Here’s You Must Expect From A Genuine HR And Payroll Platform!

Payroll processing, HR audit, employee management are some of the common aspects that entrepreneurs and business managers often struggle with. With payroll software systems, things have better for sure, but before you make the move and select a system for your company, do check for these aspects mentioned below.

1. Find something local. Business formats vary by region, and it makes sense to select a payroll system that has been designed keeping local businesses in mind. The Indian market has more than 300+ solutions out there, but select a company that focuses on the needs of businesses similar to yours.

2. Easy migration. Migrating from one HR system to another should be an easy process, and it is one of the first criteria that you must consider. If you have selected an HR and payroll system, make sure that they don’t lag in support.

3. Quality features. Many HR software systems claim great things, hundreds of features, modules and more, and when it comes to practice, quality is more important than quantity. Make sure to check the features you get. Apart from basic record maintenance for leaves, loans, attendance and other aspects like salaries, the software should offer scope for employee performance management.

Finally, do take a look at the demo of the product. Talk to the concerned seller about what they have on offer, and if possible, ask for a few references. Keep in mind that HR and payroll software systems in India vary on many grounds, but it is essential to check if the option is compliant with statutory requirements. Also, understand if the system is going to be feasible economically in the long run.

The best choice

Keka HR and Payroll is one of the better payroll software India, and it has been designed keeping the perspectives of employees and admin in mind. The company, founded in 2015, has clients like Saavn to show off, and they have been rated highly for their support and assistance. To know more about the features and what they offer for their clients, please check their website and ask for a demo.

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