Getting the Best Out of the Ubiatar Telepresence System

There are many people out there who are not having any idea as to what is telepresence and how to get the best out of it overall. It needs to be understood that telepresence or teleporting has long been a fascinating subject that has caught the attention of many. It has been brought to life with the help of a novel, new and inventive concept called Ubiatar Play which helps connecting people through mobile device to get that they want and to do what they wish to.

In this specific system, there is a ‘usar’ and an ‘avatar’ who carries out the directions of the usar and get things done. It includes extensive series of activities like doing something, being at a specific location, opening and closing doors, taking elevator, activate something, talk to someone and a lot of such interesting activities.

Sitting the comfort of your house, you can choose to be anywhere in the world with the help of this stunning solution system. The Usar would hire an avatar for a specific pay and would get things done as expected. It is up to a specific avatar to accept or deny a specific work to be carried out. With this system, it is quite possible to reach out to any capital city, visit a specific place like museum, tourist spot, and theatre, enquire something or talk something to someone, collect a specific thing, activate a specific machine and many such important ranges of activities.

It includes any sort of legal business or leisure activities. It is also possible to create a group of avatar along with a logo, company name and post it in the human network environment. Parties who are interested to become avatar can create and upload their profile providing where they are, what they wish to do for usars, what all they are comfortable with and many such interesting things. If you want to be part of this stunning and interesting concept, you can get the ICO which would provide you direct access to the market through a token which in turn gives you equity over it.

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