Migration of Database from SQL Server to PostgreSQL

If you are trying to consider a list of the best RDBMS with rich set of administration tools and programming APIs.  Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL falls in this category. But, MS SQL comes with somewhat limited licensing policy and a high cost of ownership while PostgreSQL comes with less limiting license and it is open source. Which is the reason why lots of businesses and agencies examine SQL Server to PostgreSQL migration for their databases.

Generally speaking, the migration of database comprises of the following steps:

  • Extract table definitions from the source database in form of DDL SQL statements
  • Convert these instructions into Postgres format and load into the target database
  • Export data from the source database into an intermediate storage (for example, csv files)
  • Transform the data according to the destination format and load it into the target database
  • Extract views, stored procedures and triggers from SQL Server database in form of SQL statements and source code
  • Convert these statements and source code into the destination format and load into the target database

Apparently, the process of moving database from MS SQL to PostgreSQL demands lots of work when performing it manually. Additionally, there is high-risk of data loss or corruption due to the human factor. It would be a good idea to make use of special software to improve the conversion process.

One of these conversion resources is SQL to PostgreSQL tool created by Intelligent Converters.

Intelligent Converters is a software vendor that specializes in development solutions for the conversion of database, migration and synchronization since 2001.  MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter by Intelligent Conversion has exceptional high performance as a result of to the instant reading and writing of data without the need of any middleware libraries or elements. It works with all models of SQL Server and PostgreSQL as well as cloud solutions. The product shows a command line version to automate and to set up database conversion. MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter permits not only the migration of data from SQL Server into new database but as well consolidate or synchronize it with current PostgreSQL database.

If you require to move only specific records to the destination database. Not a problem, the tool enables you to filter data via SELECT queries. With this option, it is easy to pick specific columns and records or simply modify the data before converting it into PostgreSQL format. Below is a few instances of using this function for varying reasons.

  • Filtering records: SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE ID > 300
  • Select and rename individual columns: SELECT fn as FirstName, ln as LastName FROM Table1
  • Skip NULL values: SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE description IS NOT NULL

Occasionally it is important to adjust column type in the resulting database. For this cause MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter offers feature called “custom column mapping”. It is a dialog window that enables you to change name, type, default value and NULL-attribute for any column of table and also exclude certain columns from conversion.

In case the target PostgreSQL server fails to allow remote connection, the software offers option to export the data into SQL script. In this method, the source database is exported into local a file containing SQL-statements to create tables with all indexes and constraints and fill them with the data. And after that, the database administrator can import the script file to PostgreSQL server via any conventional client tools.


A Layman’s Guide to Computer Specs

Buying a computer or, in fact, building your own, can be a confusing process. To most of us, computer specs can seem like a foreign language or some kind of algebraic expression. When it comes time to purchase a computer, however, you’re going to need to know at least a little about what those specs mean in order to make the right decision for you. Here are some reminders on what some of the more obscure specs mean on a practical level.

RAM is a computer spec that has no immediately apparent purpose. It’s not gigabytes, for example, which most of us know by now is a measurement of computer storage. No, RAM is more obscure and invisible, but it’s a crucial spec. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it refers to a computer’s allotted memory for random, moment to moment processing needs. It’s basically as simple as that. The more RAM your device has, the better it can run more things at a time. This is unimportant to the average consumer’s needs, and it’s most useful to a gamer.

On a similar note, there are graphics cards. Graphics cards are difficult to wrap your mind around for the reason that is no clear cut “graphics” specification. Rather, graphics cards typically must be researched individually to “put a face to the name,” so to speak. The only technical data a graphics card’s name is likely to give is the resolution that it’s built for, e.g., 1080p

When it comes to processors, the most important distinction is a simple and obvious one. The more processor cores a machine has, the better it runs. For example, a quad core processor is much more powerful than dual core processor. For most users, however, whatever your computer comes with is going to be more than enough for your needs. Whatever your needs, though, Lenovo is a great place to start hunting for the PC you need.

Web Hosting

Why is VPS Hosting an Economical Choice for you?

VPS hosting is helpful for businesses who are in need for speed and accuracy. Such type of service is comprised of software that is implemented upon server side operations. The VPS hosting service is popularly known as cloud computing. It is in the sense that the date is stored in a secured physical location. It is extremely popular today because of its speed and high level of security. VPS hosting offers a variety of benefits, but for you to enjoy the advantages, you have to carefully select a VPS provider. The is one of the best VPS providers in town. It offers both dedicated and shared web server features to ensure a smooth and seamless operation. It is your partner in growing your business.

Below are the reasons why VPS hosting is considered economical and beneficial to every business:

  • The VPS plan is less expensive as compared to the usual dedicated hosting plan. The latter also use ordinary physical servers which do not provide optimum security of data.
  • The VPS plan can be customized according to the needs and requirements of your business. When it comes to billing, the client is usually billed on the basis of pay per use. This is highly economical and practical on a business standpoint.
  • VPS hosting is easily scalable. You can start off in a virtual environment with a limited resources. As your business grows, the requirements and demands change too. Hence, the flexible hosting plan of the VPS service enables you to scale the service according to the needs of your business. The best thing is you will no longer have to pay for excessive resources. That’s how economical VPS hosting is.

  • Another perks of VPS hosting service is you get to control your virtual server through affordable shared hosting plans. VPS hosting provider gives you complete access to the server, which is not possible within the shared server.

If you are in need of a reliable and highly dependable partner in growing your business, then turn to VPS hosting and make sure you choose the best provider.


Your Data Is Probably Costing You Money

Information Quality is the establishment for all information and frameworks exercises inside an organization. Quality information is required to convey revise data to leaders who will use it to pick up an upper hand in the market. Surveying information quality over the venture or inside particular business capacities is basic. Associations must distinguish key information components and business rules, survey information for regular imperfections, make standards or activities for settling information, and make measurements to identify absconds as they enter a framework/database. Information is a basic corporate resource that gets incorporated into Information, which is the reason for Knowledge inside your association.


  • Realities about things sorted out for examination or used to reason or decide
  • Crude material from which data is inferred and is the reason for insightful activities and choices


  • Accumulations of usable realities or information
  • Handled put away or transmitted information
  • Information in setting with exact definition and clear introduction


  • Particular data about something-the whole or scope of what has been found or learned
  • Data known and in the best possible setting
  • Esteem added to data by individuals who have involvement and keenness to comprehend its potential

The climax is applying learning by using Information for Value which is corporate Wisdom. Corporate Wisdom is subsequently an element of an enterprise’s ability to obtain and apply information. This ability to procure and apply learning, Corporate Intelligence, is predicated upon the underlying Quality of Data Assets. What are information resources? Information Assets are the information questions in an Enterprise that effect business capacities. They might be fragmented by business capacity, for example:

  • Client
  • Deals
  • Accomplice
  • Bill of Material
  • Resources
  • Introduced Base
  • Assentions
  • Qualification
  • Money related (GL, AP, AR, and so on.)
  • Charging
  • HR

What is data quality?

Data Quality is the state where information resources have the accompanying traits.

  • Clear definition or significance
  • Amend values
  • Reasonable introduction organize (as spoke to an information specialist)

What’s inalienably amiss with information?

Vast Volumes of Data –

The measure of accessible data gathered by organizations has multiplied or tripled since 2002 and 10-30 percent is of low quality (wrong, conflicting, ineffectively designed, entered inaccurately, and so forth.)

Information is Dynamic –

Information is always being upgraded by workers, clients and outsiders.

Individuals are Myopic About Quality –

Information quality is not a prime thought in numerous organizations since the cost of support is high and the procedure is troublesome and ugly.

Web Hosting

Getting New Web Hosting Service for Your Web Site

Because of Various wasteful aspects of Old Web Hosting supplier like poor specialized bolster, down web server, failure of old supplier to met with your necessities, costly web facilitating administration, an Online Business proprietor chose to go for another Web Hosting supplier. Due to all previously mentioned and numerous more not in the rundown you would pick new web facilitating administration.

So the following stride is to exchange your site from current web host to new web have which should be possible by taking after the under specified strides. Exchanging of Schedule For exchanging the old web facilitating, arranging ought to be done ahead of time, no less than one month before in order to guarantee smooth exchange, as moving in less than one month can prompted to detachment of your site. Enlisting new web facilitating administration.

Once the above stride is finished, client must go for another web facilitating administration and must sign it in like manner inside 24 hours in order to empower new record soonest.

Taking Files Backup

When you made another web facilitating account, you ought to reclaim up of all your web documents for the new supplier. For the most part you as of now have all documents of your site on your neighborhood PC still it is valuable to reinforcement all your records from old web server. Additionally including HTML records, reinforcement of any script document, database record and even of server logs record ought to be taken. From that point make a catalog structure like index structure on web server and after that heap the document in their individual index.

Transferring of records

You will get a warning email from your new web-facilitating supplier after the warning of your new web facilitating account. Data expected to set up a site including FTP server data all will be given inside that email. With the assistance of that FTP data client can now FTP his new web-facilitating server and can transfer every one of his records. To begin with the client ought to make a registry structure and afterward can transfer every one of his documents in their individual registries. Client can likewise introduce any script document or databases if utilized as a part of his site and furthermore ought to setup his email accounts with the assistance of organization board.


Reasons Why It Is Necessary For an Online Company to Have Translation Software Installed

With the market scenario getting highly fast paced, a company needs to ensure that it is well prepared with all kinds of services from its end. A customer online just has a few seconds in hand and if you fail to please your customers needs, they have a flotilla of sites waiting to grab their attention.

This is why you need to ensure that you seamlessly imply an all-inclusive communication with your customers, your clients and employees too, who probably could belong to different communities and countries. There are so many software providers today who provide you software with  translation in more than 800 language. Isn’t it a boon, and well a necessity indeed! To work efficiently online, you would need to ensure that you work towards improving your communication in a repertoire of languages. It is always better to stay prepared, rather than losing valuable clients and customers from anywhere across the globe.

There are language translation software’s which could be aptly trained to suit the specific needs of your business domain and goals. Software’s as these provide you with publishable quality translations and help to bridge the multilingual communications gap, both externally as well as internally.

Let us know about the benefits that you get from language translation software:

Delivering Important Information in Numerous Languages

For the expansion and continuous growth of any company, language is a vital driver. With the ever increasing volume of information probably uploaded everyday by tons of sites for your clients and customers, you sure do not want your efforts and hard work getting wasted. The value of your site gets enhanced is information, documents, knowledge bases and strategic data can get translated across the enterprise. It is essential for your customers and partners to understand the information you are putting across for them. This is why localization and content management of websites should include the capacity for real-time translation. This is indeed a vital aspect and requires to be taken seriously at the publication stage.

Translating More for Less

The only feasible solution to translate content to other languages and that too free from human error, is through a genuine translation software. Plus, this is a cost effective means and helps to translate volumes of information and documents in a jiffy!


Reasons Your Business Should Do IT Equipment Recycling

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, in 2013 approximately 40{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} of equipment were reused. This number has bit by bit extended amid that time a similar number of associations are planning to get doable waste philosophies, for instance, IT equipment reusing. In any case, the rate of e-waste being reused is still pretty much nothing, and the measure of electronic waste orchestrated in landfills is to an awesome degree ruinous to our environment.

It is important that associations mastermind their IT outfit in an eco-obliging way. There are immense measures of recyclable rigging found in landfills that can be used to cut the cost of amassing new advancement. By cutting down the cost of creation, obtaining IT apparatus can in the long run be less costly later on too. Similarly, by confining the measure of waste put into these landfills, we can enhance our environment!

Regardless, a couple of associations are hesitant to reuse or are oblivious this is a decision. We might want to change thusly of instinct and give you as much information possible on the purpose of IT rigging reusing. Today we are telling you the focal points to using a sensible waste method.

Reusing Benefits Everyone

There are biological, business, and data confirmation preferences of using IT adapt reusing. Right when materials are reused, it saves a lot of imperativeness to convey new advancement. Will this extra essentialness and additionally it will encourage bring down future amassing costs. With a lower delivering costs comes less costly retail costs for equipment.

Furthermore, emptying IT outfit with a trusted association suggests the arranged information is disposed of securely. Most PCs, printers, scanners, and other IT equipment contain private information. If a business does not organize the data precisely, then the affiliation can realize imperative fines and may lose business due when a customer finds you are not carefully dealing with their information.

What Can Be Recycled?

An expansive bit of the IT structure can be reused. You can reuse:

  • Monitors

  • PCs

  • Servers

  • Mobile Phones

  • Printers

  • Scanners

Most equipment is made of different material. Not each and every piece of it is recyclable.

Reusing Process

There are particular techniques to reuse or reestablish IT equipment, which join asset exchange, asset reuse, and asset security. In each method, the apparatus must be dealt with phenomenal thought.

We for the most part bolster associations of all sizes to not use landfills or incinerators in light of the way that these are not earth-pleasing decisions. It is perfect to pick a down to earth squander procedure that is also efficient. Customers and clients moreover recognize associations that work monetarily.



It Is Essential to Back Up Your Computer Data

Investigating reinforcement arrangements is imperative on the off chance that you don’t have something set up. The danger of losing the greater part of your information for your own needs or your business is just excessively awesome. There are numerous brilliant projects out there and they aren’t costly. They will help you spare time and cash over the long haul. It just requires one investment of a recuperation for you to harvest the esteem.


Where will your things be put away? To what extent will they be put away there? Is it secure to do as such? Your own and business records may contain touchy data that should be ensured. Ensure the reinforcement arrangements you consider offer you the general scope and security you truly require. Try not to compromise or you may wind up with a rupture of data.

What amount of capacity would you say you will have? You would prefer not to be constrained, which is the reason such a variety of individuals depend on a Cloud based program for their reinforcement arrangements needs. The scope you get can shift altogether starting with one program then onto the next so never make presumptions.


Search for reinforcement arrangements that offer you an assortment of components you can utilize. This empowers you to tweak the reinforcement data that will be put away. It can likewise permit you to change when the reinforcement will happen. For individual data, you may not feel you ought to need to do it as regularly as you accomplish for your business related necessities.

The elements offered ought to be anything but difficult to utilize as well. It doesn’t make a difference what number of them the program offers in the event that they are difficult to move. Perused data from different clients so you can discover how well it went for them. In the event that they think it was too hard, then you may wish to abstain from going that course. Search for a well-made program that is anything but difficult to explore.


You ought to have the capacity to make reports that impart to you when a reinforcement was done and additionally what was moved down. The capacity to redo such data can help you to remain on top of the necessities and to be composed. Search for reinforcement arrangements that permit you to create reports that are anything but difficult to peruse and that have the significant information you require.


Discover what the strategy is should you require bolster from the reinforcement arrangements. You would prefer not to find by then you are without a friend in the world and all alone to make sense of everything. Rather, you have to know there is a talented and well disposed bolster group who can answer your inquiries and help you settle issues.

Set aside some opportunity to get some answers concerning audits identifying with their support. You would prefer not to need to pay for support either. It ought to be incorporated with the program you have as of now bought. You ought to likewise ask about redesigns and on the off chance that you will be offered access to them naturally.

Assess Current Setup

How well is your present setup functioning for you? It might be a great opportunity to redesign your reinforcement arrangements. Your business may have developed; projects may have enhanced after some time, and numerous different situations. There can be a gigantic crevice between what you have set up and what is advertised. Try not to have an incorrect feeling that all is well with the world with regards to your security net.


Going down Your Information in the Cloud Is Encouraged

Despite the fact that there is a lot of data flowing about Cloud reinforcement arrangements, many individuals are still incredulous. It can be difficult to grasp something new like this. The innovation can scare to others. There are individuals who don’t make the ideal opportunity for the reinforcement procedure and other people who stress it will be excessively confused for them.

However there are many reasons why you ought to consider this strategy. When you take in more about what it offers, you will be urged to give it a more intensive look. Converse with individuals utilizing it that you know or read data on the web. Those points of interest can help you to set your feelings of dread aside. You require a strong blueprint in real life for going down data that is up to speed.


In the event that you have a reinforcement framework that is nearby, it wouldn’t offer you as much esteem as you may think. There can be a lot of situations where things are exhibit in house and you can’t rely on upon any of the data there. It might be distant because of issues or it might be traded off. With Cloud reinforcement arrangements, you are putting away the information offsite.

Regardless of the possibility that you have issues at a given area, you will have the capacity to in any case get to it rapidly. This can spare you the bother of attempting to get by without certain data. For a business, it can have the effect between having the capacity to proceed with the client needs or shutting down for a timeframe.


Coming up short on storage room will be a bad dream! However it sensibly can happen on the off chance that you have huge volumes of information. Your business might be little right now, however it will develop and develop. Being set up for the long haul stockpiling needs you may experience is imperative. With Cloud reinforcement arrangements, you have no restrictions to the measure of information you can store.

Online Tools

The greater part of the work will be accomplished for you using online devices. You can choose what to store, when to store it, reports to make, and numerous more points of interest. The perpetual time spent to physically entire a reinforcement is dispensed with from the condition. Cloud reinforcement arrangements are quick, effective, and easy to understand.

Easy to understand

Despite all the colossal components that are offered with Cloud reinforcement arrangements, it truly is an easy to use prepare. Getting materials set up and moved to the Cloud isn’t hard and it doesn’t require as much investment as you may think it would. To sweeten the deal even further, it is a financially savvy arrangement. Numerous buyers are awed when they discover how little it costs!


Basics For Keeping Your Company’s Data Safe

Every single other week there is another noticeable data burst in the media. From Target to Home Depot to iCloud to JPMorgan to Snapchat to the White House-and most starting late the staggering attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment-there’s reliably a component highlighting the loss of data and crack of trust.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean your business must be one of them and persevere through the dazzling $3.5 million incidents happening due to an ordinary data crack.

Here are seven practices and things you can get today to remain out of the data break club.

Arm Yourself For The Dangers Inside.

Data dangers today don’t solely begin from malicious developers, paying little mind to the way that news highlights prescribe something else. A late PwC concentrate found that inside threats and mistakes now constitute a more noteworthy test to business security than external ones, suggesting that paying little regard to size, today’s associations must control data on limit stages, and in addition on agent and business assistants’ contraptions and records.

Get The Lay Of The Area.

Ask yourself: “What is the most sensitive, private data that our business holds, how is it dealt with, and who has permission to it?” Create a spreadsheet organizing data sorts and organizations to the agents and business accomplices who can get to them. Make an indicate join the two most fragile sorts of data: customer information and authorized development.

Parts And Authorizations.

Once you’ve recognized your advantages, review levels of get to and in case they can be controlled by method for approach, or, surprisingly better, consequently. A basic variable to consider is whether your substance organization phase of choice allows the significance of control administrators need to set parts for each specific utilize case inside the association. It’s basic that these are refined, obliging get to and adjust of fundamental data to endorsed staff.

Take In Your Shortcomings.

A large number individuals reuse a similar mystery word across over organizations, including business related undertakings. Exactly when a noteworthy retailer or organization provider is broken, there is an unquestionable shot that corporate messages and passwords are also influenced. A practically identical shortcoming starting late engaged aggressors to get to a considerable number of Dropbox records as untouchable organizations fused with the thing were bartered, laying countless and passwords weak.