5 Extremely Easy Photo Edits to use before you post

Photo Editing is not just about Photoshop, and the different types of software one use at the professional level. There are so many applications available for your phone because generally, that is the only device people use for clicking pictures these days until and unless you practice some real-time photography skills through your camera lenses. Apart from this, even phone photography has been something that has been leading in the charts. So, when you click a picture, it is not always the same picture that you post because not every picture looks perfect in the first click or after repeated clicks. This is the reason why people conform to editing, and necessary touch-ups are always right before you post a picture in public.

Here are 5 necessary photo edits that are just the basic fundamentals of editing and are easy to perform: –

1. Crop :

The first and foremost function to do is to crop. This feature is for everything that has got away through a picture unwanted. So, with crop feature, you can crop the unwanted things and people out of a picture to glorify the image you want to show to the world. For instance, you want to crop that lady out of the family picture who has spoiled a family picture, or a person who spoiled a beautiful sunset etc. Every smartphone comes with built-in editing tools wherein you can exercise the crop function and guess what just in case you have cropped the wrong part there is an undo button to get it back to the original.

2. Straighten :

If you have clicked on a picture that is not straight and tilted then you can make it look straight. There is a straighten feature that is going to make a picture straight and make it a better photo. This tool is just about your fingers of how you drag the lines above the picture and then move the cursor of the “straighten” either to left or right depending upon the side which is tilted. Also, there is a feature to rotate the image to 90 degrees right or 90 degrees left.

3. Brighten:

Now, this feature saves so many pictures especially the ones that are nice but don’t have that enough light so that we can post. It allows the user to make a picture look bright from dark and with the help of this feature one can even make their faces look equally lit. There is also this “Contrast” feature with the help of which you can play with the level of exposures and lighten or darken your skin tone if the need be. Even if the picture is about a beautiful scenery these features are of great help. Moreover, every smartphone comes with this editing tool.

4. Sharpen:

This feature too belongs to the basic and needful category of the editing tools wherein a picture which appears a little blur or out of focus can be made to look like perfection. And how do you do this? When you choose to edit a picture through your phone’s pre-installed software or list of editing tools the “Sharpen” features help to build a clarity in the image. You can slide through up and down or right and left to position the level of sharpness you want to root in the picture. The level that suits the type of picture you are editing should be further saved and your favorite picture is now ready to be posted to the public.

5. Blemishes:

This is one of the advanced levels of editing which again comes pre-installed in the smartphones of this generation. As our generation is so much concerned about perfection and of course the selfie thing is the trending image so getting through the blemishes of your skin in ‘reel’ has been made easy. Although there are camera applications which make you look beautiful and your skin look fresh right from the time you pose for a selfie, so there is no chance of appearance of blemishes in your pictures. But if they appear then you can get them removed with the editing tool, also known as “Smooth” or “Blemishes”. You can keep moving the cursor to the right until you see a smooth picture in front of you.

These were the basic Photo edits every smartphone has, and if they don’t, you can take help of the store to download such applications or software. Visit for amazing deals and offers. So, there is always a scope to improve and after all a picture speaks 1000 words.

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