100 days to SEO greatness

Folks, SEO competitors is going to give you a simple formula to achieve more search engine traffic in just 100 days. The formula isn’t hard to write down. You will need to dedicate an hour or two each week in order to execute this plan.

You will also need to have a few things in order to follow these steps. They are:

A decent website

A blog as part of your website ideally in the structure A site with a dynamic site map that updates when you publish a new blog post.

The pages of your site (not just the blog pages) should be somewhat optimized already. H1s, Title, and description tags, sufficient paragraph text and a good internal linking structure all help.

Now, this is by no means all you can do before launching the following steps, but it should give you a nice starting point.

Let’s start with SEO

So, we’re going to increase your site traffic by producing epic blog content. Each week you’re going to blog 2 or 3 times so that you are posting 10 times each month. We’re going to use the following post types:

Listing posts –

You take on a new listing. Someone in your office takes on a new listing. Or you simply go on a showing. Write a blog post about the home.

Market reports –

Write about the present market trend. Prices going up, down, or remaining the same, for example.

Guest blogs –

Have a friend or co-worker write a post for you.

Answering a common question –

Every day, practically, you answer questions from buyers, sellers, and renters. If you do this by email, which you probably do all the time, you can anonymize and re-use the content. Others have the same questions and this content is fantastic blog fodder.


If there’s an auction announced, a big closing in the market, a national news story pertaining to your niche, or anything newsworthy, write about it. State some facts and give your thoughts.

Step by Step

Step 1 –

Create 10 to 20 categories in your blog. Give the categories the same names as your keywords. If you’re trying to figure out what keywords to use, search this blog some and you’ll find posts on how to do that.

Step 2 –

Set a schedule, but the time into your calendar. Write a checklist. Do whatever it takes to make sure you’re going to do the posts.

Here’s what this can look like:

Week 1

  • Listing post
  • Local Market report
  • Answering a question

Week 2

  • Listing post
  • News item

Week 3

  • Answer a seller’s question
  • New Listing post
  • Guest post

Week 4

  • Listing post
  • Answer a question

Week 5

  • Market report
  • Realty News item
  • Listing post

Week 6

  • Answer question
  • new listing post
  • Guest post

I think you get the gist…

When you create a post, make sure it is listed in every category that is even remotely applicable. Tag your posts too, using keywords in the posts that are close to or the same as your category names.

Step 3 –

Track your progress. Make sure you’re posting 2 – 3 times each week. In the first 100 days, you should post over 30 times. Yes, more than 30 posts. If you want to see an even greater impact on your ranking and traffic, post 3 or 4 times each week. In short, produce content regularly and post it properly.


The Importance of NetBase’s Social Media Analysis Capacity

One of the most important things to keep in mind in this day and age when marketing a product is how receptive different social media platforms are to your business. This is something that can be figured out through a process called social media analysis, and social media analysis require some of the most trained marketers in the workforce to operate properly.

Because of this, NetBase has created a service to aid businesses in monitoring social media. Their platform is one which stands to improve the relationship the world at large has with the Internet. Although we have progressed so far as a species in recent years, our inability to properly fit technology into our businesses can be extremely frustrating. NetBase created their service for the individuals who want to overcome this frustration.

Throughout the time of their running, NetBase has done essentially this. They have provided people with a means to break down the information your social media is pumping out 24/7 without you even realizing. One of the greatest advantages of marketing in the modern day is that you can get real statistics for consumer interaction seamlessly through the Internet. Utilizing technology this way is what the inventors of the technology we use had in mind when they created it; we ought to respect their wishes and do our best to integrate their technology where it fits, and when it does fit, we must integrate it properly.

This is one of the primary concerns of NetBase. They consider social media analysis to be extremely important for this reason. A business that is unaware of all the information they can attain from it is far more likely to end up failing or going to the wayside than one that is on top of it. It really is that important; having proper social media analysis will either make or break your business.

While it can be scary to approach all the new technologies of the modern world and let go of those less useful, it is a leap that is necessary for development. Without taking that leap, we will never be able to be at the forefront of invention. Technological advancements require integration to be able to receive the input necessary to improve. All we can do as citizens to steady this process along is to utilize services like NetBase and try to integrate them into our daily business lives.

Besides their ability to deliver a fantastic service to customers, NetBase has a history of extremely generous and well thought-out philanthropic efforts. When they donate, they do not simply want to throw money at an organization; they want to create something that will continue to provide joy for many generations to come. This is, in essence, the goal of their company at large. So, when they participate in philanthropy, they do so in a way that is genuinely impactful. This is due to the fact that they know that spending their time to help others will always be a good decision.

Their altruistic tendencies are rooted in the very center of their business, and no one can take that much away from them. They clearly have the intention of furthering the business of social media analysis, so it is hard to knock them for their efforts. After all, without them, we would be lightyears behind where we currently stand along the line of improvement for social media analysis. The amount of effort they have provided the community with is incredible, and the fact that they will continue to do so for many years to come is extremely exciting for the future of social media in business.


Using Robots in Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturing brings together various complex tasks. In a traditional setup, when some employees would be preparing, another lot would be cooking, another sorting, packaging or palletizing. This would be the routine of each and every day.  The whole processes would end up being time-consuming and tiring. Due to human inefficiency which may create room for health hazards, there was a need to come up with a better food production system.

Today, we not only have a hygienic way of processing food but also a quicker and more organized way of doing things on the food processing industry floors. Industrial robots have been integrated into the food production units and the results are evident. There are better ways of sorting and placing raw materials, cutting, packaging and branding. As time goes by, newer robotic developments are being ushered into the market.

One of the latest releases is food processing collaborative robots. Collaborative robots are a series of safer to use and easier to maintain robots from Universal Robots. Also known as robots, this model of robots have caused a revolution in many businesses. Investors who have incorporated collaborative robots in the production processes have reaped many benefits.

Benefits of Automating the Food Manufacturing Industries Using Collaborative Robots

Standardized Food Quality

It is a common happening that if humans are in the right mood, their chances of preparing great food is high and vice versa. It is no different even with professionals in the food industry. Introducing robots helps create a signature taste of your food product. Because they are not affected by moods or weather; collaborative robots are a great way to maintain a standardized taste of your products which will help build a reputation for your company.

Safety First

Thanks to automation using cobots, managers and supervisors can be able to monitor the food production processes from a closer point. This is made possible by the motion and touch sensors that are normally fitted onto collaborative robots. The robots are able to respond accordingly which helps avoid human-machine conflict. With a safer working space, the production heads are able to make the necessary adjustments in time and this significantly reduces the possibility of making errors.

Cuts down The Costs of Labour

As already mentioned, food production involves a chain of tasks like sorting, cleaning, and cooking. Without automation, each of these processes will require different human workers in order to accomplish. The result is an increased wage bill. However, all the associated tasks in food production can be completed faster using just a few collaborative robots. Small and medium food manufacturers can take advantage of the versatility of Collaborative robots that makes them usable for different tasks. All that is required is a slight change in programming to give the machine a different set of instructions.

Reduced Input Wastage

Collaborative robots have a higher accuracy level than the average person. This means there are minimal occurrences of errors in tasks like measurement, weighing and so on. Reducing errors significantly reduces the level of wastage. In the long run, more output is realized from the same quantity of inputs.

Creates an Avenue for Expansion

The world is a growing population. Feeding this population requires the food manufacturing sector to employ mechanisms that will boost their productivity. Smaller and medium food manufacturers can automate the routine tasks by adding the required cobots and this will help them expand their productivity. It also helps cut down on resource wastage.

Building and Protecting a Brand Name

Consumers are likely to get accustomed to consuming products that are consistently available in the market, have a signature taste and branding, and that have clean processing and packaging. Maintaining this consistency helps cultivate the consumer’s trust which is important for building a brand name or brand protection. These goals are achievable with robotic automation.

In A Nut-Shell

Finding an everyday support that can take your business to another level is like finding a hidden treasure. Automating food manufacturing industry has eased the life of many business owners. We are living in an era where the automation of repetitive tasks is a necessity for many industries and the food manufacturing sector is not an exception.


The Four Must Do’s For A Security Camera

A security camera provides safety which no other ordinary security equipment offers. The feeling of safety one receives out of security cameras cannot be matched with any other equipment. However, to ensure the right results, the following steps are needed to be taken.

  • Clean the lenses of the camera

The cleanliness of the camera lens to be maintained is a requisite. It is not supposed to be smudged or dirty in any manner that it hampers the view of the happenings. This is important because if it isn’t taken care of, later in the future when you want to view something, the screen will offer an obstructive view due to lack of cleanliness and hence, the entire point of having a security camera in the first place would be compromised.

  • Placement of camera

This is an important aspect to be taken care of as the camera has to be placed in the required position of capture. The place where the camera is positioned should possess enough light. Too much of brightness or a dull atmosphere also hampers visibility of the footage later.

  • Maintenance check

An annual maintenance check of the equipment is important. The batteries are supposed to be checked and if in poor condition, they have to be changed. A regular security check is also necessary to ensure that the system hasn’t been compromised. With malware like Trojan horse and other malicious programs causing system hack, it is important to have regular checks of the security camera. Not just that, for a proper record, the date of the security cameras is to be checked as well.

  • A large memory

Since a security camera is going to capture the footage of the happenings for long periods of time, a large memory card is required. To capture 3 weeks of events, one terabyte will be required. There is no point in keeping the security camera if enough memory is not available when it is required. Hence, ensuring a large memory is a requisite.

It is very important for the above-listed steps to be properly executed as then only the security equipment can provide us with maximum results. Anything which is executed without following proper steps, actions or precautions is going to be fruitless. Therefore, it is mandatory for the concerned authorities to pay attention to even little details while placing the security cameras.


A Guide in Choosing the Best White Label SEO for Your Business

You have heard the term search engine optimization (SEO) too many times when it comes to digital marketing. Virtually every business wants to have the best SEO services for their website, as these convert online views to actual sales when done correctly. Moreover, you need to stay afloat in the search engines to establish an online presence.

Here’s the thing – small businesses and startups do not have the resources to hire additional personnel to do SEO services. You also lack the expertise and tools to know the right keywords that make your website pop in the search engine rankings. This is where a white label SEO helps to optimize your online presence without hiring additional personnel.

What can a white label SEO do for you?

Companies specializing in white label SEO create digital contents that can be customized for your needs. It is similar to a report that is written under your name once you are satisfied with the contents. They intend to land your webpage on the search engine results page and boost your online visibility. Especially today, SEO has evolved to adapt with the increasing competition.

By hiring an SEO company, you save money from buying software tools and Google Adwords campaign. You also develop a partnership with an expert third party who does the task of creating re-sellable SEO contents for your business.

So, how can you find the best white label SEO?

White label SEO involves hiring an external company that should boost your company’s online visibility in the long-run. This is where you need to factor these considerations in picking the best SEO firm.

  • Multi-industry knowledge –

    No two SEO campaigns are the same. This is where a good SEO company excels by devising flexible strategies that custom fit their clients. Inquire if the firm you are interested to work with has a working knowledge regardless of the industry your business belongs.

  • Similar Goals and Vision –

    Every business wants to succeed. A good white label SEO has matching products and services to your company. This also gives an assurance that they can provide what you need as far as SEO is concerned. At Web 2.0 Ranker, expect good communication between you and our technicians. We want your personal brand be reflected in our outputs anyway.

  • Responsive –

    Well, SEO companies are always busy but that is not an excuse to miss a reply to their clients. A good company has a strong after-service support that is ready to entertain any questions. Remember, a SEO campaign does not work overnight. The white label SEO should provide tangible results and you need updates.

  • Delivers Result –

You only pay money to companies that deliver a result. The best SEO firms should increase your visibility, give a competitive edge and win you customers as the result of the campaign.

 Contact us Today!

Not all white label SEO companies are created equal, so hiring the right firm can be tricky. You may search for online reviews but these can be fabricated and manipulated. Entrust your digital marketing needs with us, and we commit to land your page at the top of search engine results page.


Watch ad-free YouTube videos in the offline mode

We stream YouTube videos on our mobile and PC. Those, who upload YouTube videos, create their profile on this platform. However, the viewers usually do not need to make an account, and they can get videos from YouTube free.

Ads in YouTube video

While watching various YouTube videos, we have seen that there are banner ads displayed on the bottom portion of the video. Although these ads are presented by brand owners to promote their service and product, they really cause a distraction in our mind. It is annoying to watch an ad, while you are watching an interesting part of the video. Most of these YouTube ads do not cover much time to be displayed. Still, lots of viewers don’t like them to be embedded in their video. You cannot find any button for removing these ads. You may just skip them after few seconds.

Trying to remove ads? You have two options

There are two ways in which you can get ad-free YouTube videos. One of them is YouTube Red, which is a subscription service, and thus, you have to make an investment for using this premium service.

Another option, available to you, is to use YouTubNow, the YouTube Downloader. You can download YouTube videos, which have no ads.

For YouTube Red subscribers, you can find the offline content easily. There is also an audio-only mode. You may also cancel this membership at any time. You can save those YouTube videos offline. Thus, it has similarities with YouTube Downloader. However, you can play the saved video for forty-eight hours, and after this timeframe, you have to set the network connection for checking the video modification, and the availability of the video.

But, YouTubNow users are able to enjoy downloaded videos all the time. Thus, it is a better option to you.

Another similarity of YouTubNow and subscription is that you can alter the video quality while storing the video. YouTubNow offers various ranges of video resolution, and you can choose anyone to set it for the particular content. It also helps you in picking the best format for the video that you like to store.

Thus, you can rely on YouTubNow or YouTube Red. However, we think that YouTubNow is a better option for enjoying offline videos. This is a free platform with an advantage of downloading videos on your gadget. You can get this software from the site.


How to choose the best data recovery services Toronto?

Irrespective of whether you are using your computer for your house or then for the business maintaining the secrecy of data and planning for its safety will be essential for you. As a computer, as well as the data, is very useful you will also have to know about ways by which you can get it all back if there is some type of loss or crash that occurs. A data loss problem will cost you too much and therefore choosing some good recovery service professional like Taking It Mobile Data recover is essential. The experts not just know things in a brief but can also find your solutions to all different problems you are facing.

Below mentioned are some traits which you will have to look into before hiring hard disk recovery companies for your needs.


The service provider you look out for and want to hire should know all of it and should also be able to provide you with the best of services which can help you restore all the lost data at the earliest. If there is an accidental loss of data they should know how to analyze all of the data and get you access to the same so that you do not face much of a problem. The one you choose should be an expert and should have an idea of whether what the problem is and what applications can be used to help you get rid of the same. Only a specialist can help you with all of it and therefore choosing someone who is an expert will be essential.

Damage levels:

Due to continuous usage of the computer as well as all the other peripherals, everything tends to undergo wear and tear. To avoid extreme loss and careless handling later, it is essential for you to understand the situation and look out for the best service provider who can help you with this. The hard disk will also go a lot of maintenance and thus there are chances of it crashing. To avoid all the damages to your business you should look up for someone who will know about the best systems available. Only those who are professionals will know how to take care of the damages and thus will provide you with the best services.


Having any hard drive data recovery service professional on board will be a difficult task. This is because you cannot let them enter your home or office if they are not reliable. Thus before choosing anyone for your needs, you should first understand whether they are reliable and you can let them enter your property or not. Once you are clear on this you can easily rely on them and ask them to solve all of your problems at the earliest.

When you start with the research for the hard drive data recovery service things will be a little difficult. But if you put in efforts and also take some references it will be easy for you to find the right service provider for your needs. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter and know about all reliable services we provide.


Pick a best Vu Television and have watch HD movies

When it comes to choosing the best class TVs that match your criteria, and then Vu brand is an awesome one. In fact, the Vu TV is established to give amazing features and specifications that consider the needs of modern consumers. This is essential for you to pick a wonderful brand that immediately delivers into world-class televisions forever. Of course, the Vu TV has several accolades and awards in the country in many segments. Each and every customer seeks the best collections and has detailed information about features, types, size, display and other information. The customers can compare branded television at CompareRaja site and have deals on these TV across the e-commerce stores. So, one can get attention on lots of Netflix that integrated with world-class televisions taken from the several choices. Some products are launching and tested before coming into the market.

Check Unique features

On the other hand, the CompareRaja has deals and features regarding the Vu Television brand and helps the buyers select a brand at best online price. Consequently, it is essential for the folks to hire the best collections from this top-notch platform on buying branded television forever. With Full HD and smart television, you can get attention on the right brand choice for your need and preference. With great media connectivity, the range offered by Vu covers all. It has all great range of touchscreen interface and interacts with customers effortlessly. The customers get attention on any type of TV such as UHD, premium smart, full HD, corporate TVs and so on. You can easily get details and deals on this CompareRajaor compare Vu Tv with other brands and check the value for money. It perfectly suits the results so that you will have an amazing time when you purchase the branded Vu for your need and want. Therefore, you will have the best time to search your familiar TV brands so that get attention to favorite online content. It grabs attention on latest television technologies so that you can pick amazing TV collection for your need and preference.

All kind of LED and LCD TVs

You can also check audio and video quality that is vital when you pick the world-class TV. If you are searching the top most brands, the Vu TV is a known for its excellence and delivers user-friendly device. Apart from the latest deals, the online platform shows CompareRaja as the best content for purchasing your familiar model. It includes narrow option and selects a Vu which perfectly suits their requirements. It will perfectly suit any of the rooms in your home. Therefore, you will get technology related TVs that show the best collection forever. It brings forth attention on amazing collections of brands that design with considering the size of a TV with advanced features. Moreover, the brands are easily found on this platform so that one can get attention on the connectivities and other features. It quickly understands the differences in a simpler way so that it gives full HD curved display needs for your kind reference. This delivers amazing opportunity to the folks who wish to get ultimate display models forever.

Web Hosting

Promote your business with help of cloud computing services

With the ongoing up-gradation in technology, it has become important for business owners to keep their business up to date so that they can easily meet the day to day demand of their consumers. With the help of an online medium, several premises are able to boost their business very well. Many companies prefer to use the cloud services rather than building their own infrastructure to support their internal applications. Using these cloud computing services owners can easily serve their customers from this shared infrastructure.

Companies providing these cloud computing services are known as cloud providers which offer any company or individuals some part of network services which they can easily access the internet. There are different cloud locations like private cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud and community cloud. You can choose among them as per your need.

Choose the right type of cloud computing services for your business

Some different types of cloud computing services are listed as under:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a service):

    Using such service company, the user can easily access to the vital information in web structure like servers, connections, and space. Person or company using such service does not need to purchase this infrastructure. Specialization is the reason why the company providing such IaaS service and person using it gets benefitted. IaaS allows any company or individual business to develop on demand. Other two services, PaaS and SaaS are created inside IaaS.

  • PaaS (platform as a service):

    These cloud types get created by specialists inside the IaaS service which provides users to access the deployment and scalability of application trivial. There are various companies which provide such services. The main benefit of using this service is that you can easily initiate the application regardless of the fact how less money you have.