16 Open Source Tools & Scripts for Web Developers

When making a website or mobile application you can save a lot of time and effort by using pre-existing scripts and development tools. Such scripts and tools can eliminate hours from your workload and add features to your project you wouldn’t have otherwise included. The best scripts for web developers are often open source, since they are easily modified and free to use. Check out these 16 best open source scripts and tools for web developers to give your next project a boost and save you time.

1. Node.js

If your web project involves JavaScript then you should begin with Node.js. This JavaScript runtime environment can be used to develop back-end and server-side applications for the web. This fast and time-tested development tool is a favorite among website developers.

2. Responsive Grid

This open source script will allow you to create a responsive grid for your website. This is great for grid-style sites, blogs and portfolios. Responsive Grid uses HTML5 and works in any browser, including mobile. Since it doesn’t require advanced coding, it will work on virtually any web hosting server environment.

3. Brackets

Brackets is a cross-platform text editor that will work on any modern operating system. You can use this free tool to develop your website or mobile application from start to end. Since it’s cross-platform, this is an ideal environment for editing code from multiple stations.

4. Ember.js

Ember.js is a powerful tool for developing web projects. You can use it to create JavaScript projects and applications. Ember.js is focused on finding bugs and errors to ensure your project is reliable and compatible in modern browsers.

5. SelectNav.js

If you need a great open source navigation system, for free, look no further than SelectNav.js. This script will help you create a stylish responsive menu or navigation bar for your next website or blog.

6. X-Editable

This in-place code editing software lets you work on your website’s Bootstrap and jQuery elements either inline or through a popup interface. Use this library to expand or modify existing projects without having to download an elaborate IDE.

7. Prism.js

Prism.js is great tool for developers working with a lot of JavaScript. This tool can highlight areas of code, which is often more convenient than a commenting system. Save yourself the time and effort from digging through your own or other’s comments by using this handy development application.


XAMPP is a development tool for those using PHP. It’s a popular choice among developers who wish to create local sites and work with a local server to share projects during development. This tool is free and open source and includes Apache server software along with other web tools.


When you think of CSS development, you should think LESS. This software can be used as a pre-processing toolkit for CSS and shorten your coding time significantly. Use a third-party compiler with LESS for an extensive CSS writing and testing environment.

10. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most popular framework for building modern web projects. This iconic tool should be in any developers’ software collection. Bootstrap can help you build HTML, CSS, and Javascript projects quickly and efficiently by providing a highly-functional base for your web project. Bootstrap has a special focus on mobile projects making it a great choice for any site where responsiveness is crucial.

11. Firebug

Firebug is an application known to most long-time web developers. This program allows you to modify and inspect HTML and Javascript in real time. It includes a powerful debugger than will allow you to avoid errors in your final product. Firebug also comes with a browser extension for additional features and testing purposes.

12. Jarallax

Jarallax is a CSS script collection that helps developers implement infinite scrolling and other frontend effects with ease. Use this development library for instant additions of advanced scripts and features for your website.

13. CSS3 SlideShow

Slideshows serve many purposes on websites. They can rotate your main image, display ads, or inform users of timely specials your company is offering. Use this free, open-source script to create your own responsive, interactive image slideshow using CSS3.

14. Foundation

This development tool from Zurb is designed to help you develop your website or app’s front-end. Foundation will help you create responsive websites templates and stunning emails with HTML.

15. HTML5 Blank

If you have WordPress optimized web hosting and want to create a diverse, comprehensive website for your business or corporation, then you should download this free WordPress development tool. The HTML5 Blank package lets you build a WordPress theme to fit your needs, allowing for easy customization.

16. AngularJS

AngularJS is a framework for developing JavaScript web projects. You can use this coding environment to code and test all of the JavaScript needed for your website or mobile app. Use AngularJS to extend you HTML and create any solution you need for your web project.

These tools and scripts will relieve you from redundant, time-wasting tasks and make your development process easier. You can use these tools to skip steps when building websites or mobile applications, and streamline your current processes. These open source scripts and convenient web development tools should be a staple of any web developer’s toolbox.