Segmentation of the Full-Automatic Industrial Sewing Machine Market 2020

Industrial sewing machines are in high demand in the modern world. Numerous manufacturing objects are equipped with overlock, interlock models, flat-seamers, and other sewing items. Semi-automatic and fully-automatic units simplify and speed up shirring, sewing, scissor-cutting, and stitching processes.

Industrial Sewing Machine Market in the Period of Coronavirus Pandemic

In spite of the coronavirus outbreak, the sewing machine market is developing and continues its modernization. According to the latest research data, the most demandable type of the industrial sewing machine is of robotic type. It allows manufacturers using pre-programmed patterns for various sewing purposes:

  • Decorative stitching;
  • Label setting;
  • Fabric folding;
  • Shirring;
  • Scissors cutting;
  • Other industrial processes.

The first industrial sewing machines with fully-automated options appeared in 2018. This year became the year of introducing robotic-based models into the global sewing industry. In 2019 the market of fully-automatic industrial sewing machines increased significantly – Asian, American, and European brands started to offer models with software automation.

The growth of the market became slower in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, the rampant development in the previous 2 years, makes available market size estimation and its segmentation as well.

Segmentation of the Modern Market: Fully-Automatic Industrial Sewing Machines

The main aim of the modern robotic sewing models is to turn most of the handle-hand processes into automatic ones. All the available fully-automatic industrial sewing machines are distinct in:

  • Type (general, special-task, decorative machines);
  • Application (apparel, footwear, garment, others);
  • Brands (global industrial players like Brother, Singer, Juki, Gemsy, Lowry, Sunstar, etc.).

With the help of the following partitioning data, it is possible to analyze the global marketplace area and the way of its expansion. The maximal growing point of the market is expected to be in 2025.

Experts predict that more than 45% of global textile, footwear, clothing, and accessory manufacturing objects will be equipped with robotic models. Statistics say that one modern fully-automatic sewing machine allows manufacturers to replace about 10 workers and speed up the ongoing processes by 25%.


New Flip Phones Are Cheaper and Are the New Trend

It seems that flip phones making a comeback & mini flip music phone. Manufacturers are producing them, and they are selling quickly. News about the sale of flip phones (or dumbphones) is going up. Last year’s number showed that over 24.2 million so-called smartphones were shipped in the United States, almost 2 million from the year previous. And those numbers are going down.

Cost and trend

Part of the reason flip phones are coming back is that they save you money, as well as the trend, seems to be that flip phones are becoming cool again.

Bottom-line cost

The bottom-line question is the cost of a flip phone. BestBuy is selling a z222 flip phone for $6.99 without a contract. The standby time is 10 days. Not hours, days. And a Straight Talk prepaid plan cost $30 per month for 1,500 talk minutes with unlimited texting.

iPhone cost

If you buy an iPhone it can cost from $600 on up. If you add an unlimited talk, text, and data plan from Straight Talk and that is $45 per month. Over a two years period, the z222 will costs approximately $725 while the iPhone will cost a user $1,680. This means that those who can’t afford a mobile phone probably can with the flip phone.


Those who know about celebrities and what is hot with them say that many celebrities are using flip phones again for their private and closest contacts. The reason is the flip phones are not as hackable as some smartphones are. Data breach and privacy breach is minimized which is important to the “in” group.


Experts on security advise that flip phones just don’t have as many access points so are harder to be hacked.

So, if you want to be in the “in” group or really don’t need all the features of a smartphone, you might be considering a flip phone. They are cheap enough to make good Christmas gifts and the holiday shopping season has already started.

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The functions of a spy app you should know

Do you suspect that your husband is an unfaithful spouse? The statistics are likely to indicate that you are right. As smartphones are so common, men can have more chances to be attracted by other ladies than before. Now you can use the spy app such as TTSPY spy app to monitor your husband and know whether he is cheating on you or not.

After installing the spy app on your husband’s phone, it is invisible to your partner and other apps. In addition to spying on your partner’s text messages and phone calls, you also have the option of spying on contacts and social networks or hack Whatsapp account and messages. Even more important is the ability to follow the exact current GPS location and route. If your spouse is lying, this option helps you catch him quickly. Following are some basic functions of a spy app:

Knowing the GPS location

Mobile spy app secretly records the GPS position of the target mobile phone. This allows you to follow them secretly, see where they are going and know the exact location of the phone in real-time. At present, almost every smartphone has enabled GPS, so you just need a spy app.

Monitor call history

The mobile spy app lets you know who your partner is calling and who is calling them. You can see when the call was made, the duration of the call, the number in the phone’s address book, and the name associated with that number. In addition, you can view all the new contacts that have been added to your husband’s phone.

Monitor SMS message

With the help of mobile spy app, you can read all incoming and outgoing text messages sent and received from your phone of your husband. Any message can be read even if the spouse deletes the message immediately after reading.

After knowing the functions of a spy app, you should know what to do if you are really convinced that your husband has a love affair. With the spy app such as TTSPY spy app, you can secretly to find the evidence without letting your husband knowing. It would not ruin relationships and your family. It is a simple and effective solution when your doubts are unfounded. Now just find the TTSPY spy app at the app market place and install it on your husband’s phone. It is time for the truth.


What Goes into Developing a Great Escape Adventure

New Escape Room adventures are opening in NYC as fast as they can be built. And experience shows that each project for a new Escape Room is created with a wide assortment of requirements. Working with a list of carpenters, fabricators, and artists, high-quality Escape Rooms are developed with props all the while accounting for satisfactory spares, ease of use and fortification for high use. Some can be built for a one-set experience or multiple productions– just about whatever it is needed for.

Growing in popularity

Escape Rooms are becoming more and more popular and since they are rather new, they are new ones opening each day. If you are new to NYC, a vacationer or an NYC native of this city, get a guide to the high-rated escape rooms in NYC. You can find this information from Yelp. Click the gallery to view the hot spots of NYC Escape rooms. Which one can you power through with rooms of hidden clues as the final countdown begins? Finally, you and your team unlock that final door as you have dominated the Escape Room and it is an achievement to be proud of … well, depending on your scenario.

Key to excitement

The key to a great custom-built escape room experience is the narrative, and video content which is the way to deliver compelling stories and visuals. Select from a group of acting talents that match your requirements. Then, working within limits you with your staff set up for when developing your Escape Room videos. It is just like putting on a play.


If you have already spent time in an Escape Room, you probably have already decided that you are going back. These Escape Rooms are unique stories and different each time. You will be in the story. As the starring characters in this story you will feel like you are in your own movie. How it finishes is all up to you and your group, by solving the puzzles and finding all the clues, and finishing the story before your time runs out. You have only60 minutes to complete the story, and only teamwork will help you unlock the secrets within.


Taking A Glimpse Of The Latest Carbon Fibre Technology

Carbon fiber is progressively celebrated as a miracle material for the perfect economy. Its one of a kind blend of high quality and low weight has helped drive the breeze control upset and make planes more fuel-efficient. Carbon fiber turbine cutting edges can be longer and more inflexible than conventional fiberglass models, making them stronger adrift and increasingly productive in less blustery conditions. Auto creators are additionally awakening to the material’s capability to make lighter and progressively proficient vehicles.

What are the properties of carbon fiber?

Carbon Fiber is a polymer and is at times known as graphite fiber. It is an exceptionally solid material that is likewise lightweight. Carbon fiber is five-times more grounded than steel and twice as a firm. In spite of the fact that carbon fiber is more grounded and stiffer than steel, it is lighter than steel; making it the perfect assembling material for some parts.

These are only a couple of reasons why carbon fiber is supported by architects and originators for manufacturing. Carbon fiber is made of slender, solid crystalline fibers of carbon that is utilized to fortify material. Carbon fiber can be more slender than a strand of human hair and gets its quality when turned together like yarn.

  • High in solidness
  • High in rigidity
  • Has a low weight to quality proportion
  • Is high in substance obstruction
  • Is temperature tolerant to inordinate warmth
  • Has a low warm extension

Along these lines, carbon fiber is extremely well known in numerous ventures, for example, aviation, car, military, and recreational applications.

Knowing about the usage of carbon fiber

On the off chance that you might want a carbon fiber half quart glass, that can be made. ICE has made a wide range of shapes with carbon fiber and different composites, including:

  • Bicycle outlines
  • Wings of airplane
  • Car driveshafts
  • Tubing
  • Compartments
  • Turbine Propeller sharp edges

As per an article at, carbon fiber composites could decrease traveler vehicle weight by half, which would improve eco-friendliness by almost 35% without trading off the presentation of the vehicle or the security of its travelers.

What are the advantages of utilizing carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is ordinarily used to fortify composite materials to create something solid, yet lightweight. When bound with a polymer or gum, (for example, epoxy) carbon fiber makes a composite that is then utilized in an assortment of buyer and specialized based ventures. Properties of the carbon fiber composite are influenced by the carbon fiber support, the polymer tar network that ties the carbon fiber together, and any added substances acquainted with the sap. Carbon fibre’s particular daintiness and quality make it a practical, adaptable, and valuable business item for a wide assortment of business sectors. Alongside quality and lightweight properties, the advantages of carbon fiber and its composites include:

  • An extraordinary and particular appearance that is about difficult to repeat.
  • Incredible solidarity to weight proportion, contrasted with different materials.
  • Functions admirably with different materials (fiber, plastics, and metals, wood, concrete).
  • Reasonable for complex shapes and plans.
  • Unrivaled weariness properties along with High Stiffness.

McLaren as of late reported designs to open a plant in Sheffield to make carbon fiber sports vehicles, and BMW’s i3 is fitted with a carbon-fiber traveler unit – the main such mass-delivered car. If you have in the maid you can gather much information about the carbon fibre technology in the different online free background check for tech portals.


The Technologies behind PWA

The PWA proposal is to make websites feature the features of native apps, such as offline operation, auto update, and push notifications, without the need for the user to download all application data.

Speaking in a more technical way, the PWA methodology is an enhancement of Web technologies. It can also be seen as a combination or hybrid evolution between websites and mobile applications. It is a new innovation for an e-commerce business. Hire PWA MPS Company to get this innovation for your e-commerce business as well.

There are a number of Web technologies behind every PWA methodology, they are:

  • Service worker
  • Cache API
  • Push notifications
  • Web app manifest

Even if you are not a developer, being aware of what these technologies are and knowing how they work within PWA is very important to be able to understand the potential that it presents. Below I will explain to you, in a summarized way, how each one behaves and what it influences in this methodology.

1. Service worker

The Service worker is a system that intercepts the requests of the application and saves the results on the client side. This allows extremely fast data consumption speed and allows the application to work offline. It acts as a kind of cache, as we already know.

2. Cache API

Cache API is a way to store the requests made locally so that when requested again, they work more efficiently. This concept consists of saving a copy of a request or a specific route in order to use it again so that it can be consumed one more time without the need to make a new request.

3. Push notifications

This is likely to be the tool we are most familiar with since it is used by all Apps to alert us about updates, news, signs of non-use, and other information.

Push notifications are used to notify users of certain services about various features. They are common in Mobile Apps, and mostly they tell you something new. An example of this technology is WhatsApp messages that are notified on your mobile phone or when someone enjoys your photo on Instagram.

4. Web App Manifest

In accordance with Google’s Web Fundamentals, Web App Manifest is a document that aims to standardize Web applications, which allows the user to add a website icon on their home screen without having to download an application.


4 Benefits Of Social Media Analysis Products Like Netbase

Almost half of the world population (3.499 billion) are active social media users. In addition, social media users are still growing year after, with 202 million new users recorded from April 2018 to April 2019. Social media sites are always bustling with activity, and some of them are product reviews or product opinions (good and bad) that users posted out of product satisfaction or frustration. To monitor your product’s reputation, a Social Media Analytics product is one of your possible choices.

What Is Social Media Analysis?

Social media analytics or SMA is the approach of collecting data from the activities in social media platforms that ultimately leads to a business decision. A good social media analysis will let the business make a decision, mitigate reputation threats early, and heps in engaging customers. SMA’s are important when it comes to the marketing and customer service activities of the company as it gives insight and engagement at the same time.

4 Benefits Of Using Social Media Analytics and Analysis

Data analytics has been one of the biggest trends of 2018, and it is not hard to see the reasons why. With more free access to social media sites, it is now easier to give feedback on the products that the consumers use. Here are four benefits of using an SMA platform.

1. Be Informed About A Problem Before It Erupts Into A Catastrophe

One of the biggest benefits of using a social media analysis platform is that it makes it easier to mitigate a problem before it ends up catastrophic. It enables the company to act out immediately to reduce the impact of the problem, whether addressing the problem publicly or dealing with the customer privately. No company is immune to damages, and this makes SMA very useful.

2. Understand Your Audience’s Needs, As Well As Your Competitors’ Moves

Although most of what social media analysis platforms do is to monitor a company’s own products or services, it can also monitor what the company’s products are doing. This way, the companies will be able to understand their audiences’ needs, what the competitive brands have in advantages, as well as what their products can utilize to improve their performance in the market.

3. Boosts Customer Service And Marketing Functions

Although this might not be obvious in the first glance, SMA platforms can boost the customer service of the company. It is not a direct one on one conversation, but companies implement the feedbacks that they receive from monitoring the sentiments of their target market about their products.

In addition to this, companies are able to get to know their strongest traits and plan a marketing strategy to highlight that. With the help of social media analysis platforms, there has been a lot of product and customer service changes in the past few years.

4. Implement A Rounded Strategy

It can be noticed that marketing strategies have been evolving in the past decade after the social media boom. This happened because companies were able to implement a more rounded strategy that revolves in their consumer’s needs. Another function that makes SMA platforms more useful is the fact that it can show what campaigns are not working and vice versa. With companies equipped with this kind of knowledge, they can implement a better strategy that will play to their strengths and will benefit their products.

There are a lot of reasons why companies like to use Social Media Analytics products these days, and one of the main reasons is convenience. SMA products such as NetBase makes social media analysis a very convenient part of their marketing platform. NetBase provides social metrics, audience analysis, social media listening, competitive analysis, and social media sentiments analysis in one robust platform, which saves time and effort.


Why do you need to install a USP?

The world has modernized itself to such an extent that now we are dependent on the technology. Without it, we feel as if the world has stopped at a point of time where all we can do is to wait for it to come back. The more we use, the more we become addicted to it. To save and to make your work more efficient uninterruptible power sources are invented.

Why is USP needed?

There can be many reasons for buying a UPS. It is an uninterruptible power source which can reduce the problems related to power.

  • It not only provides a backup power source, but it also protects the computer connected to it by controlling the voltage.
  • In case of a power cut due to any reason which is also called a blackout. In some area of India, even today, the problem of a power cut is evident. Selling a UPS in these areas solves the problem of spending time doing nothing, therefore, using that time in doing something productive.
  • Sudden increase or decrease in voltage can harm your appliances or the computer which you use. These power backups can maintain the changing of voltage, which will eventually keep your appliances in good condition.
  • When there are a lot of circuits to only one device, it can also cause loss of supply, which is only for a short period of time, but it can cause serious problems to your device. It is also known as brownout.
  • A sudden hike in the rate of voltage needs to be prevented at any cost. It can also cause a serious problem to the device.
  • Due to interference from lighting, it can cause problems in the operating system of the device, and it can corrupt files too.

All the above problems can be corrected with the use of a UPS. This device has been really useful, and in the developing country like India, this invention has hiked up all the markets. The demand for backup power sources is high in the market. Everybody wants to buy one, as all human beings do not want their comfort to be hampered in any condition.

If you are looking to leading companies who are selling UPS [ขาย UPS , which are the term in Thai], then contact Chuphotic today.


NetBase: How to Create a Social Media Report

A social media report refers to a collection of statistical data. The data entails the number of social followers that a brand has online. These statistics will tell a company the number of individuals who aspire to connect with a brand. Clicks will tell a brand manager that the content created and shared online is of interest to consumers. They also send traffic to the URL while assisting an individual to establish their social profile. Retweets tell a brand that the contents shared by the company are perceived as interesting to followers. Additional benefits of retweets are such as advanced exposure to possible users who may not be followers at the moment. Favorites are a wild card when it comes to creating social media reporting. The tool is a social media metric used to tell what consumers are thinking about a brand.

Importance of Social Data

Social data is often used to answer various questions. Every report created by the marketing team helps the company to garner different metrics that can be used to answer specific questions. There is a process to follow when creating social media reporting.

Identify the Goals of the Company

A company should establish the purpose of the social data report. Before creating the report, one should think about why they are undertaking the research. Social media reporting will fall into the following categories:

A regular report –

This is created using a major social media metric to demonstrate the latest progress on social sites. It can mainly focus on the brand or competitors for a major industry overview.

A campaign –

This is a mix of various metrics as well as qualitative analysis that can be utilized to gauge a product’s success during a launch, campaign, in addition to an event.

A detailed research analysis explaining the content of a brand –

This entails listening to various conversations around a topic as well as reading through the available data to gain insight.

Choosing The Right Tool for Social Media Reporting

Engagement metrics can be assessed by using viable social media analytics tools such as inbuilt platforms like Facebook Insights. Companies that aspire to delve into extensive research can use an enterprise level docket. The categorization of the report can offer insight regarding the best tools to use for social media reporting.

Deciding on the Right Questions to Ask

Whether the company is writing a standard social media report or a particular report, the marketing manager needs to identify the questions to ask the team. Specific questions will help to deliver insightful answers. A report with a focus on marketing campaigns could ask if the campaign drove a spontaneous conversation in the target group. The research could ask if women in their 40s aspire to have some aspects in their health brands. These questions will help to develop a methodology. The marketing team can also think about the right metrics to measure since there’s a viable reason for every move. The parameters should assist with answering questions that will help to measure progress. A report should then be written.

Identifying Stakeholders

Social media reporting entails telling a story about a brand. The process allows a company to tell the story of the brand. Like with any content that requires writing, the primary consideration should entail the person being written for. The audience should be in a position to read the content.

NetBase Company Profile

NetBase is strategically placed to offer services in social media analytics and help businesses to create value from growth opportunities. The company has the sector’s fastest social analytics platform coupled with strong collaborations with firms such as Twitter, DataSift, in addition to Tumblr. NetBase empowers brands to make viable business decisions based on reliable consumer insight.


Basics of Low Profile XY Table

XY tables are commonplace mechanical devices which can be found in manufacturing industries, machine shops, and milling setups. The XY tables are also known as XY stages. The reason for the prefix XY in the name is the degree of freedom of the system. The XY table provides motion in X and Y planes and hence the name. Machining, milling, tooling or robotic systems are mounted on top of the XY table for the purpose of increasing the system’s reach. In this article, we will discuss a special type of XY tables known as low profile XY tables.

Introduction to low profile XY table

First of all, we need to clarify the meaning of low profile prefix. The word low profile in the name suggests that these devices are compact in nature and smaller in size as compared to their bulkier counterparts in the manufacturing industries.

A low profile XY table consists of multiple flat surfaces with t-slot on them. These surfaces are capable of sliding on a linear base by means of ball or roller type bearings. The tooling, milling or any other type of mechanical system can be mounted on top of the flat surfaces using the t-slots. The mounted equipment then moves linearly in the XY plane along with the table surface over the linear bases.

The low profile XY table, as the name suggests, is capable of motion along two axes namely X and Y axes. To achieve a 2 DOF motion, the table mechanism consists of two sliding surfaces perpendicular to each other. One surface is mounted on top of the other. Therefore the lower surface acts as a linear sliding base for the surface mounted on top of it. Together the two linear sliding surfaces can reach any point within the XY range.

Reason for using the low profile XY table

Suppose that we have an industrial robot installed in some manufacturing industry. The robot is installed on a fixed base and can only move around that base. This causes the robot to have only a limited range and working area. However, in industrial and machining environments, this is often a requirement that the equipment must be able to move on the shop floor and have a wider working range. This is achieved by means of XY tables. The robot or any other mechanical equipment is installed on top of the XY table and the table is responsible for moving the equipment around within the defined horizontal XY plane. In this way, the base of the equipment is no longer static and the equipment can be moved around the shop floor.

Low profile XY table application areas

The low profile XY tables, due to their compact size and a high degree of accuracy, are applicable in various areas. Some of the areas of application include:

  • Semiconductor assembling
  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Camera inspection systems
  • Micromachining
  • Laser machining
  • Optical systems

The material used for low profile XY table construction

The low profile XY tables are commonly constructed using stainless steel and cast iron. The bearings are made of bronze or any other frictionless alloy. The frame of the table is usually made of aluminum alloys. The core mechanical structure of the table is made up of the alloys of stainless steel and sometimes cast iron as well. The bearings are also made of very low friction alloys of steel or bronze. The frame of the table is often made from anodized aluminum.

Performance features of the low profile XY table

As described earlier, the low profile XY tables are incredibly precise and accurate pieces of mechanical equipment. Their accuracy is in the order of a few micrometers. This ensures a very accurate level of positioning.

For very intricate machining, fabrication or assembling work precision and accuracy are the most important parameters. The low profile XY tables have very high system integrity against mechanical vibrations. This is due to the careful mechanical design and flawless coupling between the machine elements. Hence intricate mechanical work can be performed while the XY table is in motion and highly accurate results can be expected.

The low profile tables are essentially off the shelf type of devices which are very easy to install. They are not as heavy or as bulky as the XY tables present in the manufacturing industries. In fact, these devices are very popular amongst small workshop owners and hobby machinists.

Control system of a low profile XY table

In the earlier days of mechanical engineering, the XY tables were moved by means of rotary handles present on the sides of the sliding surfaces. These handles need to be operated manually in order to adjust the machine position. However with the advancements in electronics and computing technology, the control of these machines is purely automated and computerized. The XY tables now house embedded controllers and electronic circuitry to drive the servo motors which control the position of the machine in a very accurate manner. Some variants of the machine use stepper motors, while others make use of servo motors. Usually, brushless DC servo motors or direct driven DC servo motors are used in conjunction with ball bearings to attain a highly accurate positioning.

Commissioning of low profile XY tables

The installation and commissioning of low profile XY tables are incredibly easy because of the lightweight and compactness of these devices. These are off the shelf devices which can be transported around in the shop with bare hands. They weigh only a few kilograms. The mechanical installation process is also rather simple and does not require any complex mechanical parts.