Using Robots in Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturing brings together various complex tasks. In a traditional setup, when some employees would be preparing, another lot would be cooking, another sorting, packaging or palletizing. This would be the routine of each and every day.  The whole processes would end up being time-consuming and tiring. Due to human inefficiency which may create room for health hazards, there was a need to come up with a better food production system.

Today, we not only have a hygienic way of processing food but also a quicker and more organized way of doing things on the food processing industry floors. Industrial robots have been integrated into the food production units and the results are evident. There are better ways of sorting and placing raw materials, cutting, packaging and branding. As time goes by, newer robotic developments are being ushered into the market.

One of the latest releases is food processing collaborative robots. Collaborative robots are a series of safer to use and easier to maintain robots from Universal Robots. Also known as robots, this model of robots have caused a revolution in many businesses. Investors who have incorporated collaborative robots in the production processes have reaped many benefits.

Benefits of Automating the Food Manufacturing Industries Using Collaborative Robots

Standardized Food Quality

It is a common happening that if humans are in the right mood, their chances of preparing great food is high and vice versa. It is no different even with professionals in the food industry. Introducing robots helps create a signature taste of your food product. Because they are not affected by moods or weather; collaborative robots are a great way to maintain a standardized taste of your products which will help build a reputation for your company.

Safety First

Thanks to automation using cobots, managers and supervisors can be able to monitor the food production processes from a closer point. This is made possible by the motion and touch sensors that are normally fitted onto collaborative robots. The robots are able to respond accordingly which helps avoid human-machine conflict. With a safer working space, the production heads are able to make the necessary adjustments in time and this significantly reduces the possibility of making errors.

Cuts down The Costs of Labour

As already mentioned, food production involves a chain of tasks like sorting, cleaning, and cooking. Without automation, each of these processes will require different human workers in order to accomplish. The result is an increased wage bill. However, all the associated tasks in food production can be completed faster using just a few collaborative robots. Small and medium food manufacturers can take advantage of the versatility of Collaborative robots that makes them usable for different tasks. All that is required is a slight change in programming to give the machine a different set of instructions.

Reduced Input Wastage

Collaborative robots have a higher accuracy level than the average person. This means there are minimal occurrences of errors in tasks like measurement, weighing and so on. Reducing errors significantly reduces the level of wastage. In the long run, more output is realized from the same quantity of inputs.

Creates an Avenue for Expansion

The world is a growing population. Feeding this population requires the food manufacturing sector to employ mechanisms that will boost their productivity. Smaller and medium food manufacturers can automate the routine tasks by adding the required cobots and this will help them expand their productivity. It also helps cut down on resource wastage.

Building and Protecting a Brand Name

Consumers are likely to get accustomed to consuming products that are consistently available in the market, have a signature taste and branding, and that have clean processing and packaging. Maintaining this consistency helps cultivate the consumer’s trust which is important for building a brand name or brand protection. These goals are achievable with robotic automation.

In A Nut-Shell

Finding an everyday support that can take your business to another level is like finding a hidden treasure. Automating food manufacturing industry has eased the life of many business owners. We are living in an era where the automation of repetitive tasks is a necessity for many industries and the food manufacturing sector is not an exception.


RUBY ON RAILS – The Impact on Productivity


Ruby on Rails framework integrated with dynamic Ruby’s object-oriented programming language. Developers focus only on the productivity of the framework and need to take a web-based approach, which needs to meet lots of the requirements of web application projects.

Rails are a very effective framework for database software applications which stands out from others for its feature concerning configuration. You would mostly need to start a program from scratch and it will depend on the skills and experiences of the team’s architect to develop and maintain good writing software. But Rails uses the most commonly used conventions to prevent configuration issue, save time and improve productivity. According to IBM analysis, Rails applications required a Java-based configuration code that is ten times more. When the scheduler specifies the configuration, it usually configures the Ruby programming language for configuration. Strategic Program developers facilitate the code that stores and writes many code rules. As developers take on natural external development and decision making, productivity increases dramatically, with more time and attention directed to customer needs, than most of the technical plumbing can do.

Ruby on Rails development is well known for its quick and easy-to-use web applications. For new Java users, A moderate web application can be constructed between five and ten days, using good web practices that are communicated in a database, such as creating business logic, visualization logic (called Model-View-Controller). Without Ruby on Rails’s previous training, Ruby’s aims to achieve the goal in a few days, and you can create a fairly complete web application.

In Java, developers have decisions on how to communicate with the database. Whether to use the JDBC or the Object Relational Mapping Library (ORM) and using an ORM, what should you choose, TopLink, Hibernate or JDO, EJB2 or EJB3? Rails have built an ORM database layer in its Active Record structure. Scaffolding is another useful feature of Rails; likewise, a building scaffolding building is used to help develop the structure. Rails can create a scaffolder code that can be used to quickly install web pages that are based on the database, and you can quickly add, delete and edit the short and small encoding.

As mentioned above, you must select the names conventions and specify the general system file structure in other languages. Which Rails uses it programming languages and conventions for all. Managers will be happy with the fact that Rails reduces configurations and promotes standardization. This feature allows programming skills to be more portable. Developers can move between projects, directory structures, standards, name agreements, device devices and template interfaces for all development projects, which are already specified with the available samples.

The quick loop of reaction is also a great feature of Ruby on Rails, which improves the productivity of the developers.

The comment changes the cycle code and shows results for the execution of your application on the screen. In Rails, you will get almost immediate information when coding. It is not necessary for the composition or packing phase. You can quickly load the browser’s page to see your changes. The drivers should take this feature as more productivity as a better level of customer satisfaction. Let’s say you want to meet with the client and want to integrate certain issues into your web application. You can quickly change it with Ruby on Rails and immediately see the outcome and improve the overall customer experience.

Aristek Systems Company provides Ruby on Rails development – you can make changes quickly with Ruby on Rails, and see the results immediately, improving the overall customer experience.


Guide to Splitting a PDF Document with a PDF Editor

PDF editor can split a large document that has many pages into several documents for your business needs. As you know, you can’t edit a PDF in your PDF viewer. You would be resolving to use an online PDF splitting service but these sites don’t work all the time. Sometimes, the server is heavy and down so you’ll be having difficulty getting your PDF split. Uploading takes up bandwidth – your internet will slow down and your family members will be frustrated when they cannot access the internet at the usual speed.

The online PDF editor can get slow when you finally upload your document and want to edit it. This can happen especially if you have uploaded a big file. This is because they have put a cap on the bandwidth to prevent people from people from overusing their free service. Slow internet connection can also cause the site to get stuck and stop working. It will cause a lot of your precious time to become wasted for just trying to get a simple PDF editing work done.

Another concern is that your PDF will be accessible by others when you upload it to the site. You will lose your privacy over the document – it can be dangerous if the document contains sensitive information that you don’t want people to know. Even if the site states that it won’t allow third parties to access and download your PDF document, it is still not safe since there are hackers around who know how to steal into the site server and view the documents. Additionally, it is not safe to use free PDF editing service – you know why? They may install some virus into your document so that your computer becomes infected after you open it.

Free PDF editing service also has limits – the resources on their server is limited and they cannot allow everyone to use their service frequently just as they want. There are often restrictions placed on the size of the PDF file you want to edit, the number of documents you may upload per month, or the number of times you can access the online PDF service for free. When you pass the usage limit, your IP address will be blacklisted and the free PDF editing service will not be available to you anymore.

The solution to all these issues is to buy a basic PDF editor like Movavi PDF Editor. Movavi PDF Editor lets you split your document into parts to make it more convenient for you to upload and share with people. Get more details at

The unloading area is a drag and drop supported an interface where you can open files by dropping them. There is an extract button on the right. When you select a page, you must click this button to export it as a single PDF. Multiple pages can be selected at one time by pressing Ctrl and using your mouse cursor to select them. You can enter a name for the PDF file and press the Save button to save it on your computer.

Maybe you want to create a separate document by plucking some text and images from the existing document. This can be done by adding a blank page first. You can add a blank page by clicking the Blank Page button. After that, use your mouse to select the text or image you need and copy it by pressing the copy button. The last step is to select the blank page and press the paste button to paste in what you’ve just copied.


Why Video is the Best Tool for Growing Instagram Followers

Video marketing isn’t just for Brands with big budgets seeking to grow Instagram followers. An estimated 81% of businesses of all sizes used video as a marketing strategy in 2018. But Instagram makes video marketing much more accessible for small businesses, thanks to innovations like Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and having the ability to post an Instagram video to their feeds.

Reasons to Create Instagram Videos

Even though photos are the more common format used on Instagram, a video has gained a lot of traction. As a matter of fact, engagement statistics for video has risen at a faster rate than photos, increasing 53% over the past year. Other than helping businesses grow their Instagram followers, there are several additional reasons to invest in video. One of the primary being that video makes it possible to share in-depth, complex, stories that can’t a single image simply can’t convey.

The Technical Specifications Instagram Videos

Here are the technical specifications you’ll need to know about to create your Instagram videos.

Video format to use: MP4

Length: The ideal length of video on Instagram is 3 to 60 seconds

Video size: At this time Instagram doesn’t have a set limit on video file size, however, it is recommended to keep them under 50MB

Positioning: Choices include square, portrait, and landscape

The aspect ratio needs to be a minimum of 1.91:1 with a maximum of 4:5

Here are the two primary ways you can create or upload videos to Instagram

Upload a Pre-Recorded Instagram Video

The most common way to use video on Instagram is to upload a pre-recorded video.  To do this, just tap the “+” button, choose the “Library” option located on the left, bottom corner of the screen. Once you find the right video on your phone or other cameras, you can either share it with a square aspect ratio (the default) or tap the “dimensions” icon to see the full-sized image. Another option would be to create a carousel post that features multiple videos.  To do this, tap the “album” icon located on the right side of the screen.

Shoot a Video Using the Instagram App

It’s fairly uncommon for businesses to shoot videos using the Instagram app. If you’d like to give it a try, tap the “+” located at the bottom of the screen and select the “Video” option. To record, press and hold the circular button in the center of the screen. As you record, you’ll notice the progress bar that will let you know how long the video you’re recording is. Once the progress bar has reached the 3-second mark it’s at a point where it can be shared on Instagram.

Once you’re happy with how your video is laid out, try using filters, add a cover photo, add a caption, and publish.

Whether you’re trying to get Instagram followers, promote products, educate your target audience, or build awareness regarding a campaign, videos are the way to go.