Advertisers Resources

Enatimedia renders the best publisher tool kits in the branch designed for monetization of advertisements and furnished with the respective products. For ad publishing, they have developed the original network that significantly aids to increase your gains. They will provide unique, personalized and reliable approaches for any website.

Advantage of traffic

Profits Enatimedia strives to aid their clients to make the best advantage of the traffic that passes through their websites. Witness how the earnings will grow caused by the appropriate commercials, competitive bidding and metronomic surrounding the whole range of advertising.

Other advantages

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Masterful support
  • Simple settings
  • Returns guaranteed

Ad types

  • InterYield
  • InText
  • Native ads
  • XML feed

InterYield -Exclusive Pop-Under Banners

InterYield ranks among the range of colors or shapes available to the user of interstitial ad keys with the uppermost flexibility and is based on the displaying of non-aggressive landing pages from fitting and capable advertisers.

  1. The visitor views one content or another on your website
  2. The advertising landing page pops up or opens in a new tab
  3. The visitor’s activity on the page converts into impressive eCPM


InText is a non-traditional monetization tool that works as a provider of keyword-precise text commercials built upon your site’s filling.

  1. The visitor views a highlighted key word relevant to your site filling
  2. A simple and non-aggressive text ad shortly appears above the word
  3. The visitor clicks convert into impressive eCPM

Native ads

Enatimedia attempts to offer clientele with natural ad units that amuse the visitors with the pleasant content. Native commercials allow one to get cash from their site by non-invasively incorporating sponsor stuff or suggested items into the visitor’s activity. The content in question isn’t perceived by visitors as commercials, but nevertheless it brings impressive returns.

XML feed

Enatimedia’s tractable XML feed is designed to boost the delivery of talented advertisements to the targeted demography founded on search results, parked domains as well as immediate ad spaces.

  1. Incorporate Enatimedia’s tractable XML code
  2. Personalize the interior and exterior of your website
  3. Visitors view text-specific advertisements from leading brands

The Best Pair – Modem And Router

The two major components of the system that gets your home computer or mobile connected to the internet are the modem and the router. The modem communicates with your Internet Service Provider’s network. It is called a cable modem if it connects to your cable provider through a coaxial cable. It is a DSL modem if it is connected to your telephone line. Your modem will necessarily depend on the ISP’s infrastructure capability. It could be fibre or satellite also.

The router shares this internet connection among the various devices in your home or office. If it is wireless and creates a Wi-Fi network the devices can connect to. The router may be provided with ports for Ethernet cables. The router connects to the Internet, through the modem and is the recipient and owner of a single IP address on the internet, which servers on the net can connect to.

Routers come with firewalls which are protective barricades against the internet and offer protection in the hardware format in addition to the software firewall protection available on your computer.

ADSL devices combine both in one piece of equipment.

All brands of modems and routers basically work the same way except for a few cosmetic differences.

But there is a range of modems and routers to choose from and the prices vary from 30 dollars to a few hundreds


When choosing a modem, if your service provider is providing internet through the cable network, the modem for cable is a standard one called the DOCSIS 3.0 being the latest format across all brands. If it is a DLS connection, you would go for a VDSL connection for speeds greater than 15 Mbps and an ADSL connection for lesser speeds.