Field Data Collection Software: The Best Way to Improve Accuracy and Speed of Field Data Collection

Data has always been an integral part of decision making by the management in the interests of the company. Not long back it was done on paper and clipboards and the same has now been shifted to mobile devices like tablets, smartphones etc.

Prior to having field data collection software when it was collected on paper, it was a time-consuming process of cataloguing the data once it was collected. The manual data entry was also susceptible to making the human error and these mistakes can sometimes prove really costly. The sluggish rate at which the data got compiled led to delayed decisions on the part of management resulting in a slow rate of growth.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, these conventional methods are outdated and field reporting and data collection are done through field data collection app.

Making use of mobile data collection solutions today, it is possible to generate reports instantly. These mobile solutions are mostly cloud-based, which helps in synchronising the collected data and reports back to head office. The management can thus review the analytics and make accurate decisions quickly without wasting time waiting for the data. Thus, it helps in streamlining and improving the efficiency of workflow capabilities.

These digital methods have made it possible for the management to work in real time with the data that is collected by the field technicians. This has helped in removing the bottleneck that was there earlier of waiting for weeks or months to make business decisions based on the reports compiled after collecting field data.

Besides improving the speed of the data-to-reporting process, the data collection software has also improved the accuracy. These new age tools come with inspections configured in the system itself and thus it is possible for the management to set up videos or instruction guides.  These are really helpful for the new field person to follow the exact way of doing things as the earlier one was doing.

The field data collection software also ensures that each and every question is answered in totality before any inspection is completed.  If any question is left or any requirement is left unattended, these applications don’t permit to proceed to report. Thus, the chances of leaving anything incomplete are almost nil. This way, the chances of error due to negligibility is greatly reduced. They also have the capability of capturing various types of media like barcodes, RFID codes etc. As human intervention of entering these codes manually is removed, these tools ensure enhanced accuracy.

These tools normally have two components – a mobile component and a server component and the two synchronise together using a secure connection. Field data collection software is a secure, intuitive, and scalable solution to increase efficiency, productivity, enhance the quality of service, and reduce risks.


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