New Flip Phones Are Cheaper and Are the New Trend

It seems that flip phones making a comeback & mini flip music phone. Manufacturers are producing them, and they are selling quickly. News about the sale of flip phones (or dumbphones) is going up. Last year’s number showed that over 24.2 million so-called smartphones were shipped in the United States, almost 2 million from the year previous. And those numbers are going down.

Cost and trend

Part of the reason flip phones are coming back is that they save you money, as well as the trend, seems to be that flip phones are becoming cool again.

Bottom-line cost

The bottom-line question is the cost of a flip phone. BestBuy is selling a z222 flip phone for $6.99 without a contract. The standby time is 10 days. Not hours, days. And a Straight Talk prepaid plan cost $30 per month for 1,500 talk minutes with unlimited texting.

iPhone cost

If you buy an iPhone it can cost from $600 on up. If you add an unlimited talk, text, and data plan from Straight Talk and that is $45 per month. Over a two years period, the z222 will costs approximately $725 while the iPhone will cost a user $1,680. This means that those who can’t afford a mobile phone probably can with the flip phone.


Those who know about celebrities and what is hot with them say that many celebrities are using flip phones again for their private and closest contacts. The reason is the flip phones are not as hackable as some smartphones are. Data breach and privacy breach is minimized which is important to the “in” group.


Experts on security advise that flip phones just don’t have as many access points so are harder to be hacked.

So, if you want to be in the “in” group or really don’t need all the features of a smartphone, you might be considering a flip phone. They are cheap enough to make good Christmas gifts and the holiday shopping season has already started.

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100 days to SEO greatness

Folks, SEO competitors is going to give you a simple formula to achieve more search engine traffic in just 100 days. The formula isn’t hard to write down. You will need to dedicate an hour or two each week in order to execute this plan.

You will also need to have a few things in order to follow these steps. They are:

A decent website

A blog as part of your website ideally in the structure A site with a dynamic site map that updates when you publish a new blog post.

The pages of your site (not just the blog pages) should be somewhat optimized already. H1s, Title, and description tags, sufficient paragraph text and a good internal linking structure all help.

Now, this is by no means all you can do before launching the following steps, but it should give you a nice starting point.

Let’s start with SEO

So, we’re going to increase your site traffic by producing epic blog content. Each week you’re going to blog 2 or 3 times so that you are posting 10 times each month. We’re going to use the following post types:

Listing posts –

You take on a new listing. Someone in your office takes on a new listing. Or you simply go on a showing. Write a blog post about the home.

Market reports –

Write about the present market trend. Prices going up, down, or remaining the same, for example.

Guest blogs –

Have a friend or co-worker write a post for you.

Answering a common question –

Every day, practically, you answer questions from buyers, sellers, and renters. If you do this by email, which you probably do all the time, you can anonymize and re-use the content. Others have the same questions and this content is fantastic blog fodder.


If there’s an auction announced, a big closing in the market, a national news story pertaining to your niche, or anything newsworthy, write about it. State some facts and give your thoughts.

Step by Step

Step 1 –

Create 10 to 20 categories in your blog. Give the categories the same names as your keywords. If you’re trying to figure out what keywords to use, search this blog some and you’ll find posts on how to do that.

Step 2 –

Set a schedule, but the time into your calendar. Write a checklist. Do whatever it takes to make sure you’re going to do the posts.

Here’s what this can look like:

Week 1

  • Listing post
  • Local Market report
  • Answering a question

Week 2

  • Listing post
  • News item

Week 3

  • Answer a seller’s question
  • New Listing post
  • Guest post

Week 4

  • Listing post
  • Answer a question

Week 5

  • Market report
  • Realty News item
  • Listing post

Week 6

  • Answer question
  • new listing post
  • Guest post

I think you get the gist…

When you create a post, make sure it is listed in every category that is even remotely applicable. Tag your posts too, using keywords in the posts that are close to or the same as your category names.

Step 3 –

Track your progress. Make sure you’re posting 2 – 3 times each week. In the first 100 days, you should post over 30 times. Yes, more than 30 posts. If you want to see an even greater impact on your ranking and traffic, post 3 or 4 times each week. In short, produce content regularly and post it properly.