Things That a Good IT Company Should Be Able To Help You With

There are many reasons that a computer user might need services of a good IT support company. Actually the search is endless. Most companies that offer IT support focus on their strengths and try to make the strengths as many as possible.

Good IT Company

A good IT company should be able to offer the following:

  • Testing computer performance to see if there is a problem with failing hardware or software;
  • Maintenance tasks to keep a computer running smoothly for an individual or a small company;
  • Designing and building a website for an individual or small company;
  • Providing computer protection from viruses, malware and other cyber threats;

These are the more important IT services and IT support that a good IT company should provide.

Maintenance tasks

There are many tasks that should be set up to run on a daily basis – including virus and malware protection, hard drive errors, check and install updates and more. These can all be set up to run automatically while you are sleeping. A good IT company will come in handy.

Designing and Building a website

You don’t have to be in business to have a website built – you could just have a blog you want to attract people to. But if you are a freelancer or have a small company – a good IT company can help you design and then they will build it for you.


A good IT company will be able to test your computer if it is not running up to par. Or it could be software that is the problem. A good IT company can test and get your computer running like new again.

Help with programs

You must have virus and malware programs up and running to keep your computer safe from intruders. A good IT company can install these and set them to run automatically.

These are just a few things that a good IT company can do for you!



The recent growing trend of increasing content writing needs has become popular with increasing demand for online reading, networking and surfing. There are a pool of opportunities for writers who are willing to step into the world of content marketing. From press releases to Blog writing to Website Writing to Product Reviewing, you have a multitude range to choose from. If writing is everything you know, then there is a pretty good opportunity with you to make a good living with your talent. Gone are the days when writers used to be paid meagerly. And guess what? You are just a click away from registering yourself on the suitable freelancing platform which meets your necessities in the best possible way. Here is an elaborate comparison between two big freelancing websites ie  Contentmart and Zerys to give you a clear picture of things.


Do you like to work with strict deadlines? Well, what I mean to say is, would you like that a clock is ticking on your head and every single hour you are being reminded that you are coming closer to the deadline? I am sure not. On Zerys , you get 24 hours to complete each  500 words per page. Isn’t it monotonous? You cannot afford to lose the deadlines at all if you are working under Direct-Assigned Jobs. If you do, then the project is gone. Where as on Contentmart, you don’t lose out on the project you are working if you communicate with the client beforehand. You would simply be informed that you missed the deadline but Contentmart doesn’t act till the client cancels the order. Hence, it works more flexibly than any other freelancing platform.


Well, the reliability and credibility of a freelancing option matters the most. You would always want to connect with the platform which looks best after your vested interests. If you are a freelancer then apprehensions are bound to creep in. You would want a platform where you can access your payments in the safest manner and which also allows you better payment alternatives. With Zerys , all the above things go missing. You need to have a mandatory Paypal Account in order to access your payments which is surely a turn off for many. Whereas, on the other hand, Contentmart offers you other options like direct bank account transfer and makes things simplistic for you.


Definitely Contentmart is. It is totally fair with the writer’s needs in every possible way. The best part is that it would not go on to cancel your order if perhaps you failed to complete the order at a given deadline. Whereas on Zerys if you don’t complete the job before the due date then the order is automatically returned to the client’s job board so another writer can take the job. The job goes into your Missed Deadline folder.


Hence, understanding the intricacies of choosing a better option for yourself involves no rocket science. With all the pros and cons, you can make the right choice for yourself without any doubts.


Writing is an art and very few of us know how to utilize it effectively to earn a handsome amount every single day. If you have it, congrats. Welcome to the league which can fetch you more than you had expected to earn. With increase in demand of content over the years, people are searching for good freelancing options which can help them choose the best sort freelance writers. As a writer, all you need to have is possess excellent writing skills and the clients would be always wanting to hire you. Here is an analysis of Contentmart with Copify, both of which are competent freelancing websites.


Writing is a passion for some and working on strict deadlines kills your creativity. Doesn’t it ?While fixing healthy deadlines is necessary for fulfilling client’s requirements , but the problem arises when it’s the other way round. What if someone told you that you have next 24 hours to write 500 words? It’s not always possible to work like a machine, fulfilling targets and just thinking about overbeating time to submit your work. Here is where Contentmart has made a positive mark among several other competitive websites and specially Copify. Copify works monotonously with such hard deadlines which allows no space to writers needs. So basically your estimated turnaround for 100-500 words is 24 hours,500-1000 words is 48 hours, 1000-2500 words is 72 hours. Whereas, on Contentmart there is no such hard and fast policy of  this sort. You choose a project of your own accord and you can contact with client to extend the deadlines and work without any such pressure. It’s totally upto you whether you want to write 100 words a day or 1000 words a day as the projects are  meant to be submitted just before the deadline.


Undoubtedly, Contentmart is. The best part is that you get each and every information about the writer on his/her dashboard. Plus you get around 100-110 bids on each order so you have a good choice to choose the best writer for yourself. The portfolio in itself speaks a lot about the freelancer and hence as a client you don’t need to indulge in any other formalities unlike on Copify.


The best thing is that Contentmart doesn’t allow any upfront options for the freelancers which makes it more safe and secure. You money is at no risk as a client. You have all rights to reject the order if the content doesn’t meet your expectations. But Copify does give the option of upfront payments to its clients. Sometimes freelancers can take undue advantage of trust reposed on them and hence it can be disappointing for the clients. Hence, you can now make a judicious choice for yourself with all the things you know now.


Now you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of working on both on the platforms and choose the best for yourself.