What is the Best Portable Projector?

If you are looking to create a cinematic experience when watching a film or if you need a projector to beam a PowerPoint presentation onto a wall at work, it is vitally important to select the best portable projector. It is only fairly recently that such devices have been put on sale, owing to the dramatic improvement in the technology to make the projectors portable. So, which models should you consider? Here are our recommendations:

Vivitek Qumi Q6

This is a fantastic looking projector, which also reflects the quality of its functionality. It weighs under 0.5kg, so it is easy to carry around from location to location. When you unbox it, you will be pleasantly surprised as to how slim it is. It’s just 34mm in height. The projector is able to work with a wide variety of devices, from smart phones to tablets. It can even project content that is on a conventional USB flash drive. You can also store up to 2.5GB worth of content on the device, which you can then project on demand. It has wifi functionality, so you are able to share data direct from your Android or iOs device and beam it using the projector.


The ZTE SPRO2 is another fantastic projector that gets top marks from our review team. It is quite an advanced projector, so this benefits the professional user. It comes with a High Definition touch screen, which allows you to easily control the projector without fiddling around with it using a remote control. It comes with a high capacity battery, which lasts many hours. The 6300mAh battery ensures you will always have enough battery to last, which is rechargeable. We found that the images and videos were able to be projected clearly and with excellent definition. The color was especially radiant, and so you shouldn’t worry about any washed out color when using this projector. This is in part due to the High resolution 1280*720 pixels. If you need a power source to charge your other devices, you can connect your phone for example to the projector. This makes it multi-functional.

Customers have praised the ZTE for its portability and functionality. It is quite rare to find a device that is able to be carried around, yet provide a stable and reliable projection. Customers of the ZTE in the past have bought it for playing movies and projecting these movies onto their living room wall, and the comments suggest many of these customers have been simply blown away by the quality of the projector.

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