The Importance of NetBase’s Social Media Analysis Capacity

One of the most important things to keep in mind in this day and age when marketing a product is how receptive different social media platforms are to your business. This is something that can be figured out through a process called social media analysis, and social media analysis require some of the most trained marketers in the workforce to operate properly.

Because of this, NetBase has created a service to aid businesses in monitoring social media. Their platform is one which stands to improve the relationship the world at large has with the Internet. Although we have progressed so far as a species in recent years, our inability to properly fit technology into our businesses can be extremely frustrating. NetBase created their service for the individuals who want to overcome this frustration.

Throughout the time of their running, NetBase has done essentially this. They have provided people with a means to break down the information your social media is pumping out 24/7 without you even realizing. One of the greatest advantages of marketing in the modern day is that you can get real statistics for consumer interaction seamlessly through the Internet. Utilizing technology this way is what the inventors of the technology we use had in mind when they created it; we ought to respect their wishes and do our best to integrate their technology where it fits, and when it does fit, we must integrate it properly.

This is one of the primary concerns of NetBase. They consider social media analysis to be extremely important for this reason. A business that is unaware of all the information they can attain from it is far more likely to end up failing or going to the wayside than one that is on top of it. It really is that important; having proper social media analysis will either make or break your business.

While it can be scary to approach all the new technologies of the modern world and let go of those less useful, it is a leap that is necessary for development. Without taking that leap, we will never be able to be at the forefront of invention. Technological advancements require integration to be able to receive the input necessary to improve. All we can do as citizens to steady this process along is to utilize services like NetBase and try to integrate them into our daily business lives.

Besides their ability to deliver a fantastic service to customers, NetBase has a history of extremely generous and well thought-out philanthropic efforts. When they donate, they do not simply want to throw money at an organization; they want to create something that will continue to provide joy for many generations to come. This is, in essence, the goal of their company at large. So, when they participate in philanthropy, they do so in a way that is genuinely impactful. This is due to the fact that they know that spending their time to help others will always be a good decision.

Their altruistic tendencies are rooted in the very center of their business, and no one can take that much away from them. They clearly have the intention of furthering the business of social media analysis, so it is hard to knock them for their efforts. After all, without them, we would be lightyears behind where we currently stand along the line of improvement for social media analysis. The amount of effort they have provided the community with is incredible, and the fact that they will continue to do so for many years to come is extremely exciting for the future of social media in business.


Why Video is the Best Tool for Growing Instagram Followers

Video marketing isn’t just for Brands with big budgets seeking to grow Instagram followers. An estimated 81% of businesses of all sizes used video as a marketing strategy in 2018. But Instagram makes video marketing much more accessible for small businesses, thanks to innovations like Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and having the ability to post an Instagram video to their feeds.

Reasons to Create Instagram Videos

Even though photos are the more common format used on Instagram, a video has gained a lot of traction. As a matter of fact, engagement statistics for video has risen at a faster rate than photos, increasing 53% over the past year. Other than helping businesses grow their Instagram followers, there are several additional reasons to invest in video. One of the primary being that video makes it possible to share in-depth, complex, stories that can’t a single image simply can’t convey.

The Technical Specifications Instagram Videos

Here are the technical specifications you’ll need to know about to create your Instagram videos.

Video format to use: MP4

Length: The ideal length of video on Instagram is 3 to 60 seconds

Video size: At this time Instagram doesn’t have a set limit on video file size, however, it is recommended to keep them under 50MB

Positioning: Choices include square, portrait, and landscape

The aspect ratio needs to be a minimum of 1.91:1 with a maximum of 4:5

Here are the two primary ways you can create or upload videos to Instagram

Upload a Pre-Recorded Instagram Video

The most common way to use video on Instagram is to upload a pre-recorded video.  To do this, just tap the “+” button, choose the “Library” option located on the left, bottom corner of the screen. Once you find the right video on your phone or other cameras, you can either share it with a square aspect ratio (the default) or tap the “dimensions” icon to see the full-sized image. Another option would be to create a carousel post that features multiple videos.  To do this, tap the “album” icon located on the right side of the screen.

Shoot a Video Using the Instagram App

It’s fairly uncommon for businesses to shoot videos using the Instagram app. If you’d like to give it a try, tap the “+” located at the bottom of the screen and select the “Video” option. To record, press and hold the circular button in the center of the screen. As you record, you’ll notice the progress bar that will let you know how long the video you’re recording is. Once the progress bar has reached the 3-second mark it’s at a point where it can be shared on Instagram.

Once you’re happy with how your video is laid out, try using filters, add a cover photo, add a caption, and publish.

Whether you’re trying to get Instagram followers, promote products, educate your target audience, or build awareness regarding a campaign, videos are the way to go.


Business Process Management: The Real Meaning As Understood

This might be your first time when you are actually heading for Business Process management. It is mainly a discipline in the current operational management, known for using so many methods for discovering, modeling, measuring, analyzing, improving, optimizing and even automating business processes. The main aim of this management model is to improve the performance rate of an organization by managing all the mandatory business procedures. Any method combination, used for managing the business processes of a company is stated to be BPM. Processes have the abilities to get structured and repeated or even made variable and unstructured. If not required, the technologies are mostly enabled with the help of BPM.

Different from other programs:

The services can be differentiated from the management of the program if that is associated with the management of a group of some inter-dependable projects. From another set of viewpoint, process management solely includes some other categories under program management. In this management regard, process management is mostly used as the repeated procedure for improving the current outcome of the projects in question. For some of the best business management procedures, you can always head towards Valueblue and get to the core of the values right now and without fail of course.

As the best approach:

For the rightful approach around here, BPM is mostly stated to be a procedure, which is a mandatory asset of the organization as it can be. It has to be managed, understood and even developed for announcing and delivering value-based services and products to customers or clients. This approach is known to resemble some of the continual improvement procedures or total quality management. The procedure further promotes process approach for managing a firm properly. So, always head for the best names in the market and get hands on their quality services right from first till last.


7 Women Making Waves in the Vacation Rental Industry

Unlike many other markets connected to travel, business in the short-term travel industry is booming. The industry is seemingly endless in terms of companies involved, services offered, software, providers, and properties, with an even more extensive list of needs and demands from vacationers. In such a vast marketplace it becomes necessary for service providers to try and solve some of the industry’s largest problems, and when game-changers rise to the top they certainly deserve a notice.

Among the people who have made the most impact on the industry in recent months are seven note-worthy women. These women are helping the grow the industry by assisting small business owners, training providers in the field and pushing boundaries that dictate how far a newcomer to the industry can go. Here are those women with a few notes on their achievements and accomplishments published by Lodgify.

Amy Hinote

Amy Hinote is responsible for a campaign within the travel industry that was able to reach more than 18 million consumers. The purpose of the campaign was to teach travelers about the positives that come from working directly with the property owners themselves. The well-known founder and editor of VRM Intel Magazine have had a direct impact on the success of private vacation rental owners.

Jessica Gillingham

Jessica Gillingham is becoming known for her ability to apply her skills as a PR professional to the short-term travel industry. It wasn’t long ago when Jessica decided to devote more of her time to helping property owners get their names out to the public, and since she began Gillingham has presented at several large conferences and written educational articles in popular industry magazines.

Heather Bayer

Within the vacation rental industry, there are few women as well-known as Heather Bayer. She has been working in the industry for more than 20 years and is always ready to answer questions and challenges that her fans propose to her. Heather is a regular writer on Cottage Blogger and she also runs a podcast designed to help rental property owners and managers become better at what they do.

Tyann Marcink

In today’s do-it-yourself approach to business, there are many different aspects of a vacation rental business that need to be considered. Tyann Marcink, a famous vacation rental photographer, shows everyone in the industry how to achieve the best results when it comes to showcasing their properties online in picture form. Tyann is the co-founder of VR Mastered and Vacation Rental Bootcamp.

Kellie Bentz

It is no secret how far Airbnb’s reach extends throughout the world. The short-term vacation rental platform operates in countries all over the world and has hosted in almost every major city. Kellie Bentz recognized an opportunity to help those in need and became Airbnb’s Head of Global Disaster Response and Relief, a position that allowed her to assist more than 3000 people affected by disasters around the world.

Mercedes Brennan

One of the best ways to achieve the highest possible levels of desirability for a vacation rental is to make it look great and to ensure that guest comfort is well considered. As the creator of the popular design strategy website, 1 Chic Retreat, Mercedes teaches property owners how to get the most of their properties, and her work as done wonders for a great many people in the industry.

Vanessa De Souza Lage

Industry leaders in the field of vacation rentals would be able to tell you that the invite-only VRTech events are a big deal. The meetups aim to educate property owners in best practices for their businesses and can prove to be a true life-saver for people looking to become successful in the vacation rental industry. Vanessa de Souza Lage is the founder of VRTech and it seems she is only becoming more influential as time goes.


Establish Yourself as a Trusted Source

I just finished my first article and in it, I wrote about the importance of listening as a means to determine consumer demand. From a marketing standpoint, particularly a blog marketing standpoint, this is truly the “goose that laid the golden egg”. Because of the need for big retailers to market to a mass audience, the opportunity for online marketers (including personal bloggers) to take advantage of being able to market yourself as a trusted source has never been better than it is now.

Planning a marketing strategy

All over the world, consumers have become much more savvy, in that they recognize the need for value. Consumers now consider the value of an item or service in addition to price and preference in any buying decisions they make.

That’s an important aspect to take into consideration when planning a marketing strategy. Does your product or service provide both value and affordability? Does it solve a problem or need? These are the questions you must ask yourself. And you have got to be honest with yourself as you answer these questions.

The answers you come up with may be profitable in the short term, but what about the long-term? Will your customers trust you enough to purchase from you again? Therein lies the secret, in my humble opinion.

This secret is something I’ve touch on before and likely will again. Actually, it’s not really a secret. Establishing relationships with people is something all of us does on a daily basis. It’s the same in terms of blog marketing. Just as you would take the recommendation of a product or service from a friend offline, so to would you take the recommendation of an online friend. People are more likely to be comfortable making a purchase on the recommendation of a trusted source. That’s a marketing principle, in my opinion, that can be applied to any type of blog, be it personal or otherwise.


What does it take?

How do you become that trusted source?

That go-to guy/girl?

You do that by being real in all that you do, both online and off. I believe it’s the personal touch that’s been missing for too long. My blog (and by extension, myself), for example, is becoming what I mean by “trusted source”. Eli @ Business Sphere is another example of a blog that I, as well as many others, consider being a trusted source. Becoming a trusted source isn’t really a difficult thing to become, but it does take some work.

While there are many ways for one to do this, the way I’ve chosen is to share with you my journey to online success, by providing valuable information in my posts, like this one, freely as I learn how to get to where I want to be. And, although I know I’ve missed an email or two from readers, I read all and answer 99{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} of comments and try to foster comment debate (although I will admit that I’ve not been that successful in doing so :P). I make myself available to my readers if they have questions or a problem they need to resolve. By taking a personal interest in other people’s lives, albeit online is my way.

That’s all I have for today.

I hope this finds you having a great day/night.

 Article Credit: Bravr


What Factors Affect Your Social Media Marketing the Most?

The potential of social media is not only limited to personal use anymore. Instead, it is being used to amplify your business via social platforms. Connecting with your audience, engaging with them and offering them the services that you were not able to offer through your website is what can be a productive affair for your business.

But it’s not all about handling social platforms and replying to your audience. Many factors affect your social media marketing and that matters a lot for your business.  So, here are some factors that you should keep in your mind and build your strategy accordingly.

Understanding User Behavior:

If you dig into your social platforms, you will be able to understand the user-behaviour and their expectations from your brand. But even though, you are not capable of delivering the same, will be a negative aspect of your brand. Most of the time, SMM expert avoid understanding user-behaviour that lacks them fruitful results.

Optimizing Content, Images & Links:

Whenever you are using the social platform as a brand, it’s important to consider every part of the social media as a benefits package that can help you amplify your business and sales. But for many, optimizing content images and links is worthless. However, considering them brings a huge difference in your conversion rate.

Avoiding Variety for the Audience:

Every social media platform offers multiple formats to boost your user-engagement, but most of the brands avoid them. Offering versatile ways to engage with their brand not only increase customer attention towards your brand but also develops a viral content for the users.

Consistency Matters:

For every business, the most important factor is consistency. Whatever you are offering to your customers, must be offered consistently. Similarly on the social platform, whenever you share some ideas, new releases build your consistency in offering the same to your audience. Lack of consistency will go negative against your business popularity.

Quality Maintenance:

Posting during heap hours doesn’t mean that you are working well and is productive for your business. What matters is the quality that you are maintaining on the social media. If you stick to the quantity and avoid heeding on quality, it will be hard for you to achieve progress.

Only Posting, No Entertaining:

There are many business profiles on social media which are only focused on posting on their social walls, regardless of user queries flooded on their wall and expecting the response. It’s highly important to entertain your customers and assist them in resolving their queries to increase your trust among the users.

For all your digital and social needs, get in touch with Web Presence. It’s important to hire a trustworthy firm which is well-experienced in handling offshore projects and deal with multiple obstacles within the business promotion. So, what is your viewpoint on these factors that affect your social media marketing? Do you have any other important fact that also affects the SMM to a high extend? Share your ideas and comment in the comment section below.


Why Would You Want To Buy Instagram Followers When You Can Get Them For Free?

This is true that you can make your own set of followers without paying money to others; all you need is a little more motivation. You will need to do some of the things like posting new images more often to engage other users with contents which are unique and different from others. Also, if you can tag your posts to other social media, that’s going to help you to solve the problem of how to get free Instagram followers.

Getting followers the right way

You can get free Instagram followers in the following ways:

1. Add interesting information to your profile:

Editing your profile and making it interesting to people reading it is an art and it is also essential if you want to get followers. Your profile should contain a link to your business website or link to other social media where you actively participate. It should also have information about the business you are doing and positive things about it. And last but not least, your profile should have a handle that is attractive and memorable.

2. Linking social media accounts:

This can be done by going to the Settings menu and then clicking Linked Accounts tab. If you link your social media with each other then automatically people who like you in one platform will start following you in other platforms too if they use that platform and therefore the number of people who viewed your posts will increase.

3. Content theme:

To make your followers stay with you and not get distracted you should use come up with a good theme, like sports, education, fitness, cooking etc.

4. Post as often as you can:

You should make a habit of posting at least one post each day, seven days of a week. You should take care of the following things while posting images:

  • Change your content of the image but do not change your theme.
  • Constantly different contents should be posted.
  • The best time of posting for getting a maximum view is 5.00 PM EST.

5. Be interactive:

Try to interact with other Instagram users. You should follow other users and their links and also comment on their posts and slowly they will also do the same for you. This will build a relationship between you and other users. It also solves the problem of how to get free Instagram followers

6. Don’t avoid others feedback:

Give an ear to all feedbacks and be nice to the critics. This will make you do better with your next posts.


Common Challenges That You Can Beat With Social Media Marketing

Promoting brand on a social media platform has turned into a serious business. Given the monumental impact that social media has on the mindsets of prospective buyers, it has become a thing of wisdom to hire experts to tap the most from social media connection. Also, social media marketing has fool-proof answers to various everyday challenges that a brand faces on his way to becoming a household name. Discussed here are a few of them.

1. Weak traffic size

 When anything and everything is being searched upon online, digital space has become the most trustable place where brands must register their presence. Social media marketing strategies help you draw traffic to your online property. So, serve the audience with what they want after thorough research and create content that is user-friendly in true sense. Once you achieve this, you can absolutely be sure of improving the traffic.

2. Poor customer retention

 Acquiring a customer is any time costlier than retaining one. Developing social relationship with the prospective customers is important to keep the ‘hot’ leads around. And, with coordinated attempts involving re-targeting etc., you can hope for increase in conversions too.

3. Unawareness about brand

 Social media marketing techniques like hashtags when used in time-relevant manner rather than the promotional one create more ripples than any conventional advertising method. So, talk what customers can easily identify with; it definitely helps create brand awareness.

4. Dismal customer service

If social media is the platform where you find your customers the most of the times, then cash this window as a medium to address their issues. Equipping social media teams with answers and solutions to customer queries can prove to be effective in bringing consistency at all levels of interaction with the customers.

So, social media marketing is certainly a promising tool that can help you gain more of customers’ trust and better market share eventually.


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This Company Does Everything a Client Needs for Mobile Marketing

Curdex is a company that is in the field of mobile app development as well as design. They have developed over 60 apps for their clients in Canada. These clients are all different types and include:

  • Dealerships for autos
  • Pubs that are local
  • Local restaurantsIt does not matter what your business is, this company can build an app that is everything you need and will exceed your needs and expectations.

Curdex Media

At Curdex Media they will let their work show how creative this company is. They develop mobile apps of high-quality. They also can develop:

  • Mobile websites
  • Graphic design
  • Videos
  • Campaigns for ‘search engine optimization’

No waste of time

This company also works quickly. For an example, their apps take less than ten days to go from signed contract to the app stores. They know what needs to be done and they get it done quickly.

Exceed expectations

At this company, they go out of their way to not just meet and exceed your expectations. They are extremely good at what they do and they will give you the very best work all of the time. Click here for further information

Correct marketing solutions

At Curdex Media, they provide the correct marketing solution based on your services, products and needs. They offer a full menu of digital services, and are able to help any company at any stage of the buying cycle. It does not matter if yourneed is to keep clients through mobile apps and marketing for social media, this company does it all.

Images tells it all

This company believes that images tell a story. They assure you they will incorporate beautiful imagery into the project they are doing for you so that your business will stand out to the world.

Mobile searches

In early 2015, mobile searches became more than desktop searches in frequency. Websites that are not optimized for mobile service were penalized by Google as they do not offer the optimal experience for clients or customers who were looking for a company like yours. So it is important to upgrade your site to a mobile ready website and it is easy and very affordable.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is also needed to be found in the digital age we are in. This company can help you get your webpages and website to the top using an on-page and off-page SEO optimization techniques and strategies. Your return on investment with SEO is huge and this company can get you there.

Content does matter

At the very least your content does matter to them and needs to be able to be accessible anytime, and anywhere. This company does it all.