Digital Telco Circles.Life offers On-Demand Unlimited Data Plan

Circles.Life is presently the fourth largest mobile operator and the first ever digital telecom company of Singapore. In an attempt to revolutionize and rewrite the rules of telecommunications, the company has rolled out several add-ons or optional services for all its consumers. While announcing that the company would accomplish its goal to acquire up to 5{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} market share by the end of 2019, the telecom rolled out its unlimited data plan on demand.

Circles.Life has launched a one of a kind service, reportedly unprecedented in any market around the globe, wherein customers would be able to enjoy unlimited mobile data for just $3 per day. This on-demand service can be activated from within the app. The option is available to all customers, including those who are presently using the basic plan. This service is available anytime so customers simply need to push the button in the app and the unlimited data would be activated. The app would also notify the users of the time limit so they can keep consuming more data without worrying about extra charges. This plan aims to reduce the cost of data and by extension monthly mobile costs.

The co-founder of the company, Rameez Ansar has said that not every customer needs unlimited data, which is why signing up for such a service and paying more is unnecessary. Whenever customers feel they need more data, they can avail it instantly. Presently, the company has a plan wherein customers get 26GB data for $48 per month. The basic plan is priced at $28 per month which offers 6GB data and a hundred minutes of talk time. There is already an add-on for data wherein 20GB can be availed for $20 per month. With the unlimited data on-demand, customers don’t have to pay more when they could enjoy as much data as they want only when they need it.

While the fair use policy will apply for the unlimited data on-demand service, the threshold beyond which the speeds would be throttled is pegged at 100GB. This is the most generous capping in Singapore and also in most other regions around the world. Circles.Life has also rolled out other add-on services. Customers can now sign up for WhatsApp Passport. This new service allows customers to send and receive unlimited WhatsApp messages while traveling overseas. The price is as low as $1 per day for unlimited WhatsApp data usage while roaming. The telecom has partner networks in more than eighteen countries where this service would be available, including the United States and the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Circles.Life is also launching its services in Indonesia, which is reportedly its first stop in a much larger expansion around the globe.

Circles.Life is a completely digitized telecom company. It operates a cloud-based infrastructure that allows it to set up and expand at a small fraction of the cost that is necessary for conventional telecoms to establish their operations and subsequently expand. The telecom has the ability to expand into new markets in weeks which usually takes years for traditional networks.

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