Have Softjourn Develop Mobile Apps Needed by Your Company

Having a mobile app that is well-designed is not just a current trend or statement of fashion. No, it is a ‘must have’. Think about using Facebook or reading a newspaper in your browser. Worse yet, what if it is not optimized for mobile devices. Sounds awful and it is. But Softjourn has the answer. This is the company that is experts on mobile development with teams in Poland and Ukraine. These teams can build a must-have app for your business quickly; often in record time.

Custom software

Softjourn, Inc is a firm that custom engineers’ software as well as IT outsourcing and are headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. This company has software operation and development centers in Ukraine since 2005 and Poland since 2015. They specialize in areas such as:

  • Media
  • Financial
  • Ticketing


The history of the company is unique and was founded in 2000 by Americans Emmy Gengler and Jeff Kreuser. Emmy Gengler is currently the CEO. Raised in Wisconsin, Emmy Gengler has spent over 10 years working in the Soviet Union with years as President and CEO of a system integration company in Kyiv, Ukraine as well as treasurer of the American Chamber of Commerce.

Several partners

In the beginning this firm worked with several partners in software developing with each partner set up in several areas of Ukraine. These partners each had an area of expertise either for business or technical applications. In 2005 Kreuser and Gengler made the decision to collaborate more permanently with two new partners, Serhiy Fitsak and Mykhailovych.

By 2013, Softjourn had 50 programmers in house and a staff of 77. In December of 2016, this company had developed to over 150 employees. Its core software development crew is situated in Ivano-Frankivsk office. In 2015, Softjourn opened a branch in Wroclaw, Poland.

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