UbiatarPlay – Telepresence through Modern Technology

The best thing about the current day technological advancement is that they have all made life easy and interesting for people around the world. These technological inventions were considered hard to be possible but all the barriers were shattered with their hi-tech functionalities and the resulting benefits.

Many businesses and researchers are now making use of unexplored areas of technology and ancient concepts to bring about more revolution in technology. It could be understood that people relate better to those technologies that makes life easy and interesting. It should be cost-effective, provide quick and good results and moreover, should provide thrill and excitement. UbiatarPlay has come up with its innovative, novel and unique concept that represents modern day telepresence service.

Human empowerment network

Ubiatar provides people with the power of ubiquity, wherein they can reach anyplace in few steps. It does not involve you flying to a location, does not require you to take flight tickets and all the hassles of travelling yet you get to experience the impossible feat of being at the place you want.

The UbiatarPlay acts as a human empowerment network, which acts as a platform to connect the usar with the avatar. Businesses and companies can choose to hire a group of avatars and create a business group with a logo to provide services. It is a whole lot easier than having a full-time employee.

How it works?

If one wants to work as an avatar, the person can post their profile with their skills, interest areas and other important details. The usar would choose over a specific profile that best suits their requirement and would make use of the avatar to operate remotely. It is up to the avatar to accept a particular task or job that is being offered by the usar. It is considered as one of the most interesting interface that is sure to make human communication and interaction to reach its highest potentials.

If you want to be a part of this stupendous project, it is easy to get to it through the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) wherein a token is provided which would entitle the person to a direct share in the capital market.