make the required changes and see a rise in your conversion rates.

Conclusion: Keep it simple

As you work with a good SEO firm in India, continue working on these strategies and you will see your conversion rates increase. It is necessary to have an easy to navigate website for users to move from page to product and process with ease. Use images, forms, calls to action or pop-ups intelligently. A top menu, easy-to-read information, a well-designed logo, striking colors and one to two relevant and well-positioned images are intrinsic to a good website designing and the most important factors to keep your visitors interested.


The New and Improved Segway Hoverboard

The 6.5-inch hoverboard scooter is the fastest selling hoverboard currently on the market. Riders are guaranteed a level of comfort while riding the Segway scooter. It gives you the best experience in riding that you will ever have.

Safety first

Safety is a necessity and this Segway style hoverboard is the best decision. This is because Gear Force hoverboards in Australia are certified at the highest level against fire and has electrical safety requirements. It is completely secured from any failure that might happen during riding.

Safety features added

These safety features and instructions have been added:

  • Low battery protection when battery drops to less than 10 percent it will begin to slow down until it will eventually stop
  • Avoid surface that are slippery such as water
  • Avoid surface such as gravel roads
  • Wear gloves, helmets, guards for the elbows and other safety gear
  • Ride on roads that are safe and avoid bumpy surfaces
  • Children must be attended by an adult when riding
  • Don’t lift the self-balancing hoverboard off the ground when turned on


This hoverboard has a Samsung Li-Ion battery which is powerful and lets riders cover up to 20km on only one charge. It has a two-motor engine that delivers up to 700 watts of power for maximum speed in riding in both outdoor and indoor.

Latest hoverboard

This modern hoverboard is the latest type of self-balancing scooter. It can ride on a slope of 30-degree grading. It can easily climb a slope without any failure. Also, this 6.5-wheel hoverboard has the capacity of being able to control unnecessary speeding. A light will come on to let the rider know they are exceeding the recommended 12km/hr. This feature goes a long way in controlling speeds that are excessive.

Lights the way

This electrical Segway style hoverboard can make hovering around an exciting activity. This hoverboard comes with a LED lightbuilt-in that will light your path in the dark at night. This LED light allows you to see any danger in the path ahead. This light is also a great way to make sure other people see you at night.

This is a new and improved hoverboard.


Software That Are Used To Hack into a System – Malware Issues and Recovery

There are many methods people use to hack into a personal computer to access private information. The techniques include some very common ones like phishing, clickjacking etc., Knowing the basic hacking techniques used and how to prevent future hacking is very important. A hacker can get unauthorized access to important information like email account details, credit card information etc. that can be damaging to the computer owner.

This makes it important to be aware of the common hacking methods and techniques that are used so a person can use precautions as in hack recovery to prevent such things from happening. Listed below are few software that are used to hack into a system.

DD0S – Denial of Service

This is a technique that makes a site inoperative by overloading a site with a lot of traffic. This is done by using fake or zombie computers to flood a network.

This type of attack is often prevented by sites by requesting a verification or captcha to make sure that the request is not from a robot or a zombie site.


This software is installed on the computer can keep a log of the keystrokes used on the computer. This may be used to steal passwords or IDs. If suspicious of the use of such software then it is better to use a virtual keyboard to enter the IDs and passwords.

Waterhole attacks

A waterhole attack is when the personal attacks the websites their target users use and plants malware on it to give them access to the sensitive information on their intended victim. Blocking infected traffic and keeping their protections software up to date is the best way to keep the computer safe.

Fake WAP

A fake Wi-Fi access point can be created by software. This type of a device can be used by a hacker to access personal information of the user.


A commonly used technique of hacking is phishing. This is when the website is replicated exactly to allow them to access the information of the victim. This is often used to access banking information of a user.

Virus and Trojan

Virus and Trojans are software that once embedded into a person system, sends information to the hacker about the person to the person who installed the software.

The attack by a Trojan or virus can be prevented by use of good security software.


To make sure that the computer is not being attacked by malware, it is important to make sure the system and security software are up to date. For any further investigation, it is also possible to get online malware detection help, to make sure there are no issues. The best thing that helps to keep the computer, websites and personal information secure is the use of security software. They can help a person with both malware removal and hack recovery.


Bravo Telecom Has a Variety of Bundles for TV, Internet and Phone

Bravo Telecom wants to end this year in a big way, so they are offering simply amazing combination deals with their unlimited ‘hybrid fiber’ 15M internet bundle package. You will be able to stay in touch with loved ones in other countries with the 200 free minutes in the United States and Canada. You can live an astonishing cinematic experience together with international TV channels where you can travel from the luxury of your favorite chair at home with their TV internet phone bundles for only $52.95 each month.

Offer only by Bravo Telecom

This offer is a selection that is made only by Bravo Telecom. The new offer for TV is available for free with their unlimited internet packages that have an uploading speed of up to 10 Mb/s, starting at $42.95 per month.

Short time

For a short time, these bundles with 15M unlimited hybrid fibers are accessible for $52.95 each month and that is a 5 percent discount on your monthly bill. But it is important to note that this is an offer that can be:

  • Extended
  • Shortened
  • Modified without notice

These internet services will need to be provided by Bravo Telecom. The client using Bravo Telecom will have to subscribe to a package with unlimited access to Bravo’s TV services.

Unlimited calls

Bravo also is proud to offer local calls which are unlimited in their performance bundle and unlimited calls long distance to Canada and USA in their Liberty package.

But there are a range of options. This company’s IP phone plans features a range of options that are free, such as:

  • Call display
  • Call transfers
  • Voicemail
  • 3-way calls

Bravo Telecom offers rental or purchases depending on the choice of a phone adapter that is high performance with the best tech options in IP telephony.

Internet packages

These prices are dependent on what else you get with your bundle.

  • For $33.95 a month you can get 5 Mbps cable internet with unlimited traffic.
  • For the same amount, you can get 7 Mbps internet with unlimited traffic per month.
  • For $37.95 each month you can get 10 Mbps cable internet with unlimited monthly traffic.
  • For the same $37.95 you will get 10 Mbps Fiber internets with unlimited monthly traffic.

You can get further information or learn more about these options and other bundles by going to their website at


Where to hire a hacker to get facebook password?

We all know, that something wrong with this society. People are becoming selfish. They just thinks for there own profit. The rest is useless. And some people think they can be above every other like a predator. But as food chain works, – some times a hunter will be hunted. People who are insulted by this type of people are starts Where to hire a hacker to get facebook password of the so called predator. Or they hire a hacker for gmail information of the person. This results a catastrophic war between good and evil. But like any other time, the good people always win.

Social network sites have there own applications for smart phones called Apps. Every major websites has there own app too. Unlike the Google, who owns android platform has many more solo apps there own. Some are very effective. But Googles social network – Google Plus is not so much popular. There most popular service is email service called Gmail. Around 75{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} of any internet user should have a gmail account. So when someone find something wrong about there email service, they hire a hacker for gmail and go through the problem. Gmail also have huge security, pointed to preventing hacking. But this type of service gets attack by hackers regularly. Where to hire a hacker for gmail

As the new trend on facebook or instragram or snapchat, Selfie, self clicked picture using the mobile front camera. That’s like hysteria among peoples. Selfie maniac don’t want to miss a single chances to show own image to the world via facebook. They don’t care about any privacy or other things for sure. If a accident happens, with out helping the victims, they start taking selfies or captures video. If you see your photo in some random people’s selfie, and ask them politely to remove that picture, they don’t seem to do that. So you have to take the matter seriously in your hand. You can then hire a hacker to get facebook password of that selfie taker. Gain control of his/her account. And delete that photo. Also facebook itself has provided this service, but it’s not effective at all. They just look into there business nothing else. You can find potentially harmful community or groups in facebook, who spread hat speech every time they open there mouth. Or some page with child’s nude photo in it. But facebook authority did not seem to take that seriously, until there is a muss reporting against it. 

Like an ambitious people who try to run over you or a people who don’t care about your privacy, the governments also sometimes do that. You think authorities don’t know about this issue? Surely they know, but they don’t care at all. The ministers of parliaments or a priest from a church sometimes accuse of something like pedophilia or huge arms dealing. You may be a victim of mob war or your children may become sufferer. So don’t take chances. If you identified the threat yourself, then hire a hacker to get facebook password of that person to be sure about that. And you need some concrete evidence too. For that hire a hacker for gmail access too. Until it’s too let, lots can be done against them. Do if it needs to be done, in the name of safety of you and your family. Finally go-to the police with all evidence you gathered. Report it secretly. Make the society clean again, yourself.

Web Hosting

Top 10 Tremendous VPN Services for 2017

VPN is a virtual private network which allows you to access different websites which are blocked in your country or areas.

Mostly people use VPN for two purposes which are given below.

  • To access different websites which are blocked in their particular areas?
  • To keep their data and identity hidden on internet.

In this article today, I will guide you about the tremendous VPN services which are making a great impact on the market by giving some valuable services at reasonable rates.Below given are the list of top 10 VPN providers for 2017.

1. Express VPN:

It is very fast and great for streaming different blocked websites with very fast speed. It is super secure with 256-bit encryption. It also has unlimited speed. Its server count is 1000+ and its servers are associated with almost more than 87 countries and located in 97 cities. Over 4000+ people picked Express VPN.Its monthly package is 12.95$ and the yearly package is 8.32$. It also has a money back guarantee of 30 days.

2. Vypr VPN:

It can connect up to 3 devices at a time. It monthly package is 6.69$. Its servers are associated with more than 70 countries. It has unlimited download and streaming speed which attracts the customers to this VPN more frequently.Its customer support is 24/7/365. It has a 30-day money back guarantee,

3. Astrill VPN:

It completely hides your Ip, location and personal information. It is the fastest and most secure VPN service on the internet with just 10$ monthly and 5.55$ yearly. It can be easily set up and it is available for Windows, Android, Mac, Linux etc.

4. Hide My Ass:

It has connected with more than 90+ countries. This VPN has the widest range of server’s location. Its customer support is available 24/7 via live chat. It is easy to set up. It is reliable and secure. It also has the 30-day money back guarantee. It’s a great choice if you want to access different websites very fast and at a cheap price.

5. TorGuard VPN:

It offers a torrent friendly private network. This VPN hides your internet connection via TorGuard servers.The main focus of.Torguard is on torrent users and the main aim of TorGuard is to provide users to access some sites easily by keeping their identity hidden.Monthly package is 9.95$ and the yearly package is 60$.It has over 87k+ IPS which are associated with 20 countries and 44 Cities.

6. Safer VPN:

Safer VPN offers speedy connections and basic privacy. It is connected to 30+ countries. It has a 30-day money back guarantee. It supports its customer 24/7 by live chats.

7. Pure VPN:

The biggest advantage of this VPN that it is the cheapest VPN as compared to the other two VPNs. One of the thing in Pure VPN is that it also has a money back guarantee like Express VPN and Vypr VPN but the time duration for this is 7 days.

Its monthly package is 10$ and the yearly package is 5$ which is the cheapest from all of the VPNS .its server count is 500+ and its servers are associated with almost 141 countries.It is available for Windows mac android IOS and browsers extensions like Google chrome and fire fox. And like Express VPN and Vypr VPN, it’s most important thing that its VPNS locating switching which is unlimited for its users. The payment methods for this is Paypal, credit card, Bitcoin.

8. Hide Me:

Hide Me offers a great solution for your privacy needs without any distortion or slowness in speed. It connects to 25+ countries. It has a money back guarantee as well but with duration of 14 days.

9. Boleh VPN:

It can connect up to 3 devices at a time. It monthly package is 6.69$. One of the important and interesting features of this VPN service provider is that it hides your Geo location and makes your internet use more private. It can encrypt your online data. It can work on multiple Operating Systems. It can help you to stream media easily.

10. Strong VPN:

This VPN have over 87k+ IPs across the globe with 500+VPN servers in 20 countries and 44 cities. It was established in 1995. It offers best quality service with a very economical budget.


Everything You Need to Know to Download and Install Archiver.FS

There are no different versions of Archiver.FS, just one package (with a trial license) to download and then install.This one installation covers all 64-bit Windows version and works with Windows 2003 onward. MLtek does not have a 32-bit version of this software.

Before installing

Prior to installing Archiver.FS take the time to make certain you have all the prerequisites installed – especially SQL Express. Also take the time to read through the guide for Quick Setup prior to installing Archiver.FS. Then you need to download and install Version 3.x (v3.452).

Where to find information

All information you need to know can be found here

 Need help?

If you need help in setting up Archiver.FS, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if you are only planning on using the free version, we are still glad to give assistance to getting you up and running.

Fresh Install

Requirements – Archiver.FS needs the following components:

  • Take time to first read the Quick Setup guide prior to the new install of Archiver.FS.
  • It is essential to have SQL Express 2008 R2 or later.
  • It is essential to have.Net Framework 4.0 – make certain any pending Windows Updates have been applied.
  • Crystal reports .Net Runtime if you are wanting to use the reporting function – you can download the 64-bit version.

Upgrading/Updating from a previous version

The process to update Archiver.FS is quite easy:

  • Make sure no archiving or maintenance jobs currently running.
  • Uninstall the old version answering “Yes” to question of wanting to keep the configuration database.
  • Reboot the computer, but not essential if you cannot.
  • Install the new version. Your previous configuration will be found by the new version and all processes will continue as they did before.

Other downloading locations

Archiver.FS is listed on numerous download sites as well as on a choice of mirror site that it can be downloaded from. We recommend since they normally are the most up-to-date of all the mirror sites.