Other Problems and How You Can Fix Them Yourself

Here are some other things that might be a problem for your computer.

Defective power socket

The DC Jack (power supply socket) shows no damage and the current is there and still your notebook will not boot? Especially with systems that are older, the power supply socket/charging socket often is worn out because of constant plugging in and out. This website will offer you the spare part that is suitable for this problem and will correct possible errors that stop the device from properly starting or booting up.

Empty CMOS RTC battery

Your computer is not saving the bios settings? This situation is often linked to an empty or defective CMOS Bios battery. In majority of cases, the CMOS battery is only plugged and not soldered. By just replacing the CMOS Bios battery yourself and use it as you are used to is the easy way.

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CMOS error and causes

Has your PC, computer, tablet or notebook suddenly stop working?

Are BIOS settings reset after each boot up?

Error messages

Will you get an error message after starting such as:

  • CMOS Checksum error
  • Invalid Date and Time
  • CMOS configuration mismatch
  • CMOS settings wrong

If you are getting these error messages, then the error is possibly due to a defective or empty CMOS backup battery.


 The term CMOS stands for Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor and is a memory module/battery where the bios settings for your computer are stored. If the CMOS battery is defective or empty, the settings for the system are reset at every start, and this result in one of the above error messages.


Popular Repair Works Available with Brisbane iPhone Repair

Mobile phones are kind of devices that are targeted on all kinds of market segments. One that belongs to a category of premium phones is an iPhone. But, this does not mean that iPhones don’t break down. Unfortunately, these too have their bad days. But much to the owner’s relief, a professional repairer can help you retain them for longer time by providing perfect repairs service. Listed here are some of the popular repair jobs that are done by Brisbane iPhone repair expert:

  • Battery Replacement

Battery is one of the most talked about feature in an iPhone. It is the battery performance that forces any user to discard the phone before it reaches the end of life-cycle. Thus, by getting battery replaced with original counterpart, one can continue using the phone for longer time span.

  • Charge port replacement

A defective charging port can make iPhone user helpless when the phone runs out of battery. Thus, changing the defective port can help increase the shelf-life of the iPhone.

  • Back cover replacement

Back cover secures the precious iPhone and offers it ample protection against fall and hits. If the back cover is damaged, it can be replaced by availing services of iPhone repair services.

  • Home button replacement

iPhone home button has multiple functions to perform. Most importantly, it helps iPhone start. So, replacing it is ideal option to keep the phone functional. iPhone repairers Brisbane offers you authentic home button replacement at affordable cost.

  • Water damage repair

Phone getting wet is the biggest cause of concern and damages it forever. Thus, water damage repair is the most necessary help one seeks to keep iPhone functional.

Thus, look for the professional repairers if any of the above problems enter your phone and rest assured that these problems will be taken care of with ultimate perfection.