The Technologies behind PWA

The PWA proposal is to make websites feature the features of native apps, such as offline operation, auto update, and push notifications, without the need for the user to download all application data.

Speaking in a more technical way, the PWA methodology is an enhancement of Web technologies. It can also be seen as a combination or hybrid evolution between websites and mobile applications. It is a new innovation for an e-commerce business. Hire PWA MPS Company to get this innovation for your e-commerce business as well.

There are a number of Web technologies behind every PWA methodology, they are:

  • Service worker
  • Cache API
  • Push notifications
  • Web app manifest

Even if you are not a developer, being aware of what these technologies are and knowing how they work within PWA is very important to be able to understand the potential that it presents. Below I will explain to you, in a summarized way, how each one behaves and what it influences in this methodology.

1. Service worker

The Service worker is a system that intercepts the requests of the application and saves the results on the client side. This allows extremely fast data consumption speed and allows the application to work offline. It acts as a kind of cache, as we already know.

2. Cache API

Cache API is a way to store the requests made locally so that when requested again, they work more efficiently. This concept consists of saving a copy of a request or a specific route in order to use it again so that it can be consumed one more time without the need to make a new request.

3. Push notifications

This is likely to be the tool we are most familiar with since it is used by all Apps to alert us about updates, news, signs of non-use, and other information.

Push notifications are used to notify users of certain services about various features. They are common in Mobile Apps, and mostly they tell you something new. An example of this technology is WhatsApp messages that are notified on your mobile phone or when someone enjoys your photo on Instagram.

4. Web App Manifest

In accordance with Google’s Web Fundamentals, Web App Manifest is a document that aims to standardize Web applications, which allows the user to add a website icon on their home screen without having to download an application.


Hire the best Developer for setting up a Shopify store

In the digital age, a lot of companies that were earlier limited only to brick and mortar have made the shift to also offering their consumers the option of buying their products online. Thousands of e-commerce stores are developed every year, giving rise to huge competition. Having an e-commerce store is no longer enough to stand apart from your competitors. There is a need for a platform that can take care of the customer comprehensively.  You need to find a company that can help you in setting up a Shopify store. Over the years, Shopify has come up with some rich UI features.

Here are a few things that one must get while setting up Shopify store!

Theme Design

Your UI/UX developers should make sure that the designed theme is well-suited to the business requirements as well as functions correctly on all the mobile devices and browsers.


While setting up a Shopify store, a development team must be able to customize the e-commerce store based on the requirements and custom workflows to achieve the business objective.

Shopify SEO

A good Shopify development company optimizes the Shopify stores of its clients to magnify their search engine visibility, enhance the ROI and drive the organic traffic.


When you hire a Shopify developer, make sure it has all the expertise in the shopping cart, integrating APIs, and third-party apps for extending the functionality of your eCommerce store.

Technical expertise

From development and deployment to store setup to upgrades, one should provide all technical expertise with ease to facilitate you to focus on business.

Upgrade and Maintenance

Shopify developers will improve Shopify portals to innovative versions and provide all necessary support after delivery of the project, to assist clients to run their businesses with ease.

Shopify Migration

Whichever e-commerce platform you are using, a good developer migrates your current e-commerce store with Shopify e-commerce store. An expert developer can increase the proficiency in your online store to craft and maintain the market image in an extremely competitive marketplace.

Setting up a Shopify store requires a company that can come up with creating striking, responsive, and high performing website.  Set up your Shopify store and rule the web.


SEO business – how to succeed in it?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been and would be a booming business say, experts, albeit with changes that make the process much more interactive, entertaining and grabbing the attention instantly.  The SEO boom is attributed to the number of commercial activities that are moving to the online platform.  SEO is being considered as the best online marketing strategy not without reason. The fact that billions of people use search engines each day is encouragement enough for considering SEO as an important part of online marketing.

Success in SEO efforts

The SEO efforts that you as an SEO company would be doing to improve the ranking of your client includes a number of elements.  Though a number of factors can impact the success of SEO efforts, some of the important factors include

Improving the search experience for users

This can also be referred to as Search Experience Optimization. This means that the user should be able to help people in four important aspects. It includes

  • What they want to know
  • Where they want to go
  • What they want to do
  • What they want to buy

Therefore, it is important for you to make searches for these experiences available in a creative way to get visibility.

Applying SEO to different platforms

When you design websites, it is designed to be perfect for use on a desktop. But, you now have a number of internet users who use their smartphones for browsing. You would have to develop methodologies that will make searching for and accessing the pages easier on all platforms.

Developing knowledge panels

The knowledge graph refers to the display of basics about a business.  The knowledge panel would include details like the location, the business, phone number, the ratings for the business, etc.  It is important for you to ensure that your client companies get a knowledge panel.

Last but not least, it is important to use both news and social content appropriately based on the type of readers the keyword would attract.


Reasons To Utilize Social Networks For Your Pharmacy

You know the social networks and use them personally, but you do not see the interest for your pharmacy? Well here are eight good reasons to kick off your pharmacy on the social internet.

Increase Awareness of your Pharmacy

Social networks are great tools to boost awareness of your pharmacy. Indeed with the help of a social communication strategy, they offer you important visibility. Social networks, which are accessed daily by Internet users, increase the reach of your messages, contribute to the influence exercised in your communities, and thanks to their social sharing functions, they make it possible to engage Internet users and to make them later the ambassadors of your pharmacy.

Increase Traffic to your Pharmacy’s Website

More and more Internet users are looking for a company directly on social networks to get an idea: “What customer relationship? What kind of content? Etc, before searching on a search engine and falling on the website. In most countries, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the platforms that generate the most traffic especially the Instagram users who buy Instagram likes.

Improve the SEO of your Website

Social media has given birth to social referencing. As proof today, Google is increasingly personalizing the results of searches based on content from social networks. With the emergence of Google+, social SEO took on a lot of importance. Google uses social media indicators to determine the relevance of shared information. So if you’re not social, Google will not see you. And net users either!

Increase the Number of your Leads

One of the main characteristics of a social network is the creation of social link and interaction among Internet users. With the arrival of brands on a social network, Internet users place a lot of importance on the type of interaction that companies offer with their audiences. Internet users need to feel listened to and close to the pharmacy for which they are faithful. Lead generation is effective when a prospect agrees to get in touch with you by sharing personal data (e-mails, subscription to a newsletter etc.). This will be one of your main objectives.

Improve the Turnover of your Pharmacy

Social media is also a paramount tool for selling your products. Sharing good deals, promotions and discounts between fans and their networks offer a lot of virality, which helps promote your products and your pharmacy.

Minimize your Operating Costs

With social media, some costs are lower than if you were using a provider. Indeed social media serves as recruitment tools, advertising tool or after-sales service. For example, instead of spending time and money probing your customers by phone or quiz, you can do it interactively and much less intrusively on Facebook, thanks to dedicated applications.

Improve your Customer Service

Not everyone can enjoy what you are doing, and some dissatisfied customers don’t stop showing it on social networks, but social networks are an effective way to improve your customer service since you can respond in a personal and visible way to any negative remark, which upstream gives off a positive image of your pharmacy, namely a company listening and concerned with the satisfaction of its customers.


What Is Currently on the Market in Wireless Earbuds

Ever since the Walkman came on the market in the ‘80s, many people have never been without music. This means that rarely have the people that have Walkman been without wireless earbuds. Some people have owned or tested almost every brand of wireless earbuds on the market, from the $20 ones to ones that cost around $499. Earphones have become a big part of the appearance of those with Walkman with often some being mistaken for hearing aids, earrings or necklaces (when not in the ears).

Proper pair

A proper pair of earphones or wireless earbuds is almost as important as a comfortable pair of jogging shoes. They need to have flawless sound and fit comfortably for hours of use. But one issue that some people have come across in recent years is the question of wireless earbuds or sticking with wire earbuds. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages. The best way to decide the type of earbuds that is best for you is to compare two in-ear headphones at different price points. For example, test out the Jaybird BlueBuds X and the Yamaha EPH-M200.

Wireless earbuds

Choosing between a pair of wireless earbuds such as the Jaybird Bluebuds X and a traditional pair of wired earphones like the Yamaha EPH-M200 might have more to do with how you will be using them most of the time.

Newest on the market

The newest on the market are wireless earbuds that just entered the marketplace. These are Air Nano by They offer good sound, have a fit that is comfortable, almost 12 hours of playback and right now are selling for $99 and free shipping. They are unique as they come in a small capsule. If you are currently shopping for wireless earbuds, you might want to research these.


Twitter Crowdfunding 101

Industry experts are confident that crowdfunding India will only expand as a business and continue to benefit more and more people in the coming decades, through crowdfunding India solutions for healthcare, social, personal, and creative needs. This is because, in India, a technological and internet revolution is underway. More and more people are using smartphones every year, and are opening accounts on social media platforms like Facebook (which is the most popular of these platforms in India), Instagram and Twitter. When new crowdfunding India campaigns are going live, campaigners are diligently sharing their fundraisers on social media and donations are coming in from donors who have come by the campaign on social media. More success stories in crowdfunding are being written each day.

What is interesting to note is that not many of those success stories are being written with the help of assiduous activity on Twitter. India has 23.2 million active monthly Twitter users, and yet there is much less donation soliciting happening on the platform than on Facebook, and even on Instagram. Much of this has to do with the average Indian’s lack of understanding of Twitter as a platform, and how it works, and how it can be leveraged easily to spread the word about their cause. In this article, we will show you how.

To crowdfund, keep this list of tips in your mind:

  • Keep your appeal simple. Avoid difficult words and turns of phrase. Just ask for a donation and a share.
  • Keep it short. Twitter has a post character limit of 280 characters, and instead of doing posts broken up into parts, finish your post in one installment.
  • Post images. Twitter also allows video posting. Take advantage of this and create quick visual material to attract generous donors.
  • Hashtags are your best friend when you are soliciting funding help on Twitter. Find the ones that resonate the most with your cause.
  • Tweet to influencers. Some will be celebrities. Some will be stalwarts related to your project.
  • Participate in Twitter public chats to establish a presence for yourself (or your brand).
  • Participate in other people’s comment threads, making statements for things you believe in.
  • Be honest. Be direct. Be yourself.

With these tips, crowdfunding India success through Twitter promotion will be yours. Distribute your marketing strategy across all available social media handles for best results. You never know where you might get a sudden, generous donation you were least expecting, perhaps from a person you don’t even know! Keep these things in mind when you fundraise.

Happy crowdfunding!


Advantages of an automatic sprinkler system

Fire garden sprinklers have really been made utilization of in the insurance of numerous business offices. However, as of late, these fire security frameworks have entirely gotten interested among house developers and habitation purchasers alike. So what drives people to introduce fire sprinklers in their homes regardless of whether they have effectively mounted smoke locator? It is since smoke finder simply aware inhabitants of a spreading fire in the house, anyway, these apparatuses couldn’t stifle it. Fire sprinklers then again have affirmed to be exceptionally solid in controlling a fire and additionally protecting individuals from its associated perils.

Inning understanding with the National Fire Defense Association, there needed to do with 396,000 private flames all through 2005 in the United States. These flames had really caused 3,055 non-military personnel fire setbacks, 13, 825 private fire physical wounds, and in addition $6.9 billion in property misfortunes.

Research ponders performed by the Federal Emergency circumstance Management Agency’s United States Fire Management demonstrate that a huge number of lives could have been preserved if household fire sprinklers had really been mounted in those consumed homes. The portion of a fire programmed sprinkler may have moreover ensured against the vast majority of the fire significant wounds and also considerably brought down private or business property harms.

Private fire sprinklers are hence extremely invaluable to the two individuals’ lives and homes. The advantages of these fire security frameworks are more careful beneath:

Fast activity

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) records the currently offered family unit fire garden sprinklers. It incorporates fire grass sprinkler heads with a quick criticism time that is speedier contrasted with that of the standard business and mechanical garden sprinklers. In light of their improved trigger instrument, early concealment quick reaction (ESFR) residential fire garden sprinklers promptly trigger quickly to deal with the fire before it could get energy.

Financial plan well-disposed cost

The current normal cost for household fire sprinklers is generally $1.00 to $1.50 each square foot in the development of new homes. This cost is foreseen to diminish as house fire garden sprinklers get significantly better known and request rises. Existing living arrangements could likewise introduce a fire sprinkler framework, yet the cost is normally more prominent in light of the fact that the home has entirely been made.

Modest size

Private fire garden sprinklers are sensibly littler contrasted with the customary business and mechanical varieties of these gadgets. Residential sprinkler systems could in like manner be tactfully set up and could be outwardly organized with the shading example of your home internal parts.

Ostensible portion work

Amid the working of a pristine home or reclamation of a current one, setup of a family fire programmed sprinkler will require only a negligible measure of funneling and in addition work considering that openness to the divider surfaces, roofs, and upper room rooms is immediately obtained.

Peripheral water prerequisite

Private fire sprinklers require significantly less water than flame programmed sprinkler produced for mechanical and furthermore modern structures. Typically a local fire yard sprinkler could be connected to your home’s primary water framework.

Less expensive funneling needs

Making utilization of plastic PVC pipelines has entirely brought down the tunneling costs. Plastic pipelines are in like manner more valuable contrasted with metal pipelines since they don’t have to rust or threading inconveniences by and large associated with metal.

Particular sprinkler initiation

The initiation of the fire garden sprinklers is on an individual premise. This proposes if the fire is in the kitchen region, the neighborhood yard sprinkler will positively be the just a single to turn on and in addition contain the fire since area. In this way, water needs and water-related building harm are both reduced.

Reduced protection cost

Contingent on the protection scope kind, financiers give value slices of with respect to 5 to 15 {434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} in home protection arrangement premium to property holders who have fires programmed sprinkler mounted. These worths are even foreseen to support later on.

Private fire programmed sprinkler, in reality, offer a sparing, low support, and the subtle alternative of a flame guard. And additionally over those preferences is the demonstrated unwavering quality of these gadgets in shielding your home and furthermore family unit from the risks of flame. For the almost no cost of having a fire garden sprinkler mounted in your home, you can improve the estimation of your property, pick up rebates in your protection scope premiums, and furthermore shield your family unit and furthermore properties. A fire yard sprinkler set up in your house is completely a useful speculation that will surely wind up significant should you have a fire in your home.


How to Find Answer to Protected Parts of Your Computer System or Network

NTP offers a wide-ranging answer to protect the varied essentials of your organization, to guarantee the veracity, confidentiality, and accessibility of your IT structure, systems and data.

Data Classification Discovery

While organizations know where sensitive data is supposed to be, often the truth is quite different. But with Data Discovery & Classification, NTP will check your environment and give you detail findings to help you know where your weaknesses are relative to data that is sensitive.

Data Recovery

NTP also can help you salvage data from corrupted, damaged, failed, or remote 2nd storage when not able to be normally accessed. This data often is being recovered from media storage from both external or internal hard drives, solid-state drives, storage tapes, USB flash drives, CDs, RAID, DVDs and other methods of storage. Recovery often is due to physical damage to the area of storage area or logical damage to the file system preventing it from being mounted by the host OS or operating system.

Digital forensic

Digital forensic is the method of first uncovering and then interpreting data. The goal here is protecting evidence in its form that is most original for being able to reconstruct past events. This team of specialists uses these procedures when they are investigating:

  • Crimes
  • Violations of internal policy
  • Reconstruction incidents involving computer security
  • Troubleshooting problems that are operational
  • Recovering from system accidental damage

 Ethical hacking

This type hacking helps businesses or organizations to ID potential threats to computer systems and networks. An ethical hacker makes attempts to bypass system security to search for points that are weak and that could be broken into by malicious hackers. This information will then be used by the business or organization to improve security systems, to minimize or eliminate any possible attacks. NTP Cyber Security is an experienced and reputable ethical hacker and will ensure a productive and efficient assessment.

Incident Response

It is not a question of “If” you will be damaged or hacked, but “how” and “when” will your company reply. NTP will help you to plan as well as prepare for the way you will be able to worth with these security incidents.


Top Advantages of Rooting Your Mobile Device

Here’s a little secret for you: as you root your mobile device, you’re no longer just a user of it. You become your phone’s administrator, too. It will provide you with unlimited access to mobile features you never even thought possible before.

When you root your phone, you can install unapproved apps, update your OS, overclock or underclock the processor, delete unwanted bloatware, and customize anything. Can you imagine getting unlimited access to your mobile phone at the swipe of your finger? It is worth a try!

If you desire to know more advantages of rooting, then this article can be of great help!

Keep on reading.

Removing useless apps

When you bought your phone, there are already pre-installed apps for you to use. Whereas some are useful, some are totally useless and only eats a lot of space and battery life on your device. What’s worse is that you can’t just remove those apps. Unless you can afford wholesale flash drives for more storage, you’d get a huge help with rooting. With this, completely useless apps, or what called Bloatware, can be finally removed.

 Blocking Ads

Developers need advertisements to generate income. By putting ads to your apps, money comes in their way. However, a lot of users don’t like it, especially if it pops up in the middle of our games or whatever we’re doing. But here’s the good news: once you successfully rooted your android device, apps like Ad Away, AdBlock Plus, and AdFree will come to your aid and block every ad in your apps.

Customizing everything

People mostly decide to root their phone because of custom ROMs. It’s like getting a brand-new device without becoming broke. Custom ROMs are often user-friendly than stocked ones; it offers performance-boosting abilities like twists for your system and battery life optimizations. Also, it updates more frequently than your stock ROM.

Installing incompatible apps

It’s a shame that some apps are incompatible with your phone. But, by rooting your device, you gain access to all the apps the world offers. In fact, you will get more android updates, more frequently and earlier, once you root your phone.

Optimizing longer battery life

When you root your phone, you can optimize it for a better battery life. Apps like Greenify can close useless apps automatically for you, or Set CPU to overclock and increase your android device’s performance, or underclock for longer battery lifespan. Of course, you need to root your phone first to do this.

Full backing up of device

You can only back-up some settings and apps on your device, and it’s not enough if you want to secure everything if you happen to delete important files. If so, root your device so you can backup anything and everything.

Customizing device’s skin

You want it to look more appealing, don’t you? Then you must root your phone now. As you do, you can choose and customize it in which way you want.

Wrapping Up

There are so many ways to make your android phone more powerful. All you must do is root it to perform a ton of things for you. Remember that you own your device and you deserve better. But there’s a hitch to this awesomeness; it can leave your phone broken – far more broken to be repaired – and warranty won’t be able to help you. As a matter of fact, the moment you root your phone, your warranty is already void.

Rooting your phone is not recommended for everyone. but no one’s stopping you from being awesome! After all, with all the mentioned advantages, it’s worth taking the risk long as you follow the necessary precautions. So, are you ready to root your mobile device?


AutoDWG PDF to PDF to DWG Converter, Faster Than Ever Before

This converter is for converting PDF into DWG and DXF, as well as raster and vector into vectorized and editable drawing, and the version of AutoCAD 2018-R14 is supported.

Key Features

  • Conversion enhanced quality by Smart Object Recognition
  • Convert PDF to DWG and DXF files that are editable
  • Lines, arcs, and True Type texts will retain accuracy
  • PDF input accepts single page and multi-page
  • Specific page(s) conversion is support
  • Convert raster image to entitles vector
  • Supports batch conversion in Pro version only

 Retain arcs

Using technology referred to as Smart Object Recognition, the arc in PDF retains its accuracy and clearness. See images comparing this AutoDWG with a leading competitor.

Retin lines

This is a basic function, but others may not always keep its location correctness, shape as well as thickness, but this company has been experienced dealing with these problems.

Retain texts

You can search and change the text. You can scratch those selectable texts in your original PDF file and texts will be re-created in the DWG/DXF file.

Retain solids

Converts solids and hatches from PDF to DWG converter and keep border lines entities.

Raster to Vector

If you have hand draw or scanned blueprint, this program, is capable of vectorizing scanned raster images, and converting to central lines or border lines.

PDF to DWG Version that Stands-Alone

PDF to DWG Convert has a stand-alone application which allows the user to convert PDF file to DWG or DXF files in only a few easy steps. It also supports AutoCAD version from 2.5 to 2018.

Steps to convert PDF into DWG and DXF

  1. Add source PDF file and choose a target.
  2. Choose pages to convert – if you need to convert single page or separated pages in a PDF, choose the page number and convert. Different page numbers should be separated, add a hyphen between the pages.
  3. If converting pages “2, 5, 6, 7.8, 23” you can enter the pages in the column of page or simply enter in “2, 5-8, 23” as well.
  4. Then just click the convert button to start the conversion.

You can download a free trial version or buy the complete program and download.