Why You Must Learn About Atmospheric Water Generators

World population increases every single day stressing down the nature to newer depths. It is evident from the water crisis in those parts of the world where population is denser. Interestingly, the climatic conditions in these areas are such that the water content in air is considerably high. While tapping the existing water resources such as lakes, rivers, etc has already reached its ultimate limit; the innovators are resorting to techniques like atmospheric water harvesting, desalination and dehumidification etc. to tap the potential of the resources available around us in plenty, but are still untapped.

This is how atmospheric water generator works

Atmospheric water generator works on two main principles – cooling and desiccation. This apparatus collects water vapor from the surroundings and passes it to an evaporation chamber to carry out sanitation before liquefying it and sending it back to normal environment.

The AWG working on desiccation principle cools the surrounding air below its vapor generation point and exposes the air to desiccants and by pressurizing the air. This generator makes the air composition cleaner and the distilled water vapor sucked by it is converted into a super clean drinking water. This collected pure water is then made to go through anti-bacterial and charcoal based filters making it completely free from harmful ions.

How it may help solve water crisis

AWG generators like those produced by Savia Atmospheric Waters can fulfill the requirements of the premises like offices and restaurants where bottled water is in vogue. High population areas rich in humid air will have additional source of water to meet the consumption demands. There is no need to employ separate land for setting the generator, and to add the icing on cake, one can expect to have a few thousands of liter of water on a daily basis solely on the basis of the resources available around.

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