All You Need To Know About Graphic Design

Graphic design is a visual communication method of combining text, pictures, and symbols to promote various types of messages, ideas, and solve problems. The term is also referred to as communication design, visual communication, or commercial design.

Graphic Design application

Every commercial product has some type of graphic design. In fact, its application reaches far beyond advertising, packaging, or branding. It’s used on road signs, technical schematics, illustrations. It can be seen in scientific journals, newspapers as a repr√©sentation of facts or opinions through a thoughtful composition of visual information. You will also find it in the entertainment industry in scenery, decorations. The application of graphic design spans wide in all sectors and on almost anything manmade.

Understanding Graphic Design

Graphic design Newcastle offers commercial design solutions to businesses by targeting, convincing and converting potential customers. They do that through a creative intelligent marketing with graphic design.

Implementing graphic design necessitate many different skills. Some design require the intervention of two, three, or more experts each contributing a particular skill set. For example, having artistic skills and complementing with someone having technical skills and able to use design software.

Visual communication follows certain principles. It creates awareness that is effective and eye-catching. A great design incorporates some or all of the following principles.

  • Balance:

    This involves giving equal weight to elements that constitue the design. It can be either symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial.

  • Movement:

    Through movement, it captures the attention of the audience to organically follow the composition of the information.

  • Unity:

    A harmonious effect of elements giving wholeness to the conception

  • Contrast:

    Sometimes also know as chaotic agreement. Contrast highlights key items while simultaneously keeping the harmonious effect.

Graphic designing illustrate a vision. A designer would understand the need of a client, then plan, analyze and communicate that need through visual communication. He/she would consider cognitive, physical, cultural and social factors in the planning. Generally, graphic designers skill’s include artistic skills, communication skills, technical skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills. A graphic designer creates a layout or sketch, either by hand or using a computer and combines a set of colors, sound, artwork, animation, and other elements depending on the type of design to illustrate the client’s vision.

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