How to Use Evernote: 5 Features That’ll Make You More Productive

Many people don’t know the full usefulness of Evernote. Some believe that it’s just a note-taking app, while to some it’s just a productivity tool. Note that Evernote is not just a fancy note-taking app but it is designed as a robust platform which can do anything when it’s given the opportunity. Just a little direction can be overwhelming because it comes with so many amazing features.

Once you are able to master the use of the premium features of Evernote, with it you can maximize your return on your investment. Evernote is well designed to help you organize your life and you won’t have to worry about remembering everything.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can use Evernote effectively to increase your productivity.  Here are a few things you can do using Evernote to maximize your productivity.

1. Note Transcript:

The voice transcript on Evernote rarely makes mistakes. If you are the type that doesn’t like typing, Evernote creates a great platform where you can dictate your notes to Evernote.

2. Presentation Mode:

This feature works the same way as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. it enables you to view your notes in a slideshow pattern, which will allow other people to be able to understand you better. You can enable this by clicking on the reset button at the top bar to enable the presentation mode.

3. Create Handbooks:

Evernote allows you to communicate information to a group of people and also be able to control the information you are sharing. With Evernote, you show your team on how to do a thing rather than repeating it all over again. You can use the Evernote stamper tool to take screenshots and also notate your actions. By placing a note in an employee handbook Notebook, you can share the notebook with your team so as to carry out the task. This can be done manually on the go and also many tasks can be repeated as you wish.

4. Google Plus post:

Google plus has many great quality contents which can rarely be found anywhere else. Saving a post on Google+ on Evernote can be done by viewing the post URL and highlighting the +1 sections to the author picture and click on clip.

5. Product Manuals:

Evernote makes saving your product manual very easy. If you just purchase a new product and you wish to save the manual, search for the manual you wish to download, once you locate the manual save the PDF to your Evernote by clicking on a file and then click on the attached file and click on Drag PDF to a note. Kindly drag your PDF to the Evernote Icon.

This is definitely the tip of the iceberg to all the amazing things Evernote is capable of doing in your digital life. Many features are to be discovered once you start using it. Get one today if you haven’t gotten one and explore the effect it will have on your digital life.

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