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The New Way of Web Hosting: Solid State Drives

Everything is going online these days. With digitalization, every business prefers to have an online medium for itself. In an era, where every little organization has a website, where people are inclined towards blogging, the need of the hour is cheap hosting services which offer larger storage and better performance.

To solve this problem, a new technological advancement in the field of computer hardware had taken place long before, but it has now paved its way to web hosting as well. This article discusses the same.

SSD: – Everything about it

SSD or Solid State Drive is the newborn member of the non-volatile memory family that stores information using integrated circuit assemblies and flash-based technology. The best part about an SSD is that it has no moving parts, therefore, avoiding any kind of sound while running a computer or application. As this technology is getting attention day by day, many websites offering cheap SSD hosting services are coming to the forefront.

SSD Web Hosting Benefits


SSDs are generally faster than other web hosting services as the data is processed faster and therefore the website functions faster. This leads to the good impression of your company and the audience are more driven towards your products and services

Better security

SSDs provide better data security. Unlike technologies using physical spinning and magnetism to store data, SSD with no moving parts and use of flash memory to store data provides better data security. Also, SSDs are resistant to any kind of physical damage.

Can read and write at same time

With the ability to read and write data both at the same time, SSDs are able to process web requests faster which leads to better performance of the organization’s website.

Less Power Consumption

SSDs consume a lot less power than other technologies. This can save your computer power as well and lower electricity consumption.

SSD is bringing a revolution in web hosting services. It helps make data-intensive sites faster and provides better data security and storage options. Talking about the cost, SSD undoubtedly costs an extra penny as compared to HDD but which options like shared web hosting plans, it is becoming much more cost-effective. Overall, SSD is worth investing in for your business. It is a smart choice to make for boosting up your business.

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MilesWeb or Godaddy? Who is The Best in Hosting Industry?

The use of the internet has increased the demand for the website, and this has automatically given a boon to the web hosting industry. Every business regardless of its size needs to create its brand awareness among the targeted audience, and hence, the World Wide Web is an easy way for them. Getting a website design and developed doesn’t solve your problems.

Selecting a suitable web hosting in Nepal provider is again a difficult task before you make your website available on the internet. The services with the cost should fulfill your purpose in the most appropriate way. There are millions of websites available on the internet from which your site may get lost somewhere unnoticed. You cannot afford this to happen as it will deteriorate the performance of your website and business.

That’s why choosing a web hosting provider is an essential task for you.

Let me walk you through the two hosting leader’s – MilesWeb and GoDaddy.

MilesWeb Hosting –

Started in the year 2012, MilesWeb has more than 9000 happy customers. It is considered as Nepal’s #1 Web Hosting Company due to the trust of its customers. MilesWeb offers services like cheap shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, cheap reseller hosting, cloud hosting, managed VPS and dedicated hosting.

GoDaddy –

GoDaddy is considered as the world’s largest domain name registrar company. The company was founded in the year 1997 and has around 18million customers.

Starter Plans –

The starter plans of MilesWeb and Godaddy don’t make much difference if you have a large business.

The regular price of the MilesWeb plan is ₹326.25/month in which you get:

  • Free .com Domain
  • SSD Servers
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Malware Scan and Removal
  • CloudFlare CDN with Railgun
  • Sitebuilder with 400+ Templates
  • Built-in Page Caching
  • Free Website Migration
  • Instant Chat Response
  • Offsite Website Backups
  • Support in Local Languages (English, Hindi, and Marathi)

The regular plan of GoDaddy starts at ₹449/month in which you get :

  • Built-in Caching
  • Free Website Migration
  • Malware Scan and Removal (paid)
  • Offsite Website Backups (paid) Sitebuilder with 400+ templates (paid)

Unlimited Space –

Only the Deluxe plan from GoDaddy provides you the Unlimited Space, others that are lower to it won’t offer you the same. The cost of a Deluxe plan is 628.82/month that means you will have to spend ₹7,545.84 for a year.

On the other hand, the Unlimited plan from MilesWeb comes with Unlimited Space. The cost of the Unlimited plan is ₹543.75/month, that means it costs you ₹6,525 for a year. You can see the price of GoDaddy is high than that of the MilesWeb.

Features of Deluxe Plan from GoDaddy are :

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Subdomains

Features of Unlimited plan from MilesWeb are :

  • Host Unlimted Websites
  • Free Lifetime Domain
  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • cPanel + Softaculous
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Website Builder

The File Manager –

Both the companies allow you to use the cPanel file manager to serve your hosting needs. You don’t need to pay anything extra to manage your files and folders, databases, etc.

Bandwidth –

Bandwidth protects the server from crashing and thus, is essential for your website. MilesWeb understands this and thus, gives you the unlimited bandwidth with its low price plans too.

Softaculous –

Softculous is a 1 – click installer that enables you to install over 400 apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. WordPress being the most usable content management system can be your anytime choice for building a website. So, it is always a better option to have the easy mode to install WordPress, and Softculous allows you to do so.

Servers :

MilesWeb servers are located in the very prime locations like India, UK, USA, UAE, Australia, Canada, and Singapore.

GoDaddy has covered most of the regions by setting up their servers. But GoDaddy is ‘highly-priced’ for almost the same server locations as MilesWeb.

Support :

MilesWeb gives you the 24/7/365 days of technical support via chat, phone call, and email.

GoDaddy gives cut-throat competition to the MilesWeb in the parameter of support. GoDaddy has won an award for their support department.

Money Back Guarantee :

MilesWeb gives you a 30 days money back guarantee. That means if you buy a product and don’t find it useful then you can ask for the refund within the 30 days of your purchase.

This cannot be seen with GoDaddy. I searched a lot and cannot find the money back policy on their site. I think they do not support the Money Back policy and thus, have some negative reviews by the unhappy customers.

So, if you are selecting a hosting company just on the basis of the number of customers the particular company has then Godaddy could be your choice. On the other hand, if you really want the value for your money then MilesWeb is a suitable choice for you.

Conclusion –

Considering the pricing and other services like free SSL certificates and SSD storage space MilesWeb gets the plus points. Even you can compare and read the GoDaddy reviews, most of their customers are not satisfied with their services. Thus, from the experience, I would say MilesWeb is always a better option over GoDaddy.

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Promote your business with help of cloud computing services

With the ongoing up-gradation in technology, it has become important for business owners to keep their business up to date so that they can easily meet the day to day demand of their consumers. With the help of an online medium, several premises are able to boost their business very well. Many companies prefer to use the cloud services rather than building their own infrastructure to support their internal applications. Using these cloud computing services owners can easily serve their customers from this shared infrastructure.

Companies providing these cloud computing services are known as cloud providers which offer any company or individuals some part of network services which they can easily access the internet. There are different cloud locations like private cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud and community cloud. You can choose among them as per your need.

Choose the right type of cloud computing services for your business

Some different types of cloud computing services are listed as under:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a service):

    Using such service company, the user can easily access to the vital information in web structure like servers, connections, and space. Person or company using such service does not need to purchase this infrastructure. Specialization is the reason why the company providing such IaaS service and person using it gets benefitted. IaaS allows any company or individual business to develop on demand. Other two services, PaaS and SaaS are created inside IaaS.

  • PaaS (platform as a service):

    These cloud types get created by specialists inside the IaaS service which provides users to access the deployment and scalability of application trivial. There are various companies which provide such services. The main benefit of using this service is that you can easily initiate the application regardless of the fact how less money you have.

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Web Hosting Trends for 2018

The power of web hosting is up and growing. To those who stay connected to the word of web hosting are drooling over finding the trend list for the New Year. With so many advancements going on in the tech-world and in the landscape of e-commerce business there rise a need to sketch out some new trends for the year 2018. A web hosting company stores, host websites, and its data that is kept in a highly secured cloud. Through cloud servers the data is extracted and stored along with this the service, providers are responsible for handling every maintenance task of the site. Now let’s see what’s there for this New Year on the trend list below:

Cloud Hosting- the Future of Web Hosting

Cloud computing is going to take up the most place in the world of web hosting. Any organizations do not require dedicated servers at such times cloud hosting is going to provide many advantageous influences in the revenue generation and in security management of the brands. The information technology model- cloud hosting provides access to owners from any part of the world. You do not have to be the slave of just one single computer in order to make any changes or run a business. You can operate your task from any corner of the world by simply connecting yourself with the browser.

Complete Solutions

Today, users want versatility and comprehensiveness in every package they choose. At a time when prices of every service are sky-rocketing, they either want more discounted rates or a package that fulfills many needs. Users do not want a specific hosting plan they rather want on that can encompass email hosting, SEO and many other parts of web hosting. So, if you want a handful of valued customer pair some features with your fascinating web hosting service. You can attract them by delivering free SSL, domain registration, and unlimited storage facilities.

Should cloud computing be taking a lead in the future?

The flexibility, scalability, and simplicity are what sets the cloud hosting apart ad in demand. Moreover, its ability to provide fast access to servers also bring it in the lamplight. Apart from this, there is minimal interaction with a service provider is required with less time to many the progress. In the coming years, every web hosting company will rely more on cloud computing rather than self-hosting.

In self-hosting users, operate via a single computer as part of the entire operation through which new versions are created. Furthermore, it is seen that with the passage of time there will be a collection of web hosting companies and cloud computing firs that will join had to form a more centralized and robust platform. The website will be able to perform at double sped and there will be no slower running servers. Everything will become automatic and no loopholes will be identified. From high-secured servicers to the flawless progress of business is what will be seen in the coming years.

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What to ask a hosting provider before approving the contract

The cloud is a perfect place for data storage. This technology being the future of hosting has grasped the attention of many. Both small and big businesses are moving to cloud. This is due to the advantages that it offers. However, getting impressive cloud services is never easy. Do not be quick to sign the contract without asking the vendor the following questions.

Location of the servers

Inquire from the provider the location of the servers. This information is hidden by most providers. However, they should freely share it to potential clients. Search for a provider with multiple data centers. Their managed wordpress hosting is the finest. Users of such hosting providers experiences high uptimes. They are protected during outages and can recover data fast.


What matters most to companies in need of hosting is data security. The hosting providers need to invest more in securing it. The facility where the servers are situated should be highly protected. Any unrestricted entry might lead to data loss. That is a huge loss for most clients. Ask the provider how well they are prepared to secure the data.


Find out how the vendor will compensate their clients for damages or loss. Do they have insurance? Some hosting vendors might never last in business. Once they are out of business, their customers will greatly be affected. With insurance, the managed cloud server provider will comfortably compensate their clients for the loss and disruptions.

Notification of Security Breach

Do not assume that a security breach might not happen. Protect your business in case of a breach. Ask if the provider is willing to accept in writing that he/she will notify you in case of a breach. Such incidences are kept from the clients. Most providers will feel like failures when reporting such cases. They fear losing their clients. Clients need to know what might happen to their data.

Security audit

Security audit is done on every provider annually. This procedure is important. It puts pressure on providers to maintain high security on the managed cloud server. Ask for the report of the security audit done in the previous year. Providers with nothing to hide will gladly show the results. Avoid those that hide the results. They might not have undergone auditing.

Duration in business

How long has the hosting company been operating? The companies that have lasted in business for long are the best. They know the hosting needs of their target clients. Hence, they can provide valuable solutions for them. Experience has advanced the skills of their technicians. This gives them the capability to deliver amazing customer support services.


Ask the exact time the clients can contact the provider for help in case of a problem? Do not assume their contact centers will be available for 24 hours. Such claims are made to entice the clients. A provider that is accessible can offer quality managed wordpress hosting. Try calling their phones just to confirm if they can respond. Avoid hosting providers that never respond on time.

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What To Look Out For When You Get A Blockchain Hosted Website?

Blockchain hosted websites are a new inception in the digitized space in business. However, it is a superior technology, as compared to the traditional hosting system and secures your website against threats in the cyberspace. You can get across to one of the leading service providers for Blockchain Website Hosting to integrate the technology into your platform. These systems are more secure and ensure speedy communication in business. Blockchain hosted websites are fast and strengthen the operational mechanism of the business.

Here are six things to expect when you seek blockchain web hosting services from a reputed company.

DDoS protection

In order to strengthen the security of the website, you need to integrate DDoS protection on the platform. This will keep the servers protected against DDoS attacks. Security issues in the cyberspace need to be dealt with care. Reach out to a reputed platform to strengthen the security of your website.

Reliability and low latency

You need high-performing websites to maintain its efficiency. The reputed blockchain website hosting companies provide reliable websites, with low latency. This increases the overall efficiency of the website.

Quality hardware

When you approach a reputed company for Blockchain web hosting, you can avail enterprise-grade hardware to strengthen your infrastructure. This will enhance the performance of your platform. Efficient hardware refines the operational mechanism of the website.


Apart from seeking quality blockchain web hosting services, you need a steadfast support from the experts. Reach out to a company with a powerful helpdesk, where you can reach out anytime. A reliable support from the service providers ensures a hassle-free mechanism for hosting your web in blockchains.


Apart from these, speed is one of the most important factors that drive business today. You can enjoy high-speed networks through blockchain web hosting. This will enhance the overall experience of the customers.

Quick provisioning

Above all, count on a company that enables you to get fast access to your server.

Get across to a HostCoin ICO, known for its robust blockchain web hosting services. It is necessary to get a redundant and low latency network. You need a high-grade infrastructure to strengthen your business.

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Things You Should Know About Dedicated Hosting

It is a well-known fact that web hosting services have something to offer to all clients having different budgets. Businesses of online nature are in different stages of lifecycle, have different content sizes to deal with and have varying bandwidth requirements. But, if your business is catering to huge traffic of online users, have tons of database to maintain and have mammoth resource requirement in terms of bandwidth and disk space, then dedicated hosting service is what you need.

In a dedicated style of hosting, a complete server, and not a part of it is allotted to the customer. Use of larger image and graphics in the content is one of the reasons for using the dedicated hosting. Loading of a huge amount of data in record minimal time, say in nanoseconds, is possible when the server-client interaction is real fast. This promptness can be achieved when the bandwidth size is sufficient enough to manage the events uninterruptedly.

So, who needs dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting, as the name explains, is the hosting style when the whole server is devoted to powering the online offering of the business that buys it. Thus, a complete resource set is available for the business to consume. Such humongous support is essentially needed by those businesses that experience a deluge of traffic. The slow speed of the website and poor quality of graphics are two main reasons why any customer decides to quit the online avenue. Thus, a dedicated server is required by those businesses that make extensive use of graphics and images on the website. Also, the traffic size is phenomenal with every passing second experiencing a hit.

E-commerce businesses are another type that requires dedicated hosting. A website promoting business transaction or online purchase, per se, requires a visitor to stay engaged with the content for a fairly long time. Thus, retention of human interest is possible only when the visitor is able to assess the product or service clearly, and can do the transaction without wasting another minute. Even for a sale to happen, nine seconds is the only time required. This speed and accuracy of the website are possible only when the dedicated resource pool is made available to it.

Other reasons for using dedicated hosting besides fast speed

In a list of little known facts you should know about dedicated hosting, the other most important reason for using dedicated server has enhanced the security of the site. A website running on a shared server is quite likely to get hit by the malicious agents that reside on another website sharing the same server. Thus, if the business is such that it cannot do without the added layer of security, or demands a certain degree of isolation, it should be run on a dedicated server. This will surely offer added peace of mind to the business owner as well as the end user.

The heaviness of the content of the site is the other criteria for picking a dedicated server for hosting. A site quite feature-enriched and that requires storing and processing crucial information like financial data can work the best on a dedicated server. Also, the running of complex PHP code or inclusion of lots of add-ons and functionalities make the website rather heavy. Such website is also a strong contender for a dedicated server.

Is cheap dedicated server a reality?

The answer is ‘no’. If you are persuaded into buying a dedicated server that costs less than others, you might have fallen for the server that utilizes assembled hardware of low quality, hitting your business in the long run. And too much expensive dedicated service can prove to be the poor use of capital. Thus, there is an urgent need to understand the quality of dedicated server that comes with the dedicated executive support too.

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China VPN Services

What do you understand by the term VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a method used to ensure security and privacy to private and public networks. Initially, VPNs were mostly used by corporations to protect sensitive data. With the passage of time, personal usage of VPN has increasingly become more popular.

As everyone is well aware of the China’s history regarding their policies for online content. Recently, China has approved a new Cyber Security Law. The law basically ensures the protection of personal information and other individual concerns. Under this law, companies are required to introduce a new system of data protection. For example, the data of Chinese citizens must be stored on domestic server.

The existing situation for the VPN providers is not much different in China as compared to other countries. Normally, China used to take measures against the VPN’s. The main aim behind these measurements is to stop the VPN providers from creating any interruption for the internet services. Despite all these things, VPN is still not prohibited in China. They are just focusing on the censorship rather than punishment. Certainly, VPNs are very famous in China. These are mostly used for the academic purposes. But on the other hand, many people termed the China’s broad system of censorship as “Great Firewall”. This term is used because every VPN providers have to be answerable in front of Chinese higher authorities.

Let’s have a look into best VPN services which are working under the censorship of Chinese Government.

VPN services in China

It is not easy to work with the strict measurements of the Chinese government. But despite all these things, some VPNs are providing their services to deal with the basic problems. These few services are working with the improved methods. These methods are maintaining their functioning under the tough online climate. It is clear that everyone goes for the best service which gives them reliable Chinese VPN. Their main consideration is about the tight security and privacy as well.

For the ease of customers, we have picked out top three VPNs. You can differentiate them on the basis of their performance.

Express VPN

It is our top choice for the users. It is costly as compared to other VPNs. But its excellent customer support service and 30-day trial offer make it more worthy than its cost.

Vypr VPN

Basically, Vypr VPN is provided by a smaller company. But this thing does not affect its performance. It is most reliable and fastest among other. It also offers you 25{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} off on yearly account.


Astrill has a dominant position in VPN market. But with the passage of time, its performance is going down. It’s because of firewall targeting on this service. Ultimately, this factor affects the speed of Astrill. But if you want to use it for just surfing the internet, it provides you best speed. But it is not compatible with the usage of different apps like torrents, twitter, and Instagram etc.


Indeed, a VPN is a beneficial tool to be used. Because, it allows you to access the uncensored internet. Especially, the citizen of China is in great need of this thing. Before purchasing a VPN service, make sure that many VPN companies are blocked in China. Also, it must be noted that Vypr VPN and Express VPN are banned by Apple in China. So the IOs users of China are unable to use these top 2 service providers.

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Top 10 Tremendous VPN Services for 2017

VPN is a virtual private network which allows you to access different websites which are blocked in your country or areas.

Mostly people use VPN for two purposes which are given below.

  • To access different websites which are blocked in their particular areas?
  • To keep their data and identity hidden on internet.

In this article today, I will guide you about the tremendous VPN services which are making a great impact on the market by giving some valuable services at reasonable rates.Below given are the list of top 10 VPN providers for 2017.

1. Express VPN:

It is very fast and great for streaming different blocked websites with very fast speed. It is super secure with 256-bit encryption. It also has unlimited speed. Its server count is 1000+ and its servers are associated with almost more than 87 countries and located in 97 cities. Over 4000+ people picked Express VPN.Its monthly package is 12.95$ and the yearly package is 8.32$. It also has a money back guarantee of 30 days.

2. Vypr VPN:

It can connect up to 3 devices at a time. It monthly package is 6.69$. Its servers are associated with more than 70 countries. It has unlimited download and streaming speed which attracts the customers to this VPN more frequently.Its customer support is 24/7/365. It has a 30-day money back guarantee,

3. Astrill VPN:

It completely hides your Ip, location and personal information. It is the fastest and most secure VPN service on the internet with just 10$ monthly and 5.55$ yearly. It can be easily set up and it is available for Windows, Android, Mac, Linux etc.

4. Hide My Ass:

It has connected with more than 90+ countries. This VPN has the widest range of server’s location. Its customer support is available 24/7 via live chat. It is easy to set up. It is reliable and secure. It also has the 30-day money back guarantee. It’s a great choice if you want to access different websites very fast and at a cheap price.

5. TorGuard VPN:

It offers a torrent friendly private network. This VPN hides your internet connection via TorGuard servers.The main focus of.Torguard is on torrent users and the main aim of TorGuard is to provide users to access some sites easily by keeping their identity hidden.Monthly package is 9.95$ and the yearly package is 60$.It has over 87k+ IPS which are associated with 20 countries and 44 Cities.

6. Safer VPN:

Safer VPN offers speedy connections and basic privacy. It is connected to 30+ countries. It has a 30-day money back guarantee. It supports its customer 24/7 by live chats.

7. Pure VPN:

The biggest advantage of this VPN that it is the cheapest VPN as compared to the other two VPNs. One of the thing in Pure VPN is that it also has a money back guarantee like Express VPN and Vypr VPN but the time duration for this is 7 days.

Its monthly package is 10$ and the yearly package is 5$ which is the cheapest from all of the VPNS .its server count is 500+ and its servers are associated with almost 141 countries.It is available for Windows mac android IOS and browsers extensions like Google chrome and fire fox. And like Express VPN and Vypr VPN, it’s most important thing that its VPNS locating switching which is unlimited for its users. The payment methods for this is Paypal, credit card, Bitcoin.

8. Hide Me:

Hide Me offers a great solution for your privacy needs without any distortion or slowness in speed. It connects to 25+ countries. It has a money back guarantee as well but with duration of 14 days.

9. Boleh VPN:

It can connect up to 3 devices at a time. It monthly package is 6.69$. One of the important and interesting features of this VPN service provider is that it hides your Geo location and makes your internet use more private. It can encrypt your online data. It can work on multiple Operating Systems. It can help you to stream media easily.

10. Strong VPN:

This VPN have over 87k+ IPs across the globe with 500+VPN servers in 20 countries and 44 cities. It was established in 1995. It offers best quality service with a very economical budget.

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Introduction to Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting and Coupons

Providing a wide variety of web hosting services, Liquid Web is quickly emerging as a leader in Managed WordPress hosting, dedicated and VPS hosting.

As a long term player in web hosting, Liquid Web has been in existence since 1997. Although they only just started providing managed WordPress hosting, many people depend on the company.

In particular, the company is known for its fast, friendly, and quality customer support.

This article is an introduction into Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting features, packages and promotional coupons for

Liquid Web Coupons

As mentioned earlier, Liquid Web is one of the pricier of web hosts around. Therefore, when you sign up to their managed WordPress hosting service, you are going to have to pay a bit above the rest for the premium quality you are looking for.

That said, you can still reduce how much you part with when you join this host thanks to the wide variety of attractive Liquid Web coupons available to new and existing customers. Some of these discount codes from Liquid Web include:


This coupon code gives you 33{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} off all Managed WordPress Hosting plans, Personal, Professional and Agency. More about this incentive here.


Use this coupon code to get 70{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} of the total price you’ll pay for managed WordPress hosting with Liquid Web. With it, you will be able to get your website running on the fully managed VPS service from Liquid Web and pay 70 percent less than you would have.


This Liquid Web coupon is designed to cut 40{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} of the total price you’ll pay for 4 months.


Irrespective of the VPS plan you choose, Liquid Web will save you $49 when you use this discount code.

Standard Features

Unlike other hosts, Liquid Web does not provide shared hosting services. Therefore, it is not targeted at web masters looking at lowest cost, low spec, web hosting.

Automatic Backups

With Liquid Web Managed WordPress hosting, you no longer have to configure all backups on your account because the host has scheduled them to automatically run every day.

Free Migrations

If you want to move your existing website to Liquid Web after you’ve signed up for their managed WordPress hosting package, you can do so free of charge.


Liquid Web has made a name for itself from the heroic customer support available. More specifically, Liquid Web offers support through live chat, email, and phone – all of which happen around the clock.

Why Choose Liquidweb?

Here are some of the reasons why so many web masters and owners prefer Liquid Web:

  • Free migrations services
  • Free domain names
  • Windows- and Linux-based servers
  • One click installs
  • CPanel software available
  • Backend management tools
  • Security services
  • Monitors servers in the real time
  • 4 data centers
  • 400+ on-site staff members
  • 30,000+ clients around the world in over 150 countries
  • Round-the-clock customer support

Liquid Web is an option for webmasters looking for full management, security, performance, and speed with the hosting of a WordPress site. By hosting your WordPress site with Liquid Web you should expect effective communication and customer support and over 99{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} uptime.

Use discount coupons when buying at to save on the above services.