League Of Legends MOBA Tech Game Guide

As far as online gaming is concerned there are dominating games which manage to monopolise the playing field. League Of Legends is one of the key players which continually attracts thousands of new players to the game.

The massive world of online gaming is highly competitive but time and time again it’s the same platforms which outrank the rest. But what is it that makes League Of Legends so attractive to online gamers?

What is League Of Legends?

League Of Legends, or LOL, is a creation of Riot Games which was released back in October 2009. It was created from the hype of its rival Warcraft and has been a fair player on the field ever since.

Players are placed into teams and do battle on a playing field containing three ‘lanes’. Within these fields are computer operated enemies known as minions plus opposing teams. Each player in a team controls a ‘champion’ and uses their character to do battle with other rivals as well as the non-controllable minions.

The general concept of the game is to reach the other team’s ‘nexus’ and destroy it. This is when the game ends. Gameplay consists of strategy to get to the nexus and of course defeat other players in the game to earn gold for purchases and level enhancement.

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Why is the game so popular?

League Of Legends is one of the main three MOBA games which laid the path for this genre of online gaming.

With e-sports growing at an alarming rate of popularity, the game of League Of Legends became a fundamental part of the growth of the MOBA genre and the creators were rewarded for the uniqueness of the game. The collaboration of impressive graphics, unique gameplay and game satisfaction made League Of Legends the top of niche and it’s hardly moved since.

The continually growing gaming community keeps making League Of Legends even bigger with teams battling for over $4 million at the 2017 LOL World Championship.

What is there to like about the game?

The likeability factor of League Of Legends surrounds five fundamental elements of gameplay;

  • Strategy – Mastering strategy is key for players to be successful at any game in the MOBA genre. LOL is no different. The challenge of being a step ahead of opponents at all times is an attractive pull towards the game.
  • Lore – The storyline behind the game and the involved characters give an interesting and intriguing spin to the game. This in itself attracts many gamers.
  • Matchmaking – The MOBA matchmaking programme sorts players out into appropriate teams based on levels of skill and experience. Fair gaming is always an attractive trait.
  • In game purchases – Additional add-ons can be bought like new skins for characters.
  • Competitions – Competition is a big driver for the game with players testing their skill against other players. The massive jackpot for winning the tournaments is an ambitious goal.

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