Volume Measurement System for Small Samples

It seems that for many years one of the hardest samples to measure has been the smallest sample sizes of liquid. The samples are pipetted into wells that are located on plastic plates. There were first developed two methods the MVS and PCS but there have been gaps in these two methods.


Since then there has since developed a method for guaranteeing sample management with quality, the volume measurement system fills a budding gap in the procedure by measuring the sample size present in each well – in-process – for nearly any plate or sample type. Using an exclusive, vigorous technology, the VMS closures each well and cycles through a series of recurring pressurizations to correctly and exactly control sample volume in as little as 35 seconds for 96-well plates, and 110 seconds for 384-well plates.

Ideal for

  • Verifying sample capacities when you don’t have data on the accuracy of the liquid manager used to produce the sample plate
  • Determining sample volumes for objects, suspensions, or solutions
  • Checking volumes of sample in storage plates that may have experienced water uptake or evaporation

This VMS takes the guesswork out of compound and sample management.

System Capabilities

  • Customizable pass/fail stipulations
  • Measures well volume in-process for superior accurateness at the time of being analyzed
  • Rises effectiveness by dropping wasted exertion
  • Measures non-aqueous, aqueous, and DMSO-based solutions
  • Improves control of a process and quality data
  • Reduces time and cost of rework
  • Measures suspensions and solids
  • Assimilates with plate handlers, stackers and LIMS
  • Reports well-by-well volume measurements
  • Compatible with almost all 96- and 384-well plates of any type, shape, color, or plastic type

Key Applications

The VMS supports a wide diversity of applications through precise and accurate measurement of sample volumes:

  • Assay plate in-process volume measurements
  • Resolves remaining volume in storage plates
  • Determination of volume for the accuracy of normalization and dilution

Industry standard

It seems that this VMS ensures quality data for this step of assay measuring by having the volume sample in every well. It doesn’t matter if you need to know how much of a sample you have or confirm liquid transfer this VMS accurately and rapidly measures in-process sample volumes – well by well in 96 and 384 well plates.