Help in Removing Comments from WordPress Page

When you create the site with the use of WordPress (the widely known CMS), you still have a lot of things to do in order to refine it for the better user experience. And of course, you are interested in the increase of search engine traffic that will help to run business and to achieve the highest performances. In order to succeed, you are recommended to optimize this website with plugins which solve a long list of problems. Almost anything is possible if you manage to take the provided advantages. For example, you can remove comments from WordPress page in no time! Let’s consider this moment.

Why Should You Remove the Comments?

Probably you know that WordPress is popular with owners of small business and it is clear that they do not want to increase their expenses by developing a blog section. Usually, such websites are made of static pages where there is no place for comments of the customers.

There is another situation when comments are not desirable. Sometimes the bloggers prefer single-side communication without comments which are regarded as a distraction.

You can easily disable this function on WordPress pages. Do not be afraid the comments will not disappear completely from the WordPress site as far as most themes include built-in support for them. Thus, when a user turns off comments by hand, they continue appearing from time to time.

And what if you want to get rid of them just with one click? It is possible!

Solution of the Problem

Now we are going to remove WordPress comments completely from a site. You will never find any traces of them.

  • We suggest you should apply the Disable Comments plugin. The installation and activation are very simple. Just follow the instructions for any other WordPress plugin step by step.
  • When it is activated, go to Settings » Disable Comments page to configure plugin settings.
  • Look for the options offered. Pay your attention that you can rule out them completely or selectively. You are free to disable comments on posts but leave them on pages.
  • After the decision is made, save the changes and enjoy the result.

It is plain sailing, isn’t it! You need not even delete the existing comments as far as all of them are not displayed anymore after the above operations. Even the comments menu items are not shown anymore.

If you face some difficulties, which are possible, if WordPress theme doesn’t check the comment status in a proper way, you’d better ask a developer to arrange this.