Essential Signs: Is It Time to Upgrade Your POS System?

POS systems are much more than transaction execution machines today.

Thanks to rapid advances in Omni-channel marketing technology, POS systems serve as an effective means to study customer behavioural history and customer loyalty.

However, as the technology improves, the need for old and obsolete systems to upgrade becomes an inevitable necessity for businesses relying on POS for their retail transactions and point of sale operations.

That said, here are some common questions to ask yourself in order to determine how well your POS system works currently and if you need to upgrade.

  • Do you have to be at you store to access your POS?

  • During peak hours, does your system make operations easier or more difficult?

  • Are you spending significant time in updating, maintaining and troubleshooting you system?

  • Do you have to manage varied business operations like inventory and sales through different applications?

  • Is it easy to make changes to product prices, items and other data across all of the connected workstations?

  • Does your system provide you real-time visibility of customer data and statics irrespective of the channel?

  • Can you use and manage customer information like email, loyalty programs, and other aspects conveniently?

  • Are long queues of customers a common sight at your point of sale?

  • Are you spending more time than you should in resolving customer queries?

  • Have you fallen victim to data theft or a credit card fraud recently?

  • Is your business experiencing a constant decrease in customer acquisition and retention rates?

Asking yourself all these questions and others that relate to the function and effectivity of your POS system helps you to determine if your current system is actually profitable to your business.

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