Looking at Technology that Reduces the Number of Trucking Accidents

Fleet managers have a reputation for being early adopters of advanced technologies, especially in the field of safety. Per US’s largest commercial motor vehicle insurer, most of the truck collisions are caused due to the driver’s mistake; distraction and driver fatigue being the most prominent among them.

Head of Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance, Ian Taylor, says that driver fatigue makes one more prone to distraction, which leads to the driver making mistakes. Considering the statement, Taylor also revealed that they are offering a free trial of an innovative in-cab technology that could spell the end of fatigue and distraction-related accidents.

In-cab technology for all your trucking safety needs

A company named Seeing Machines developed The Guardian system for the first time to be implemented in the massive machinery deployed in the mining industry. The technology uses a highly sophisticated face-tracking software to combat their fatigue. It tracks the movement of various facial features including, expressions, movement of the eyelids, and the direction at which the driver is looking.

If the system detects the driver has closed his/her eyes for more than 1.5 seconds, it sounds an in-cab alarm as this pattern indicates “micro sleep” in its programming. This leads to vibration of the driver’s seat to instantly jolt the driver back to full consciousness. The same thing happens if the software detects that the driver is looking elsewhere but the road for a sustained period.

After every incident, a seven second long recording video of the driver’s face is sent to the operation center of Seeing Machines for complete analysis. If the authorities deem that further action is necessary, they notify the driver’s dispatcher within two minutes so that they may take appropriate measures to ensure the driver’s safety and as well as of the road users.

Online safety at your fingertips

Apart from in-vehicle technology, new age online technology is also aiding with driver training. Instant availability of online training programs aims to change the attitude of drivers towards driving behavior and general safety. It can also reduce and prevent collision rates by providing real-time feedback on unpredictable driving conditions.

There’s no doubt that technology is progressing at a rapid pace and it shouldn’t be long till we can see a revolutionary innovation that changes the safety game altogether. As many as truck safety technology features there may be, the means available to get justice after an accident has taken place is critically limited.

The future of truck safety

Looking at the future of disaster management, all the experts in the subject matter agreed that cost of repairs and maintenance are likely to rise, so the real solution lies in the reduction of incidents via education and innovation.

Future accident management programs will also be broadly like the principles of programs of other vehicle classes. The future holds a lot of promise that we’ll just have to wait and watch becoming a reality.