How to Download Videos Using Vidflu.Com

The one of the fastly emerging portal website to download videos from famous social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, it allows its user to opt the Qualities preference to download a video. We all know application or websites like Facebook or Instagram don’t enable its user to download the video directly from the page. However, it will be very wrong to say that downloading a video from social network site is impossible because there are a lot of extensions provided by numerous websites. But most of the extension requires to download an extension file first and then the installation is necessary to fix the extension with the particular social site or application. And the junk or infected files which will always download by itself with the extension installation will affect the entire processing of the system.

So Vidflu is an extraordinary solution for downloading videos directly to your library in the Quality you desire. The best part about VidFlu is that it never asks for any logins. The user doesn’t need to download any extension and plugins to download the videos directly from the facebook page.

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Vidflu is securely designed to avoid the bugs and unwanted file to get downloaded by itself which affects your personal system’s speed and may even affect your data stored on it.

And one of the most prominent positive fact of VidFlu is that it is not going to increase any load on the RAM of your devices as it is not an application or software. It is just a web tool collaborated with the video downloading rights with Facebook with zero shaking of legs.

All you need to do for downloading a facebook video of your choice is:

  • Open the Facebook application or website.
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Choose your favorite video which you prefer to download.
  • Right click on the video and click on the option “SHOW VIDEO URL.”
  • Select URL as all by pressing CONTROL+A on windows and COMMAND+A on mac.
  • Copy the selected URL by pressing CONTROL+C on windows and COMMAND+C on mac.
  • Now open the and directly paste the copied URL in the “JUST INSERT LINK” box.
  • Click on downland, and you will see option below the box showing the thumbnail of the video you copied from Facebook.
  • Select the quality in which you prefer. There will be two option for SD quality and HD quality. Choose one and enjoy your as many times as you want without losing your data anymore.

So enjoy the service without paying any charge or logins. It was never so easy to download videos so easily directly without getting you system affected by unauthorized contents and viruses.

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