UbiatarPlay – Telepresence through Modern Technology

The best thing about the current day technological advancement is that they have all made life easy and interesting for people around the world. These technological inventions were considered hard to be possible but all the barriers were shattered with their hi-tech functionalities and the resulting benefits.

Many businesses and researchers are now making use of unexplored areas of technology and ancient concepts to bring about more revolution in technology. It could be understood that people relate better to those technologies that makes life easy and interesting. It should be cost-effective, provide quick and good results and moreover, should provide thrill and excitement. UbiatarPlay has come up with its innovative, novel and unique concept that represents modern day telepresence service.

Human empowerment network

Ubiatar provides people with the power of ubiquity, wherein they can reach anyplace in few steps. It does not involve you flying to a location, does not require you to take flight tickets and all the hassles of travelling yet you get to experience the impossible feat of being at the place you want.

The UbiatarPlay acts as a human empowerment network, which acts as a platform to connect the usar with the avatar. Businesses and companies can choose to hire a group of avatars and create a business group with a logo to provide services. It is a whole lot easier than having a full-time employee.

How it works?

If one wants to work as an avatar, the person can post their profile with their skills, interest areas and other important details. The usar would choose over a specific profile that best suits their requirement and would make use of the avatar to operate remotely. It is up to the avatar to accept a particular task or job that is being offered by the usar. It is considered as one of the most interesting interface that is sure to make human communication and interaction to reach its highest potentials.

If you want to be a part of this stupendous project, it is easy to get to it through the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) wherein a token is provided which would entitle the person to a direct share in the capital market.


Best Techniques for better work process

With the capacity to keep associated are likewise needs to ensure that there are better approaches to complete the work for assembling the correct communication. As the idea of PABX Telephone system has developed are additionally better approaches to ensure that the trades of telephone lines work successfully. One of the new techniques that have been connected is with the PABX telephone system. This permits telephone lines to consequently interface with the ranges required while giving people the capacity to work with one primary system for the required calls.

The idea of an Avaya Telephone System started with having a private branch trade accessible for various organizations. At the point when this initially turned into a piece of a well-known idea, it would be associated with an office. The primary system would then be associated with a switchboard administrator system. The people that worked in this administrator range would interface the people in the trade zone to the correct calls.

As this specific idea developed, there was likewise the need new techniques to have the PBX systems work all the more adequately. The more organizations utilized the idea, the to a greater extent a request there was to ensure that there was the right associations being made, without continuing to extend the switchboard administrators. The outcome was the division between two sorts of systems, the PABX, and the PMBX. The PABX incorporates a programmed branch trade, while the PMBX holds to the manual exchange of telephone associations.

The idea of the PABX is one that is proceeding to develop in ubiquity as a result of the capacity to spare time and cash with the calls that are being made. Since the utilization of computerization has turned out to be mainstream, the administrators are never again a need to keep the associations traveling through an office or territory. Rather, this is being done through electro mechanical alternatives that can interface with numbers that are dialed into particular regions, rather than having an individual makes the association.

The design of the Avaya Telephone System is one that has turned out to be sufficiently effective that it is currently turning into the standard over the manual alternatives. This is being finished by supplanting manual dials with key systems that are connected to each of the system regions. At whatever point data is dialed into the telephone, the key systems have the ability of reacting in the right way and associating with an immediate line or augmentation. This proceeds with interconnections that are consequently customized to react when things are being dialed into the telephone.


A Quick review of Grandstream’s UCM6204

Grandstream has made a following with their UCM61oo arrangement IP-PBXs, and now offers the UCM6200 arrangement as a refreshed swap for a more powerful processor and greater limit with regards to the UCM6208. The look and feel is the same as their predecessor and proceeds with simple installation and arrangement for SMB (little to medium) estimated organizations. Coordinated with their honor winning GXP1700 Mid-Range IP Phones arrangement, (2017 Internet Telephony Product of the Year) for an entire framework, this arrangement just could be the most financially savvy, highlight rich IP-PBX made. Grandstream Telephone System Kenya has ceaselessly redesigned (settles) and changed their UCM Asterisk based arrangement IP-PBX, including the arrival of an amount of elegantly composed help documentation and how-to productions that make organization of these frameworks simple for Admin.

UCM6202/04 IP PBX Asterisk Appliance with 2 or 4 phone line ports (FXO).

  • The UCM6202 and 6204 server can interface with standard phone lines (2/4 FXO Ports).
  • Auto Discovery and Zero Configuration of Grandstream SIP endpoints.
  • Easy to utilize Setup Wizard
  • Built-in call recording-accounts got to by means of web UI.
  • Dual Gigabit arrange ports with coordinated PoE.
  • Dual center 1GHz ARM CortexTM A9 and 400Mhz VINETICTM A8 processors, 1GB RAM and 4GB Flash memory
  • Supports up to a 5-level IVR
  • Built-in Call Detail Records
  • Supports voice message and fax sending to email.
  • Multi-dialect auto-specialist.
  • No License Fees (Expand: include trunks, include Extensions, No Fees).
  • Security-addresses security dangers and offers direction while conveying UCM62xx.
  • Great help; loads of elegantly composed manuals and how-to well ordered aides by Grandstream, in addition to a web discussion, a YouTube channel with tutorials, and technical support.
  • 2-year maker guarantee.

What we like about the Grandstream UMC arrangement IP-PBXs.

Grandstream’s UCM6204 is recommended.First of all the UCM apparatuses take care of business and are simple on installation and arrangement. They are extremely reasonable and can be set up with any of a few producers of SIP-based IP telephones, be that as it may, they are truly simple with Grandstream telephones and the greater part of the highlights are coordinated to work accurately. On the off chance that you as of now have a few SIP-based telephones, at that point you can utilize them sparing that additional cost for new telephones, however a few highlights might be non-practical. For the best experience utilize a similar maker’s telephones. This holds for other Asterisk PBX producers also. Thus, as a bundle, Grandstream UCM machine with Grandstream endpoints is a top of the line decision.

Grandstream continues putting out aides, manuals, and how-to articles, which help the head or installer of these frameworks. They have a help gathering, a Video channel for tutorials and offer specialized help via telephone.


All You Need To Know About Graphic Design

Graphic design is a visual communication method of combining text, pictures, and symbols to promote various types of messages, ideas, and solve problems. The term is also referred to as communication design, visual communication, or commercial design.

Graphic Design application

Every commercial product has some type of graphic design. In fact, its application reaches far beyond advertising, packaging, or branding. It’s used on road signs, technical schematics, illustrations. It can be seen in scientific journals, newspapers as a représentation of facts or opinions through a thoughtful composition of visual information. You will also find it in the entertainment industry in scenery, decorations. The application of graphic design spans wide in all sectors and on almost anything manmade.

Understanding Graphic Design

Graphic design Newcastle offers commercial design solutions to businesses by targeting, convincing and converting potential customers. They do that through a creative intelligent marketing with graphic design.

Implementing graphic design necessitate many different skills. Some design require the intervention of two, three, or more experts each contributing a particular skill set. For example, having artistic skills and complementing with someone having technical skills and able to use design software.

Visual communication follows certain principles. It creates awareness that is effective and eye-catching. A great design incorporates some or all of the following principles.

  • Balance:

    This involves giving equal weight to elements that constitue the design. It can be either symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial.

  • Movement:

    Through movement, it captures the attention of the audience to organically follow the composition of the information.

  • Unity:

    A harmonious effect of elements giving wholeness to the conception

  • Contrast:

    Sometimes also know as chaotic agreement. Contrast highlights key items while simultaneously keeping the harmonious effect.

Graphic designing illustrate a vision. A designer would understand the need of a client, then plan, analyze and communicate that need through visual communication. He/she would consider cognitive, physical, cultural and social factors in the planning. Generally, graphic designers skill’s include artistic skills, communication skills, technical skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills. A graphic designer creates a layout or sketch, either by hand or using a computer and combines a set of colors, sound, artwork, animation, and other elements depending on the type of design to illustrate the client’s vision.


For Important Conference Meetings Use Yealink Conference Phones

Yealink CP960 is one of the newest products from the Yealink family of phones using the power of Android 5.1 operating system. This audio conferencing unit has several features that are advanced for this model.

Conferencing phone

This is the audio conferencing unit every company needs for those business meetings involving the Board of Directors and the budget for the next 5 years. These are the meetings where every number in the budget needs to be heard loud and clear, not to be misunderstood because of the poor quality of the conference phones.

Touch Screen

The large 5-inch touch screen brings to another level the user-friendliness of this system. CP960 is especially designed for large and medium conference rooms. Microphones for the wireless expansion enable the ability to increase the range of audio capturing without any hassle with cable connections. The Yealink conference phone is designed with 3 microphone array and capability to pick up everything within 360-degrees from the unit. It gives that real-life talking experience that sounds as if all of the people are in the same room.

The CP Wireless Expansion Mic CPW90 further extends the range of the CP960 to 20 meters. There is also a built-in 10w Harmon-Kardon speaker that provides audio that is high-quality. Proven Optima HD sound processing further extends the quality of the audio.

Balance between features/ease of use

The Yealink CP960 Android Conference Phone keeps the balance between advanced features and ease of use. This CP960 Audio Conference Phone supports both wire and wireless expansion mics. Bluetooth in-built enables easy connection with any mobile devices. The network connection is supported by both network port and wi-fi. Yealink Noise Proof technology gives you clear engaging business conference experience.

This conference phone is SIP-supported VoIP. It can be used with any modern telephone system that supports SIP Protocol. It not only supports 5 party conferences, it can be used in large training rooms by connecting to any external loudspeakers.

When you have a big conference meeting between several locations, this is the conference phone you need.


The Top Tools And Resources For Web Designers

As a web designer, knowing which tools to use for your projects can save you time and effort while helping you create more professional and impressive websites. Many of the tasks that were once best performed manually can now be delegated to apps, plugins, and online tools that shave hours off your workload. Invest a few minutes into checking out these awesome tools and resources for web designers to give your projects a boost in efficiency and creativity.

1. Atomic

Atomic is a cloud-based prototyping platform that lets web designers share their works-in-progress with developers and other design experts. This is a great tool for getting a second set of eyes on your work before uploading it to your web host. Atomic contains several point and click tools that allow for adjustments, resizing, and moving the elements of your design around to help you see how your site will look its best.

2. FlatIcon

Whether you’re just starting out as a web designer, or you’re an expert designer creating new sites regularly, you’ll find the free icon packs at FlatIcon tremendously useful. There are over 10,000 sets of icons hosted on this site for use on your own websites and other digital designs. Bring coherency and a touch of creativity to your design by including custom icon packs from FlatIcon in your interfaces. All of the icons found in this web resource are free.

3. Font Inspector

This free tool is indispensable for designers who want to locate the names and properties of fonts found on the web. To use this tool you must have FireFox and enable add-ons. Font Inspector takes the work out of tracking down font types and names, and brings you an instant of analysis of the fonts found on any webpage.

4. Smush

Smush is a plugin for designers using WordPress hosting that helps compress and optimize images and photos on your website. This will help you keep in align with current SEO practices that seem to favor efficient image compression. This free tool that functions right in your WordPress admin panel can save you from having to scale and modify the dimensions of your site’s images manually in Photoshop.

5. CodePen

CodePen is popular among web designers for its online work-sharing platform that lets you get social input from fellow designers and industry experts. CodePen lets you browse and upload projects, and has thousands of existing code and design examples to draw inspiration from. Many of the projects found on CodePen are free to use or replicate on your own site as well, just be sure to read the licensing and sharing limitations for each project.

6. FontFlame

FontFlame is a great resource for web designers, it allows users to find fonts that match and pair well with other fonts. Having font diversity throughout your website and apps can make your text more interesting and improve your overall interface. Take the work out of trying to pair fonts side by side across the web by matching them up in this convenient and easy to use web app.

7. TinyMCE Advanced

This online tool was made for web designers with WordPress hosting. It helps by extending your visual editor in WordPress so you can more easily make changes to your site from the frontend. This is a great tool for web designers who don’t want to use coding and backend work to make simple changes on the site’s main interface.

8. CSS Nectar

CSS Nectar is a great resource for web designers who are looking for inspiration and design ideas. This online resource contains a gallery of design concepts and websites that fellow designers can vote up or down. This will help you crowd-source for input on your current designs and find impressive designs to draw inspiration from. Bookmark this resource and check it regularly to watch for trends in web design.

9. Bootstrap Studio

Many web designers prefer to work with point and click interfaces, as coding is often outside of the design requisite. The absence of a strong grasp on CSS and HTML syntax shouldn’t preclude you from being able to use one of the most powerful design and development tools available: Bootstrap, and now it doesn’t have to. The Bootstrap Studio design tool allows you to edit Bootstrap through a drag and drop interface with a very small learning curve.

10. FreePik

FreePik has an online database of thousands of free vector images for commercial and personal use. Web designers at all skill levels delve into the categorized collection of vector images on this website to find scalable solutions for mobile and responsive websites. The images contained at FreePik can be easily edited in Adobe Illustrator, as they are formatted in the .AI file type.

These tools and resources will help you with every part of your design projects ranging from graphic design to typography. Download the free vector and icon image sets to have on reserve when you need them most, and make use of the cloud-sharing tools to share your prototypes with others. These resources were hand picked for quality and usefulness and using them will put you in the ranks of some of the top web designers who keep them in their design tool kits.


.Net Report Builder – an Overview

.Net Report Builder is a tool that allows.Net developers to add Do It Yourself Ad Hoc reporting feature to their software without much coding and some simple configuration. This means that your end users can quickly and easily build reports that are customized to their needs.  While some software may allow users to generate reports, those reports are often confined to a handful of different templates.  With .Net Report Builder, end users decide what fields are added to the report, how it’s formatted, and much more with a very friendly and intuitive Report Wizard. This is all done from inside your application, so there’s no need to export data or run another program.

Who Needs Report Builder?

This software is for any Programmer or Software Company using ASP .Net Web Technology that wants to add ad-hoc reporting to their solution.  It’s especially useful for SaaS providers in accounting, record keeping, CRM, e-Commerce and other database solutions where users will often want to create different reports that represent different types of data.  For example, in accounting, a user may need to create reports for income, expenses, profit and loss within a specific time frame, income from specific sources, and other custom reports.

What Does it Require?

Incorporating .Net Report Builder into an existing software takes very little time or coding. If the requirement is to build a standalone app for reporting only, that’s even simpler. First, the developer needs to set up the database schema in .Net Report Builder, which is easily done using the admin tool.  Next, the developer has to setup the front end in an existing Visual Studio Project or a new one by simply adding .Net Report Builder’s nuget package contains the Controller, View and Script files will be added directly to the Visual Studio Solution.

The next step is adding the Api keys to the web.config file.  Once that’s done, you can open your application and see how Report Builder runs within it.  You can easily make style, labels or other cosmetic changes if you need to.

Note that setting up Report Builder does not require our company to have access to your client’s database or other information.  We understand that most Companies will be especially concerned about the security of their information, but you can rest assure that we never need access to your client’s data or your SQL connection.

Why Chose Report Builder over Similar Solutions?

There are two major reasons Report Builder is a great reporting solution.  The first, as outlined above, is that it’s very small and easy to install.  It won’t add any considerable bulk to your program, nor will it take up hours of your programmers’ time in installing and configuring it.

The second reason Report Builder outclasses similar programs is that it’s very customizable.  You can incorporate Report Builder so deeply into your application that it’s virtually unidentifiable as a separate module.  You can make it perfectly match everything you’ve done so that it doesn’t stand out at all. So it goes beyond white labelling.

Advantages of .Net Report Builder

Report Builder offers many advantages over designing your own reports and templates.  By allowing end users to create their own ad hoc reports, you don’t have to spend development time to create new report templates for them whenever they need one.  With that task off your developer’s plate, you’ll be able to focus on other clients and building new features or applications.

It’s very user-friendly and intuitive.  Even simple end users won’t face much of a learning curve thanks to the easy to use interface.  The Report Wizard makes selecting fields and applying filters very easy.  Once created, a custom report can be saved and updated or ran at any time in the future.


Getting the Best Out of the Ubiatar Telepresence System

There are many people out there who are not having any idea as to what is telepresence and how to get the best out of it overall. It needs to be understood that telepresence or teleporting has long been a fascinating subject that has caught the attention of many. It has been brought to life with the help of a novel, new and inventive concept called Ubiatar Play which helps connecting people through mobile device to get that they want and to do what they wish to.

In this specific system, there is a ‘usar’ and an ‘avatar’ who carries out the directions of the usar and get things done. It includes extensive series of activities like doing something, being at a specific location, opening and closing doors, taking elevator, activate something, talk to someone and a lot of such interesting activities.

Sitting the comfort of your house, you can choose to be anywhere in the world with the help of this stunning solution system. The Usar would hire an avatar for a specific pay and would get things done as expected. It is up to a specific avatar to accept or deny a specific work to be carried out. With this system, it is quite possible to reach out to any capital city, visit a specific place like museum, tourist spot, and theatre, enquire something or talk something to someone, collect a specific thing, activate a specific machine and many such important ranges of activities.

It includes any sort of legal business or leisure activities. It is also possible to create a group of avatar along with a logo, company name and post it in the human network environment. Parties who are interested to become avatar can create and upload their profile providing where they are, what they wish to do for usars, what all they are comfortable with and many such interesting things. If you want to be part of this stunning and interesting concept, you can get the ICO which would provide you direct access to the market through a token which in turn gives you equity over it.


The Secrets of Starting a Home Laser Engraving Business

If you’re considering starting a laser engraving business at home, you should know what you need. Obviously, you need a CO2 laser engraving system, but there is more to it than the having the proper tools and equipment in this industry.

The following will provide you with tips you need to help you get started in this business at home.

Educate Yourself

Even if you already own a CO2 laser engraver, how much do you know about using it? If your knowledge of your engraving system is limited, your business will also be limited, which means you won’t have the opportunities you can have with some education. You should learn how lasers work, the attachments needed for various applications, and what software is compatible with your laser engraving machine.

Rent or Buy

Whether you rent or buy is ultimately up to you, but some people prefer to rent, make and save their profits, then invest in a laser engraving system. That works out well if you’re on a strict budget and don’t yet have the equipment to get started. Also, if your laser engraving business doesn’t work out as you planned, you won’t be stuck with an expensive piece of equipment that depreciated and you can’t recover your money.

If you’ve got the budget and you do decide to buy, we recommend this webpage: Laser Engraving Machines & Etching Systems • Needham Coding

Practice Patience

Be patient with yourself when you’re learning how to use your laser engraver. There is a learning curve with these machines. Learning all about the theory of using laser engravers is vastly different from the practical side of applying that knowledge. It may take several times and a lot of failed efforts before you master your machine. Be patient with yourself and practice a lot before you start advertising your business.

Popular and Overwhelming

While starting your laser business is very simple in concept, it can be overwhelming due to all the applications and options you have available. Laser engraving is a wildly popular service sought out by businesses, schools, government offices, and individuals for a variety of personal and business needs. You can engrave trophies, plaques, acrylic, fabric, MDF, glass, jewelry, leather, tile and more materials with a laser engraver. The world of possibilities is overwhelming unless you already have a niche to get started in so you can succeed.

Before you invest in a laser system, or start your business if you already own one, do your research.

  • Space:

    First, make sure you have the work space to operate a laser business at home.

  • Location:

    Where you live is important to what might’s popular in a laser engraving business. A rural area will differ greatly than a suburb or city. It’s important to cater to your audience, which means knowing your demographics.

  • Products:

    Even if you plan to start an online laser engraving business, you must know your target audience, which depends on what products you’re offering. Personalized gifts, corporate awards, and wedding gifts are just a few niches in this industry.

If you follow these tips and advice, you can reap the benefits of owning and operating your own laser engraving business in the comfort of your home.




While 3D printing has been around for good amount of time, it has now become the talk of the town. There are many who are not too sold on the idea, but also many who are all praises about this new and exciting concept. The truth is that 3D printing has opened up a world of possibilities for us and has already facilitated us in a number of fields, including healthcare, architecture, education, and even fashion.


Technology changes and it evolves. Similarly, so has 3D printing. It is not just being used by big organizations and companies to create and innovate but it is exiting the maker niche and becoming available to the common public masses, like you and me. 3D printers can now be bought and used by anyone who is willing to spare at minimum just up to a thousand dollars. That’s right; you can now very easily become the owner of a 3D printer as well and avail its functionality. But you may think, do you really need a 3D printer? Is it really worth investing in something like this? Well here is your answer: yes! And here are some reasons why you should definitely look into getting a 3D printer for your household.


You can save so much money by opting to simply make things at home without the need of tools and material instead of purchasing it from a store. According to a study, you can save $300 to up to $2000 every year out of your household expenses if you choose to print out some items such as towel holders, small furniture items, phone cases, and even tools used in the kitchen, such as a garlic press or a mortar. You are also relieved of the need to visit the store or the supermarket for every little item you need around the house.


With 3D printing, you get an element of customization and personalization that you seldom get with items that you purchase from the store. You can add your own twist to different objects and make them truly your own according to your needs and desires. For example, if you are in the need of a pencil holder, you can make as many sections in the container as you would like which is not what you might get when you purchase one from the store.


3D printers make great visual aids and make doing homework, homeschooling, and understanding concepts a much more interesting and simpler task. Using a 3D printer, you can print our educational aids and models and use physical objects to help your kids better understand complex concepts and ideas in a very simple and detailed manner. Not only that, but it will also encourage your kids to think innovatively and be creative with their ideas as it will stimulate their curiosity.


With a 3D printer, the possibilities are endless. The customization and personalization power that 3D printing gives you is priceless and availing this opportunity, you can delve into the fashion world and be as creative as you look. You can experiment with different materials to create different kinds of jewelry, make various accessories, and even make chunky heels! Apart from that, you can also use a 3D printer to make accessories, toys, and personalized gifts which are bound to be much more special than those that you would buy from a store. Imagine if you yourself could make a vase or jewelry box for your mother on Mother’s Day in her favorite color and with her name placed at the front. With a 3D printer, that becomes possible!


With 3D printers, replacement and repairment of objects becomes incredibly easy and facilitative. Often at times, you end up breaking a little part of some furniture or equipment and can’t find the right tools or material to fix the error. Or maybe the company you bought the object from is charging a ridiculous amount for a small replacement part. You can rid yourself of these worries by using your own 3D printer to print out the missing or broken parts. You won’t even need tools anymore!


3D printing is generally quicker than if you were to order a part or thing. Say you have broken the handle of your door and you immediately need a replacement and you simply cannot make a trip to the store at the moment, you can simply print it out in an hour or two’s time. Getting one from the market requires you to put out some time for the task especially while ordering it may even take days.


Right now, not everyone owns a 3D printer even though it is accessible yet everyone is fascinated by this new piece of technology. Not only can a 3D printer save money for you, but it can also become a source of steady income. You can offer to make 3D printed objects and models for people online or in your community and make a decent income while sitting at home with your fancy new device.


So have you realized the possibilities that owning a 3D printer can open up to you and are ready to delve into the wondrous and majestic world of 3D printing? Then look no further than Click 3D Printers. We are here to provide you a diverse selection of only the best 3D printers and other related equipment. Whether it be 3D printers, 3D pens, or 3D printer parts, we possess the complete range of products from which you can choose and purchase at affordable and perfectly reasonable prices. With us, you will never have to worry about the quality of the products and get started on your path to innovation. Visit us now at