Why do you need to install a USP?

The world has modernized itself to such an extent that now we are dependent on the technology. Without it, we feel as if the world has stopped at a point of time where all we can do is to wait for it to come back. The more we use, the more we become addicted to it. To save and to make your work more efficient uninterruptible power sources are invented.

Why is USP needed?

There can be many reasons for buying a UPS. It is an uninterruptible power source which can reduce the problems related to power.

  • It not only provides a backup power source, but it also protects the computer connected to it by controlling the voltage.
  • In case of a power cut due to any reason which is also called a blackout. In some area of India, even today, the problem of a power cut is evident. Selling a UPS in these areas solves the problem of spending time doing nothing, therefore, using that time in doing something productive.
  • Sudden increase or decrease in voltage can harm your appliances or the computer which you use. These power backups can maintain the changing of voltage, which will eventually keep your appliances in good condition.
  • When there are a lot of circuits to only one device, it can also cause loss of supply, which is only for a short period of time, but it can cause serious problems to your device. It is also known as brownout.
  • A sudden hike in the rate of voltage needs to be prevented at any cost. It can also cause a serious problem to the device.
  • Due to interference from lighting, it can cause problems in the operating system of the device, and it can corrupt files too.

All the above problems can be corrected with the use of a UPS. This device has been really useful, and in the developing country like India, this invention has hiked up all the markets. The demand for backup power sources is high in the market. Everybody wants to buy one, as all human beings do not want their comfort to be hampered in any condition.

If you are looking to leading companies who are selling UPS [ขาย UPS , which are the term in Thai], then contact Chuphotic today.


Why Video is the Best Tool for Growing Instagram Followers

Video marketing isn’t just for Brands with big budgets seeking to grow Instagram followers. An estimated 81% of businesses of all sizes used video as a marketing strategy in 2018. But Instagram makes video marketing much more accessible for small businesses, thanks to innovations like Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and having the ability to post an Instagram video to their feeds.

Reasons to Create Instagram Videos

Even though photos are the more common format used on Instagram, a video has gained a lot of traction. As a matter of fact, engagement statistics for video has risen at a faster rate than photos, increasing 53% over the past year. Other than helping businesses grow their Instagram followers, there are several additional reasons to invest in video. One of the primary being that video makes it possible to share in-depth, complex, stories that can’t a single image simply can’t convey.

The Technical Specifications Instagram Videos

Here are the technical specifications you’ll need to know about to create your Instagram videos.

Video format to use: MP4

Length: The ideal length of video on Instagram is 3 to 60 seconds

Video size: At this time Instagram doesn’t have a set limit on video file size, however, it is recommended to keep them under 50MB

Positioning: Choices include square, portrait, and landscape

The aspect ratio needs to be a minimum of 1.91:1 with a maximum of 4:5

Here are the two primary ways you can create or upload videos to Instagram

Upload a Pre-Recorded Instagram Video

The most common way to use video on Instagram is to upload a pre-recorded video.  To do this, just tap the “+” button, choose the “Library” option located on the left, bottom corner of the screen. Once you find the right video on your phone or other cameras, you can either share it with a square aspect ratio (the default) or tap the “dimensions” icon to see the full-sized image. Another option would be to create a carousel post that features multiple videos.  To do this, tap the “album” icon located on the right side of the screen.

Shoot a Video Using the Instagram App

It’s fairly uncommon for businesses to shoot videos using the Instagram app. If you’d like to give it a try, tap the “+” located at the bottom of the screen and select the “Video” option. To record, press and hold the circular button in the center of the screen. As you record, you’ll notice the progress bar that will let you know how long the video you’re recording is. Once the progress bar has reached the 3-second mark it’s at a point where it can be shared on Instagram.

Once you’re happy with how your video is laid out, try using filters, add a cover photo, add a caption, and publish.

Whether you’re trying to get Instagram followers, promote products, educate your target audience, or build awareness regarding a campaign, videos are the way to go.


The Impression of Editing and Aerial Perspective

Professional editing always catches the attention of viewers. Photo editing applications are being downloaded in numbers, and people are using them to make their pictures look more effective. There are a number of effects which people use to make their picture impressive. But here let us discuss the paintings the perspectives with the help of which a painting can be made more impressive and attention seeking.

Tonal perspective in paintings

Tonal perspective is also known as aerial perspective. These kinds of perspectives are used for the paintings to make them more impressive. Talking about the technicalities of aerial perspective then they are more related to the distance graph and color of objects in the painting. The objects which are closer and in focus should be brighter and warmer in comparison to the objects in the picture which are far away should be dull and cooler. Color definitions are in connection with the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, the paintings where attractive and catch the attention of audiences because of their drama and authenticity. There are changes in the gradual tones of the colors as per the distance.

The technique of aerial perspective

To create a moody atmosphere in a painting or a photograph one can easily make use of aerial perspective. The tonal or aerial perspective creates an essence if the depth in a picture is making it look more wonderful. With the help of a real technique, one can we convey the depth of colors in a photograph. A painter or a photo editor can also achieve haze effect that can make painting noticeable.  With the technique of aerial perspective, you can make your paintings of photographs look more like Leonardo da Vinci paintings.

Frame it

To make your picture look complete, after editing you can frame it. There are many frames available in the editing software, or you can create custom frames. Not only the painting but also street photography can be attention seeking if edited and framed perfectly.


Apt Information one must know about File Converter Tool

If one wants to convert file under the preferred format then converters made it very easy. Converting files into the demanded archive converter is the task of file converter. It will also convert the complicated graphics and tablets with perfect detailing.  It has given ease in handling the documents. The newest development in the technology has made these converters so adjust in work. The user will get the replica of the original saving the formatting of the information of the original one.

The conversions can be partial and batch. There are ample benefits using these file converter tool. One can use archive online convert which is liked by everyone. This tool offers a lot of freedom to the documents as there are ample of traits in the converters. PDF Converter helps in creating files from different formats. It is the choice of the user to convert them into different sections or as a whole known as batches.

While converting, one can use a free archive converter which can extract images and other graphical images. They are the elements present in the original copy or remove them. The various colors and templates can adjust the converted documents as needed by the customers.

The eager people can also do partial conversions which means when only some selected files have to be converted. In the batch conversion, one can pick a whole file that has to be converted. All the conversions can be done conveniently and with the ease. The program offers one to convert documents without having the need of reformatting it.

The onlineconvertfree has magnificent features; one can simply save the converted documents. The programs are real and affordable in the price range. The converter is fast and reliable in editing images. It is user-friendly and uncomplicated while using. The scanned files can be converted in an accurate manner.


Solar energy companies in Kerala – Offer solar energy to businesses and residences

The technologically advanced world offered a lot to the people and solar energy panels are one of them. People are getting crazy for them day by day and this number is increasing without any delay. Are you fed up of paying the larger electricity bills? Are you not getting electricity due to climate changes? If yes, you should look for the better option I.e., which can save your money as well as does not have any effect due to climate changes.

Solar energy companies in Kerala aids in preventing the energy crisis. It short, they offer the solar equipments with better technology so that the people can get good solar energy. The days are over when solar energy was at the floor levels in fact, the solar energy tools and equipments e touching the heights with the developing time. With the increasing time, the companies involved in the creation of solar energy are able to develop the solar tools at the affordable prices. That is why not only the businesses use them to reduce the power expenses but the residences also use them to reduce the power expenses. So in this way, you can save the planet as well as your pocket.

How to install the solar energy panel?

Some people have a misconception about the solar panels I.e., it is quite difficult to install them. But it is not so, the whole responsibility of installation is also on the shoulder of solar energy companies. You don’t need to have even the burden of transportation. The solar energy companies put the solar panel in the large truck and transport it to the site or location. They carry the ladders with them which helps in their easy transportation to the roof of the house and enterprise. Once they transported the solar panel on the roof of the location then they install them on the desired place. Always find the experienced crew for setting up and installing up the solar panel on the roof because if you don’t find the one then you may find several difficulties in the solar energy panel installation.


5 Extremely Easy Photo Edits to use before you post

Photo Editing is not just about Photoshop, and the different types of software one use at the professional level. There are so many applications available for your phone because generally, that is the only device people use for clicking pictures these days until and unless you practice some real-time photography skills through your camera lenses. Apart from this, even phone photography has been something that has been leading in the charts. So, when you click a picture, it is not always the same picture that you post because not every picture looks perfect in the first click or after repeated clicks. This is the reason why people conform to editing, and necessary touch-ups are always right before you post a picture in public.

Here are 5 necessary photo edits that are just the basic fundamentals of editing and are easy to perform: –

1. Crop :

The first and foremost function to do is to crop. This feature is for everything that has got away through a picture unwanted. So, with crop feature, you can crop the unwanted things and people out of a picture to glorify the image you want to show to the world. For instance, you want to crop that lady out of the family picture who has spoiled a family picture, or a person who spoiled a beautiful sunset etc. Every smartphone comes with built-in editing tools wherein you can exercise the crop function and guess what just in case you have cropped the wrong part there is an undo button to get it back to the original.

2. Straighten :

If you have clicked on a picture that is not straight and tilted then you can make it look straight. There is a straighten feature that is going to make a picture straight and make it a better photo. This tool is just about your fingers of how you drag the lines above the picture and then move the cursor of the “straighten” either to left or right depending upon the side which is tilted. Also, there is a feature to rotate the image to 90 degrees right or 90 degrees left.

3. Brighten:

Now, this feature saves so many pictures especially the ones that are nice but don’t have that enough light so that we can post. It allows the user to make a picture look bright from dark and with the help of this feature one can even make their faces look equally lit. There is also this “Contrast” feature with the help of which you can play with the level of exposures and lighten or darken your skin tone if the need be. Even if the picture is about a beautiful scenery these features are of great help. Moreover, every smartphone comes with this editing tool.

4. Sharpen:

This feature too belongs to the basic and needful category of the editing tools wherein a picture which appears a little blur or out of focus can be made to look like perfection. And how do you do this? When you choose to edit a picture through your phone’s pre-installed software or list of editing tools the “Sharpen” features help to build a clarity in the image. You can slide through up and down or right and left to position the level of sharpness you want to root in the picture. The level that suits the type of picture you are editing should be further saved and your favorite picture is now ready to be posted to the public.

5. Blemishes:

This is one of the advanced levels of editing which again comes pre-installed in the smartphones of this generation. As our generation is so much concerned about perfection and of course the selfie thing is the trending image so getting through the blemishes of your skin in ‘reel’ has been made easy. Although there are camera applications which make you look beautiful and your skin look fresh right from the time you pose for a selfie, so there is no chance of appearance of blemishes in your pictures. But if they appear then you can get them removed with the editing tool, also known as “Smooth” or “Blemishes”. You can keep moving the cursor to the right until you see a smooth picture in front of you.

These were the basic Photo edits every smartphone has, and if they don’t, you can take help of the store to download such applications or software. Visit for amazing deals and offers. So, there is always a scope to improve and after all a picture speaks 1000 words.


Disposing and Recycling IT Assets in the Best Possible Way

IT assets that are owned by a company are highly essential for a company. Many times when it undergoes an upgrade or devices are getting replaced, and then the company’s proprietary and sensitive information tend to be at a risk. This is exactly where services such as IT Asset Recovery and Disposition come out as being highly crucial and indispensable for a company.

When such companies start the process of Data Destruction it is done so with utmost competency ensuring that everything is done with utmost responsibility. The IT equipment that’s not being used or retired is disposed of in a methodical way. This is a good way of saving cost and is an essential risk management measure.

Hard Driver Destruction and Shredding must be disposed of properly too. There are so many people who simply do not realize that crucial and sensitive information along with the computers and drives too should be disposed of in a secure way when the need for it arrives. If you do so recklessly, then it is probably that you and your business will get affected and many might also have to go through data breaches. This is why always do ensure that you get these work done by specialists and a reliable company alone. Hard drives and important information should be done via the process of professional shredding. This way your data and crucial information will not leak out. Also, it will be protected in the best possible way. Also, you will be able to generate more storage space rather than collecting unwanted and old hard drives.

Another way in which you can dispose of solid waste products of your company securely is through the process of Electronics Recycling. One big problem which companies face is that electronics can start piling up quite quickly, such as the big CPU’s, and hard disks and drives. We don’t know how much of it is actually biodegradable. This gets electronic recycling done, as this is the safest way to get things disposed of. Even your e-wastes will get reduced this way.

Also, there are so many chemicals that leak through complex systems which may be detrimental to the environment. Hence trusting processes such as the above ones and Fluorescent Bulb Recycling is a great way to save the environment and get your work done the right way.


Enrich Your Theme by Manipulating the Power of Second Party Source

The major difference between the first party and second party data doesn’t fall in huge. You can easily get to know their variation and their benefits. While you ask for the definition of the first party, it’s a complete form of data collection from the customers in a direct manner. Hereby the reference and response of your customer will surely help to increase your standard and let you be on the top. A number of data can be discovered on this scheme.

Whereas the second party data is the one which holds and concentrate on the profitable circumstance of two organizations. The overall methodology of this data representation will improve the business by means of collaborating and sold out of each other’s data. That is you can collect the first party data from another organization and in the concern of exchange your collected data.

It’s like an interactive reciprocal method between each organization. Actual it’s been good moves while you about making any changes in your business. Or else if you need different data sources then avail the second party data. By this, you will enlarge your brand with the appropriate standards with the complete focus. Why because means your first party data will be laid-back with the correct augment for your business.

Another thing about the second-party data is where the data exchange will resist with the regular numbers. Along with the improvement of your customers your whole Data Management Platform will reach the peak.

This incredible assessment will be assuredly done on the Adobe cloud feature. They are assigned to a desperate management to get all the essential data in the unique patterns. The approach of Adobe will get differ by means of concentrating on every single customer. You can easily decide the method of businesses like selling, buying and partnering on the basis of the related data they have been collected. Even you might think that the outcome data of both thirty party and second party data have the same number. But the vital dissimilarity will be reviewed on the superiority benefits of the second party data.

Similarly, they will enrich your existing first part data in an optimized way. And you will clearly get the working process with the business activities. Mainly Adobe cloud considers the modulation and preference of the customers. Because through the priority of the customers only your business development will withstand.


Which cell phone to buy? Tips for choosing the best appliance

A few years ago, choosing a cell phone was not a task that required a lot of research or knowledge, since there were very few models available on the market, and all had practically the same functions, differing only in categories such as “camera” or “without a camera “and the like.

Nowadays, things have changed a lot. With the launch of smartphones, which are practically a pocket computer, where you can send emails, access the internet quickly, and even take pictures in high resolution, ordinary phones have been set aside. Unlike about 6 years ago today, we have available a multitude of mobile devices, each one better than the other, both in design and in functions.

When buying a cell phone, the following points should be analyzed:

How to choose the ideal appliance?

The first thing to do is to analyze the cost/benefit of the device you want to acquire. To do this, look for all the functions and features it has, as well as the advantages and disadvantages as well. For example, if the device has a high price on account of a state-of-the-art integrated GPS, but you do not own a car and much less travel frequently, this model is probably not ideal for you.


This is one of the most important items on the list. If you’ve found the cell phone you’ve always wanted in a store before you buy it, do a search and you’re sure to be surprised how in some other places it costs cheaper. Want more info? You can read more at


The first step is to know which carrier is most feasible for you since it is no use to have a top-of-the-line mobile phone and it is blocked for a certain carrier that has no viable advantage for you.

If you already have a carrier you are a customer of, and you like the promotions and features it offers, then try to buy a mobile phone that supports its requirements, such as signal frequency and type of service.


Review your priorities well. As said before, it is not financially feasible to buy an expensive cell phone, whose functions you will never use. Because of this, carefully study what you really need in a device.


The Apple iPhone, for example, with each version, enhances your camera, leaving you with more and more similar to a digital camera. Tetapi hari ini, smartphones Android seperti Vivo memiliki cameras dengan 20 megapixels atau lebih.


Tips for Picking the Managed IT Services Provider

Manage services can be merely classified as any aspect of your business that is contracted out to a 3rd party provider to manage it. It is generally a 2 party engagement model where the customer contracts out a part or a total requirement of their business to a company.

Managed services prevail in numerous business sectors, however, managed IT services are the most thoroughly used and practiced form. It assists clients varying from small to big organizations by offering them a high level of IT contracting out services within a fixed budget cost effective to them.

Managed IT services have become among the most reputable service for organizations of all sizes who need an external service provider to manage their IT requirements for which they do not have enough resources. This assists them in satisfying their business requirements effectively without cutting their business earnings.

Clients must be extremely careful in hiring the IT outsourcing company for their IT requirements. Clients wanting obtain managed IT services must put some effort into comprehending their requirements and identifying how the engagement model works.

Pointed out listed below does a list of clients want to hire managed IT services

  • Abilities

Once you outsource your work to the company their abilities become your abilities. It becomes your obligation to examine the ability of the service-provider and choose whether it is excellent enough for your business requirements.

  • Services Offered

Your business requirements may need some services that are not quickly available. IT contracting out services consist of all significant and small IT services however just a well-established services company uses all the services. Aim to ask and figure out whether all your requirements might be satisfied or not.

  • Versatility in Engagement Model

Business engagement model must be versatile enough for your business abilities and ease. Pick an IT contracting out the company that uses 3-4 engagement models to their clients.