How to Protect Your Android Phone from Being Hacked

For those who haven’t heard of phone hacking, it’s a real thing and your personal information is at risk. No matter which Android phone model you have, hackers can steal data from your phone or inject a malware. Mobile programming is very similar to web programming and hackers are experts in programming. A seemingly harmless app can make your phone vulnerable to malicious attacks. Just like PC, your phone also needs antivirus software to fight against hacking. Here we discuss some steps to protect your phone from hacking attempt.

Lock your phone

Locking your phone will reduce chances of misuse. Although this is a preliminary step and it won’t offer much protection from a hacking attempt, it will, however, prevent misuse.

Turn automatic updates on

Android phones have this setting turned on by default, but many people turn it off as it affects performance. This is a big mistake because your firmware needs to be up to date to protect you from security threats.

Activate location services

Location services consume memory, so people tend to keep it off. But if you remove unwanted apps from your phone, then there would be more than enough memory left for location services to run smoothly. Android device manager relies on location services to trace your phone using IMEI. There are also online tools for locating Samsung phones by IMEI, see Samsung IMEI Info here. This is helpful in case your phone is lost or stolen and you want to prevent hackers from accessing your data.

Install apps only from trusted sources

This is probably the most important thing you can do to prevent hacking. Downloading apps from Samsung store is the safest. If you are going to install apps from third-party sites, ensure that the app has many installs with positive reviews from other users. Hackers exploit shady apps to inject a virus or steal data, so you should be very careful about what you install. An easy way to tell if the app is malicious is if it asks for access to personal information during install.

Do not respond to messages from unknown sources

This is another way that hackers use to capture data from your phone. They will send you a bait message containing some link. If you click the link, the hackers will also receive personal data from your phone. This method has been widely used on the web for years but now hackers have started exploiting it on smartphones too.

Avoid connecting your phone via unsecured WiFi

This kind of threat is common on PC & Laptop and your antivirus software will trigger a warning the moment you try to connect your phone to an unsecured connection. Android phones also have this vulnerability. Hackers only need an access point, doesn’t matter if it is via internet or SMS.


Top 3 Advantages of Picking Blog Themes from a Professional

You have made the choice of going digital in your advertising efforts, great! But, the next challenge lies in what to do to make digital branding campaign completely aligned with your business idea. Driving traffic through blogs has come out as a proven way of generating revenue. This increase in traffic is largely attributed to picking the blog theme that goes with the business idea in complete sync. This is possible if you rope in a professional or visit a professional provider of premium WordPress blog themes. Here is how it helps.

1. Been there, done that

Professional WordPress blog theme compilers have done extensive research on consumer behavior. They know what is going to work with a target audience. And therefore, the themes solutions provided by them garner a response in no time. Thus, to extract the benefits from a professional’s experience, one can pick from the collection instead of creating one.

2. Great time-saver

Readymade solution work magically when timelines are short and there are loads to achieve in less time. So, finding wisely some shortcuts is not a bad idea in such cases. Using themes developed by professionals can help you concentrate on other aspects and save time in designing campaign.

3. Wide range of choices

Your mind will have limited abilities and there will be the dearth of perspective after a certain period of time. But, the professionals involved in theme designing work day in and day out and they derive a lot from community support bringing insane variety to choices they offer. Thus, you will be provided with the best of the themes to choose from and it would make your road to a successful blog shorter and sweeter.

So, try your luck with professional WordPress blog theme providers and see for yourself the ultimate results going to them delivers.


All You Need To Know About Graphic Design

Graphic design is a visual communication method of combining text, pictures, and symbols to promote various types of messages, ideas, and solve problems. The term is also referred to as communication design, visual communication, or commercial design.

Graphic Design application

Every commercial product has some type of graphic design. In fact, its application reaches far beyond advertising, packaging, or branding. It’s used on road signs, technical schematics, illustrations. It can be seen in scientific journals, newspapers as a représentation of facts or opinions through a thoughtful composition of visual information. You will also find it in the entertainment industry in scenery, decorations. The application of graphic design spans wide in all sectors and on almost anything manmade.

Understanding Graphic Design

Graphic design Newcastle offers commercial design solutions to businesses by targeting, convincing and converting potential customers. They do that through a creative intelligent marketing with graphic design.

Implementing graphic design necessitate many different skills. Some design require the intervention of two, three, or more experts each contributing a particular skill set. For example, having artistic skills and complementing with someone having technical skills and able to use design software.

Visual communication follows certain principles. It creates awareness that is effective and eye-catching. A great design incorporates some or all of the following principles.

  • Balance:

    This involves giving equal weight to elements that constitue the design. It can be either symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial.

  • Movement:

    Through movement, it captures the attention of the audience to organically follow the composition of the information.

  • Unity:

    A harmonious effect of elements giving wholeness to the conception

  • Contrast:

    Sometimes also know as chaotic agreement. Contrast highlights key items while simultaneously keeping the harmonious effect.

Graphic designing illustrate a vision. A designer would understand the need of a client, then plan, analyze and communicate that need through visual communication. He/she would consider cognitive, physical, cultural and social factors in the planning. Generally, graphic designers skill’s include artistic skills, communication skills, technical skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills. A graphic designer creates a layout or sketch, either by hand or using a computer and combines a set of colors, sound, artwork, animation, and other elements depending on the type of design to illustrate the client’s vision.


The Top Tools And Resources For Web Designers

As a web designer, knowing which tools to use for your projects can save you time and effort while helping you create more professional and impressive websites. Many of the tasks that were once best performed manually can now be delegated to apps, plugins, and online tools that shave hours off your workload. Invest a few minutes into checking out these awesome tools and resources for web designers to give your projects a boost in efficiency and creativity.

1. Atomic

Atomic is a cloud-based prototyping platform that lets web designers share their works-in-progress with developers and other design experts. This is a great tool for getting a second set of eyes on your work before uploading it to your web host. Atomic contains several point and click tools that allow for adjustments, resizing, and moving the elements of your design around to help you see how your site will look its best.

2. FlatIcon

Whether you’re just starting out as a web designer, or you’re an expert designer creating new sites regularly, you’ll find the free icon packs at FlatIcon tremendously useful. There are over 10,000 sets of icons hosted on this site for use on your own websites and other digital designs. Bring coherency and a touch of creativity to your design by including custom icon packs from FlatIcon in your interfaces. All of the icons found in this web resource are free.

3. Font Inspector

This free tool is indispensable for designers who want to locate the names and properties of fonts found on the web. To use this tool you must have FireFox and enable add-ons. Font Inspector takes the work out of tracking down font types and names, and brings you an instant of analysis of the fonts found on any webpage.

4. Smush

Smush is a plugin for designers using WordPress hosting that helps compress and optimize images and photos on your website. This will help you keep in align with current SEO practices that seem to favor efficient image compression. This free tool that functions right in your WordPress admin panel can save you from having to scale and modify the dimensions of your site’s images manually in Photoshop.

5. CodePen

CodePen is popular among web designers for its online work-sharing platform that lets you get social input from fellow designers and industry experts. CodePen lets you browse and upload projects, and has thousands of existing code and design examples to draw inspiration from. Many of the projects found on CodePen are free to use or replicate on your own site as well, just be sure to read the licensing and sharing limitations for each project.

6. FontFlame

FontFlame is a great resource for web designers, it allows users to find fonts that match and pair well with other fonts. Having font diversity throughout your website and apps can make your text more interesting and improve your overall interface. Take the work out of trying to pair fonts side by side across the web by matching them up in this convenient and easy to use web app.

7. TinyMCE Advanced

This online tool was made for web designers with WordPress hosting. It helps by extending your visual editor in WordPress so you can more easily make changes to your site from the frontend. This is a great tool for web designers who don’t want to use coding and backend work to make simple changes on the site’s main interface.

8. CSS Nectar

CSS Nectar is a great resource for web designers who are looking for inspiration and design ideas. This online resource contains a gallery of design concepts and websites that fellow designers can vote up or down. This will help you crowd-source for input on your current designs and find impressive designs to draw inspiration from. Bookmark this resource and check it regularly to watch for trends in web design.

9. Bootstrap Studio

Many web designers prefer to work with point and click interfaces, as coding is often outside of the design requisite. The absence of a strong grasp on CSS and HTML syntax shouldn’t preclude you from being able to use one of the most powerful design and development tools available: Bootstrap, and now it doesn’t have to. The Bootstrap Studio design tool allows you to edit Bootstrap through a drag and drop interface with a very small learning curve.

10. FreePik

FreePik has an online database of thousands of free vector images for commercial and personal use. Web designers at all skill levels delve into the categorized collection of vector images on this website to find scalable solutions for mobile and responsive websites. The images contained at FreePik can be easily edited in Adobe Illustrator, as they are formatted in the .AI file type.

These tools and resources will help you with every part of your design projects ranging from graphic design to typography. Download the free vector and icon image sets to have on reserve when you need them most, and make use of the cloud-sharing tools to share your prototypes with others. These resources were hand picked for quality and usefulness and using them will put you in the ranks of some of the top web designers who keep them in their design tool kits.


Getting the Best Out of the Ubiatar Telepresence System

There are many people out there who are not having any idea as to what is telepresence and how to get the best out of it overall. It needs to be understood that telepresence or teleporting has long been a fascinating subject that has caught the attention of many. It has been brought to life with the help of a novel, new and inventive concept called Ubiatar Play which helps connecting people through mobile device to get that they want and to do what they wish to.

In this specific system, there is a ‘usar’ and an ‘avatar’ who carries out the directions of the usar and get things done. It includes extensive series of activities like doing something, being at a specific location, opening and closing doors, taking elevator, activate something, talk to someone and a lot of such interesting activities.

Sitting the comfort of your house, you can choose to be anywhere in the world with the help of this stunning solution system. The Usar would hire an avatar for a specific pay and would get things done as expected. It is up to a specific avatar to accept or deny a specific work to be carried out. With this system, it is quite possible to reach out to any capital city, visit a specific place like museum, tourist spot, and theatre, enquire something or talk something to someone, collect a specific thing, activate a specific machine and many such important ranges of activities.

It includes any sort of legal business or leisure activities. It is also possible to create a group of avatar along with a logo, company name and post it in the human network environment. Parties who are interested to become avatar can create and upload their profile providing where they are, what they wish to do for usars, what all they are comfortable with and many such interesting things. If you want to be part of this stunning and interesting concept, you can get the ICO which would provide you direct access to the market through a token which in turn gives you equity over it.


Use the AVCHD Converter to Convert and Import Video Files

AVCHD Converter will enable users of Windows to convert and import video files with AVCHD, AVCHD lite, MTS, M2TS, TRP, TP, TS extension files to Window Movie Maker format such a WMV, AVI, MPG, MKV. There is also an AVCHD converter for mac. For windows, this software product will convert AVCHD files to all the standard windows format including:

  • WMV
  • MKV
  • AVI
  • MPG
  • MP4
  • FLV
  • MOV

You also will be able to import any AVCHD files to any of the professional editing software such as:

  • DVD Maker
  • Sony Vegas

Video editing features

You will be able to take the converted video to edit– features of video editing include:

  • Crop
  • Clip
  • Apply effect
  • Set parameter for output
  • Merge
  • Snapshot


  • AVCHD converter will convert AVCHD movies to more popular formats for both Mac or Window operating systems. This video converter will support batch converting of AVCHD, M2TS, MTS, TRP, TS, TP video to popular windows formats such as AVI, MOV, WMV, DV, MKV, FLV, MPG/MPEG and many more of the popular formats for windows.

  • Extract Audio part of AVCHD video files. Supports extraction of audio from AVCHD files or other formats and save as AC3, AAC, AMR, WMA, MKA, M4A, MP2, MP3, etc, and you will be able to convert these audio for use on Mac or Windows.

Add to your multimedia skills

If you want to add this capability to your ability to do multimedia editing, you should consider getting this AVCHD converter – especially if you are editing video as a profession. You want to be able to convert just about anything that a client might bring to edit and this is one more thing that you will be able to do.

More clients

The more you can do in the multimedia studio the more clients will keep coming to you for all their video editing work. This software is not that expensive and there is also free version to download. Being able to do that one thing other multimedia professionals can’t do and quickly your name will move to the top of the list of who others will recommend.


Benefits of Data Recovery Software’s

Have you at any point experienced a circumstance where your hard drive shortly slammed and you’ve lost exceptionally vital documents and information? This is a genuinely normal event and occurs because of overheating of the circle, despicable framework shutdown, manual cancellation of information and numerous others. Did you realize that you can recuperate all or the greater part of the lost records utilizing reasonable recovery strategies?

Contingent upon the effect of information misfortune or hard drive malfunction, information recovery programming is executed to correct the impact. With mechanical headways, various choices exist in the information recovery advertise.

Important points of Data Recovery Software


It recoups lost or corrupted information right away. The procedure is brisk, proficient and reestablishes information in a matter of minutes.

Financially suitable:

It is reasonable and comes tweaked for fundamental home administrations to top of the line undertaking administrations.


They have answers for each sort of information misfortune and devoted to different sorts of capacity media, which says a lot about its flexibility.

Online accessibility:

Home and venture clients can buy and download a duplicate of information recovery programming specifically from its maker’s site with no bother.

Lifetime support and utility:

Users can benefit lifelong help and utilities subsequent to acquiring the product. You can likewise utilize its utilities as long as you utilize the product.

Categories of Data Recovery Software

Remembering the business affect made by information misfortune, researchers and specialists have created different sorts of recovery programming utilized for different media. This procedure is a developing one and item advancements are frequent. The different sorts of media where information recovery programming is executed are:


Computerized Cameras

Memory Cards

Pen Drives

Hard Drives

FAT (File Allocation Table)

Ventures to Prevent Data Loss utilizing Data Recovery Software

Information misfortune can be limited, all things considered, utilizing appropriate and vital information recovery methodology. Some of them are recorded here:

Take reinforcements of terrifically critical information frequently and document it likewise.

The product must interface legitimately with the power surge interface and synchronize in a consistent way. A decent antivirus program ought to be introduced and keep running all the time.

All messages and downloaded documents must be checked for infection, spyware and other malware. So you can keep mac data recovery software is all about good for your business and company. You no need to worry to insert huge data in your computers and hard drives with safe and secure data recovery software’s.


How to Easily Synchronize Android Photo Gallery with Mac by Using Syncmate

In the tech-savvy world, file synchronization has become one of the trends among the mobile and computer users.  This is a process to make sure that your computer file or Smartphone data is located in more than one device. However, synchronizing a Smartphone with Mac computer is not easy, if you do not use the most functional and effective tool. iTunes, iCal and photos are some of the important apps that you may want to synchronize with your Mac PC. As there is no Sync Service in Mac Operating System, lots of software developers have attempted to solve the problem. You may now get a number of Mac synchronization apps in the present market. And one of them is SyncMate, the best software to sync Mac with Android.

Guide to sync your Android images with Mac

Though the software allows synchronization of all files, we have now presented a guide for syncing photos. We like to shoot photos with our devices. Our computers and mobiles have lots of downloaded photos, screenshots and other received pictures. At times, you cannot remember whether the particular picture is on your Mac folder or mobile. Thus, by using one of the best software to synchronize Android with Mac, you may get the advantage of seeing all the photos on both your devices.

  • Download the software and get it installed on Mac computer. For syncing photos, you have to use an Expert version of the app, and thus, and an upgrading is essential to access the feature.
  • At the left-hand side, you can find the option- Add New. Click on it to pick your device. Set a connection of Mac to this device.
  • The + sign button is present at the top section. Go through the list to select Photos option.  Mention all the parameters for synchronization
  • You may also alter the settings of conversion for the photos
  • After setting these parameters, you can hit Sync button to accomplish the task

Thus, these are some steps for photo synchronization with the help of the software. You may control photo album by accessing the main window of the app. Or, it is also easy to create a different album. The app helps in synchronizing Mac computer not only with any Android phone but also with iPhone or other iOS devices and online storage, like Dropbox or iCloud. So, get the app, by visiting the site.



If you are developing an application or software, you will want to keep your network safe so that potential hackers can’t steal information from you or your software users. In this article, you will learn how hackers are able to steal information from unsecure networks and a few ways you can keep your network secure.


If you use the internet often, you know that there are secured and unsecured networks. Unfortunately, many places that offer free, public WiFi are places where hackers can lurk and steal your data or information including your address, phone number, identifying information, and even payment information.

Historic leaks of information from hackers include the Ashley Madison hack, where thousands of the site’s users were exposed for using the site for extra-marital affairs. The hackers shared private information belonging to the users, like their credit card information, home address, and first and last names.

Because of the overwhelming threat of hackers stealing information, it is always important for you to keep your network safe. If hackers are able to gain access to your users’ information, the fallout will be catastrophic and will cost you money and users. Here are a few tips to keeping your network secure:


If you’re worried about hackers infiltrating your network, you should consider putting a password on it. This limits access to third-parties who are not interested in your software, but instead want to farm information that they can sell or abuse for their own profit.

All networks generally come with a password and username. Change both when you have access to your network. Hackers are less likely to waste time trying to hack your network if it secured.


Instead of risking a virus, Trojan, ransomware, spyware, or worm attack, be proactive and install an antivirus or antimalware software to detect them. These programs scan for malware upon entry and continuously track files following a detection to find anomalies, remove malware, and fix any damage.


These systems, known as IPS, scan network traffic to block cyber-attacks. Having this system is a good way to prepare ahead of time for a potential hacking attack.


VPNs, or virtual private networks, allow users to securely access a private network to share data remotely through public networks. Keeping your company’s information on a private network is always good practice. It makes it more difficult for hackers to gain access and share information with the world.


If you’re a business owner, you need to keep your customer’s information confidential with some form of application security. This normally calls for hardware and software. However, no matter if the application’s security is provided by your own staff or purchased, it can always contain holes or vulnerabilities.

Patch software allows you to remotely update windows patches. This will detect any potential security issues and fix the problem immediately to prevent someone hacking into your network and stealing information.


No guarantor personal loan for you

A personal loan is a debt taken by a person to fulfill his personal needs, goals, and aspiration. Youth who has no credit history or people with bad credit history find difficulty in getting a loan. Unsecured personal loans bad credit no guarantor is a smart and creative loan for them. The instant personal loan can be available to you within 24 hours of filling a form. Generally, the rate of interest on such loan is high. Under no guarantor personal loan, the contract is only between lender and borrower unlike in personal loan with a guarantee. The lender will check your identity proof and your capacity to repay the loan. Financial nightmares are worst and hence loans with no guarantor are the great source of medium to overcome short financial difficulties. You also do not have to waste your time in finding a guarantor to your loan. Repaying the short term personal loan can also improve your credit rating.

Rates on personal loan

The interest rate on an instant personal loan is quite high. Your personal financial circumstances and source of money play an important role in deciding the interest rate on loans with no guarantee. The loan with guarantee has a low rate of interest and you can take a comparatively higher amount of loan. But under personal loan with no guarantee and poor credit history, loan amount sanctioned for you will be less and with a high rate of interest. You can choose between the two types of interest rate: variable interest and fixed interest. Under variable interest rate, a rate of interest fluctuates depending upon the market condition. Under a fixed rate of interest, the interest rate remains the same throughout the time period of a loan. It is suggested that one should take a loan at a fixed rate of interest.

An instant personal loan with bad credit

This type of loan carries huge risk for the lender and as a result, the rate of interest on such loans is pretty high. You can apply for an instant personal loan just by sitting at home. All you need to do is to search for a credible site which is government approved. Go to the bank’s or company’s website and fill the form. The form requires you to fill your personal detail. The confidentiality of the credentials entered by you in the form will be maintained by the lender. After filling the form wait for lender’s response, IF your online application for a loan gets processed, you will get loan amount directly in your within few hours.

Want to learn more? Just visit the website.