Be Able To Keep Your Swimming Pool under Control with New Smart Technology

Remember when swimming pools were really hard to take care of – the owner of the pool could never get the swimming pool chemicals right or it was too soon or too late to measure the chemicals. Too many chemicals and your eyes got irritated– not enough and the pool was dirty. It was hard to just get the chemicals rights so the pool would be clean for use.

New technology for your swimming pool

Things are different now – there is new technology for everything including your swimming pool. It does not matter whether you like your hot tub to be ready when you get home or you want to have the pool lights displaying the beauty of your back yard because friends will be arriving soon – control your pool from your smart phone. Did you forget to set the pool pump timer before going on a vacation? Now you are able to control easily your equipment for your pool while away from home. Besides, you have a busy life, and it is time to use the new technology that will help you with pool operations and maintenance.

Many brands of smart control

There are many brands for smart and automated systems in order to gain access to your pool from almost anywhere you are. Your daughter is having a pool party while you are on a business trip but with your smartphone, and your laptop computer, you have automatic control of your swimming pool or spa features and can check that everything is working right and the correct amount of chemicals are in the pool before your daughter’s guests arrive.

New technology

With the new technology you are able to keep a maintenance history on:

  • Temp of the pool
  • Times to turn the lighting on
  • Energy used for the pool equipment
  • Chemicals needed for a clean pool

This is another convenient way to conserve energy in the future. For pool owners that don’t have automated system for the rest of your home; the smart pool is the beginning of having your entire home on an automated system.

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