7 Women Making Waves in the Vacation Rental Industry

Unlike many other markets connected to travel, business in the short-term travel industry is booming. The industry is seemingly endless in terms of companies involved, services offered, software, providers, and properties, with an even more extensive list of needs and demands from vacationers. In such a vast marketplace it becomes necessary for service providers to try and solve some of the industry’s largest problems, and when game-changers rise to the top they certainly deserve a notice.

Among the people who have made the most impact on the industry in recent months are seven note-worthy women. These women are helping the grow the industry by assisting small business owners, training providers in the field and pushing boundaries that dictate how far a newcomer to the industry can go. Here are those women with a few notes on their achievements and accomplishments published by Lodgify.

Amy Hinote

Amy Hinote is responsible for a campaign within the travel industry that was able to reach more than 18 million consumers. The purpose of the campaign was to teach travelers about the positives that come from working directly with the property owners themselves. The well-known founder and editor of VRM Intel Magazine have had a direct impact on the success of private vacation rental owners.

Jessica Gillingham

Jessica Gillingham is becoming known for her ability to apply her skills as a PR professional to the short-term travel industry. It wasn’t long ago when Jessica decided to devote more of her time to helping property owners get their names out to the public, and since she began Gillingham has presented at several large conferences and written educational articles in popular industry magazines.

Heather Bayer

Within the vacation rental industry, there are few women as well-known as Heather Bayer. She has been working in the industry for more than 20 years and is always ready to answer questions and challenges that her fans propose to her. Heather is a regular writer on Cottage Blogger and she also runs a podcast designed to help rental property owners and managers become better at what they do.

Tyann Marcink

In today’s do-it-yourself approach to business, there are many different aspects of a vacation rental business that need to be considered. Tyann Marcink, a famous vacation rental photographer, shows everyone in the industry how to achieve the best results when it comes to showcasing their properties online in picture form. Tyann is the co-founder of VR Mastered and Vacation Rental Bootcamp.

Kellie Bentz

It is no secret how far Airbnb’s reach extends throughout the world. The short-term vacation rental platform operates in countries all over the world and has hosted in almost every major city. Kellie Bentz recognized an opportunity to help those in need and became Airbnb’s Head of Global Disaster Response and Relief, a position that allowed her to assist more than 3000 people affected by disasters around the world.

Mercedes Brennan

One of the best ways to achieve the highest possible levels of desirability for a vacation rental is to make it look great and to ensure that guest comfort is well considered. As the creator of the popular design strategy website, 1 Chic Retreat, Mercedes teaches property owners how to get the most of their properties, and her work as done wonders for a great many people in the industry.

Vanessa De Souza Lage

Industry leaders in the field of vacation rentals would be able to tell you that the invite-only VRTech events are a big deal. The meetups aim to educate property owners in best practices for their businesses and can prove to be a true life-saver for people looking to become successful in the vacation rental industry. Vanessa de Souza Lage is the founder of VRTech and it seems she is only becoming more influential as time goes.

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