SEO Ranking in 2018: All You Need to Know

SEO will prove to be very important if your goal is to get a better search engine ranking. However, algorithms are known to constantly change. This is why there are instances when you may even need to go back to the basics in order to learn how you can rank this year. Read on and find out about tools that you can use to arm yourself in order to get a better position in SERPs.

One very important thing to remember concerning SEO is that its goal is to rank. The higher your website is positioned in the search results page for search engines, the more you will enjoy higher traffic. When you have more visitors that come to your site, you get to enjoy better brand awareness and conversion.

How pages are ranked will be decided by algorithms as they assess its relevance to certain search terms. There are different factors that are taken into account by the algorithms. For instance, content quality, its relevance, as well as quality backlinks are just a few of the many elements that will determine whether your site will rank or not in the SERPs.

While different search engines have their own way of getting sites ranked, there are basic SEO guidelines that will help serve as a foundation in ensuring that your website will not only rank but will also enjoy a better position.

Content quality and relevance

Many SEO experts have been modelling their content with the search engines in mind. While this has been a strategy that proved effective for many years before, it is not the case anymore. The trend for 2018 is to write for humans. What you need is content that the audience is going to enjoy and are going to help you earn clicks that can then lead to a higher ranking. This is also one way of establishing your reputation and reliability as a source which can be effective at building a loyal base of customers.

Technical SEO

A lot of people find the technical part of SEO to be quite daunting, according to experienced SEO specialist Mason Soiza. However, these elements are often so much easier compare to content creation. Of course, it is important to remember that taking shortcuts is not the right way of doing things. If your goal is to rank, then you need to increase the views on your page, increase the time that visitors spend on your site, as well as reduce your bounce rate. All these things are going to work even better when you have a well-performing and fast website. This is why the technical side of SEO is always crucial.

Media and Video

Images and videos can really go a long way where SEO rankings go. When they are present on your site, it shows to search engines that you have a site that has high-quality content. Having a mixture of media on your web pages can do wonders for your ranking.

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