E-commerce Strategies and Lessons That Would Help Online Businesses to Prosper

Technological advancements are booming as many years pass by. This advancement thing means a lot to us humans because it lets us do things easier than the usual. One remarkable invention that took the world by storm is the internet, and it has been helping us since then, allowing more people to be connected at the same time. The birth of the internet also marks more uses for it including its fusion with many fields, including business, and that’s when e-commerce was born. Until now, many people participate in it and are deemed to have a great value.

Online shops enable businesses to interact with a large number of people wirelessly, with just the use of the internet. For those who are just starting up and are scared to hop in, digital agencies are available to give you quite a boost. Although it may seem daunting at first, a lot of businesspeople has pulled off this trick and this day; it has been helping a lot of people. These agencies promise businessmen and entrepreneurs lessons and strategies to have a successful online business.

E-commerce is global, and it is essential to have an effective one. Some startup business isn’t successful in joining the fray because of the lack of knowledge. By not having enough information about the market and even by not having a strategy, things will fall off eventually. That possibility could be reduced by hiring a digital agency that has been in the business for quite a long time. Preferably, a 5 to 10-year of experience would prove them worthy.

A great shopping experience even if it happened in a store inside a mall or an online shop would leave a great impression on the customers, and it would leave them wanting for more. This element is important when keeping customers and having regular ones would help on establishing a name. There are a ton of agencies out there that offers things that would boost your customer satisfaction by a lot. It’s true to trust them since they’re already pro when it comes to their craft. So, it is recommended to consult one.

The extensive coverage of internet has favoured e-commerce and even ordinary people who use them. It is indeed a blessing but using it as a tool to make a profit and help others would require a lot of time, effort, and patience. Good thing, agencies that focus more on online businesses are here to assist those who want to accomplish their goals. With their help, the enhancement of the internet will be aided and would lead online businesses to prosper.


What Are Online Assessment Tests and How Do Companies Use Them?

Have you ever wondered what these online assessment tests are and most importantly why do companies use them? Well, companies or employers use them in order to judge whether a candidate is fit for the job or not. It gives them an idea aof how capable the candidate is. Companies that conduct these online assessment tests are looking for candidates that will match their criteria for hiring.

Online Assessment Tests and Companies

Online assessment tests are a part of the screening process that is followed by the company. It helps them to determine which candidate to interview and vice versa. Usually, online assessment test as the name signifies is taken online, but however, in certain situations, it can also be conducted in an office itself.

How Does An Online Assessment Test Work?

An online assessment test is the part of the hiring process that leads you to the interview round. To begin with, job postings are published on the official website of the company, where candidates apply online and then, take the online assessment test.

Applicants either take the test on the company website itself or they are redirected or a third party website. In either of the cases, you will be provided with necessary instructions on how to access and carry on with the test.

Some employers are smart enough to make use of job simulations in order to determine whether a candidate is fit to perform the tasks that are associated with the job. Like for instance, candidates for clerical or administrative staff positions might have to perform tasks that will assess their speed, accuracy, writing, proofreading and editing skills.

After you take the online assessment test, you will be informed whether you have cleared it or not. In some scenarios, you may also get notified by the company if, they are interested in hiring you for the vacant post while in other cases, you may simply not hear anything at all from the company. You should know that all these procedures depend on the policy that is followed by the company or the organization.

Before, you take such tests it is advisable that you prepare yourself nicely for it. You can take help from the guidelines available on the internet related to these tests. You may think that these tests are hard to clear, but in reality, all you need is to be a bit smart.


How to Protect Your Android Phone from Being Hacked

For those who haven’t heard of phone hacking, it’s a real thing and your personal information is at risk. No matter which Android phone model you have, hackers can steal data from your phone or inject a malware. Mobile programming is very similar to web programming and hackers are experts in programming. A seemingly harmless app can make your phone vulnerable to malicious attacks. Just like PC, your phone also needs antivirus software to fight against hacking. Here we discuss some steps to protect your phone from hacking attempt.

Lock your phone

Locking your phone will reduce chances of misuse. Although this is a preliminary step and it won’t offer much protection from a hacking attempt, it will, however, prevent misuse.

Turn automatic updates on

Android phones have this setting turned on by default, but many people turn it off as it affects performance. This is a big mistake because your firmware needs to be up to date to protect you from security threats.

Activate location services

Location services consume memory, so people tend to keep it off. But if you remove unwanted apps from your phone, then there would be more than enough memory left for location services to run smoothly. Android device manager relies on location services to trace your phone using IMEI. There are also online tools for locating Samsung phones by IMEI, see Samsung IMEI Info here. This is helpful in case your phone is lost or stolen and you want to prevent hackers from accessing your data.

Install apps only from trusted sources

This is probably the most important thing you can do to prevent hacking. Downloading apps from Samsung store is the safest. If you are going to install apps from third-party sites, ensure that the app has many installs with positive reviews from other users. Hackers exploit shady apps to inject a virus or steal data, so you should be very careful about what you install. An easy way to tell if the app is malicious is if it asks for access to personal information during install.

Do not respond to messages from unknown sources

This is another way that hackers use to capture data from your phone. They will send you a bait message containing some link. If you click the link, the hackers will also receive personal data from your phone. This method has been widely used on the web for years but now hackers have started exploiting it on smartphones too.

Avoid connecting your phone via unsecured WiFi

This kind of threat is common on PC & Laptop and your antivirus software will trigger a warning the moment you try to connect your phone to an unsecured connection. Android phones also have this vulnerability. Hackers only need an access point, doesn’t matter if it is via internet or SMS.

Web Hosting

China VPN Services

What do you understand by the term VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a method used to ensure security and privacy to private and public networks. Initially, VPNs were mostly used by corporations to protect sensitive data. With the passage of time, personal usage of VPN has increasingly become more popular.

As everyone is well aware of the China’s history regarding their policies for online content. Recently, China has approved a new Cyber Security Law. The law basically ensures the protection of personal information and other individual concerns. Under this law, companies are required to introduce a new system of data protection. For example, the data of Chinese citizens must be stored on domestic server.

The existing situation for the VPN providers is not much different in China as compared to other countries. Normally, China used to take measures against the VPN’s. The main aim behind these measurements is to stop the VPN providers from creating any interruption for the internet services. Despite all these things, VPN is still not prohibited in China. They are just focusing on the censorship rather than punishment. Certainly, VPNs are very famous in China. These are mostly used for the academic purposes. But on the other hand, many people termed the China’s broad system of censorship as “Great Firewall”. This term is used because every VPN providers have to be answerable in front of Chinese higher authorities.

Let’s have a look into best VPN services which are working under the censorship of Chinese Government.

VPN services in China

It is not easy to work with the strict measurements of the Chinese government. But despite all these things, some VPNs are providing their services to deal with the basic problems. These few services are working with the improved methods. These methods are maintaining their functioning under the tough online climate. It is clear that everyone goes for the best service which gives them reliable Chinese VPN. Their main consideration is about the tight security and privacy as well.

For the ease of customers, we have picked out top three VPNs. You can differentiate them on the basis of their performance.

Express VPN

It is our top choice for the users. It is costly as compared to other VPNs. But its excellent customer support service and 30-day trial offer make it more worthy than its cost.

Vypr VPN

Basically, Vypr VPN is provided by a smaller company. But this thing does not affect its performance. It is most reliable and fastest among other. It also offers you 25{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} off on yearly account.


Astrill has a dominant position in VPN market. But with the passage of time, its performance is going down. It’s because of firewall targeting on this service. Ultimately, this factor affects the speed of Astrill. But if you want to use it for just surfing the internet, it provides you best speed. But it is not compatible with the usage of different apps like torrents, twitter, and Instagram etc.


Indeed, a VPN is a beneficial tool to be used. Because, it allows you to access the uncensored internet. Especially, the citizen of China is in great need of this thing. Before purchasing a VPN service, make sure that many VPN companies are blocked in China. Also, it must be noted that Vypr VPN and Express VPN are banned by Apple in China. So the IOs users of China are unable to use these top 2 service providers.


Bravo Telecom Has a Variety of Bundles for TV, Internet and Phone

Bravo Telecom wants to end this year in a big way, so they are offering simply amazing combination deals with their unlimited ‘hybrid fiber’ 15M internet bundle package. You will be able to stay in touch with loved ones in other countries with the 200 free minutes in the United States and Canada. You can live an astonishing cinematic experience together with international TV channels where you can travel from the luxury of your favorite chair at home with their TV internet phone bundles for only $52.95 each month.

Offer only by Bravo Telecom

This offer is a selection that is made only by Bravo Telecom. The new offer for TV is available for free with their unlimited internet packages that have an uploading speed of up to 10 Mb/s, starting at $42.95 per month.

Short time

For a short time, these bundles with 15M unlimited hybrid fibers are accessible for $52.95 each month and that is a 5 percent discount on your monthly bill. But it is important to note that this is an offer that can be:

  • Extended
  • Shortened
  • Modified without notice

These internet services will need to be provided by Bravo Telecom. The client using Bravo Telecom will have to subscribe to a package with unlimited access to Bravo’s TV services.

Unlimited calls

Bravo also is proud to offer local calls which are unlimited in their performance bundle and unlimited calls long distance to Canada and USA in their Liberty package.

But there are a range of options. This company’s IP phone plans features a range of options that are free, such as:

  • Call display
  • Call transfers
  • Voicemail
  • 3-way calls

Bravo Telecom offers rental or purchases depending on the choice of a phone adapter that is high performance with the best tech options in IP telephony.

Internet packages

These prices are dependent on what else you get with your bundle.

  • For $33.95 a month you can get 5 Mbps cable internet with unlimited traffic.
  • For the same amount, you can get 7 Mbps internet with unlimited traffic per month.
  • For $37.95 each month you can get 10 Mbps cable internet with unlimited monthly traffic.
  • For the same $37.95 you will get 10 Mbps Fiber internets with unlimited monthly traffic.

You can get further information or learn more about these options and other bundles by going to their website at


How To Change From Windows To Mac Operating System

Although you have Windows 10 installed on your computer, there are cutting edge technology programs that allow you to use another operating system. This means that by keeping your Windows 10 as a base software intact, you can use other versions such as Linux, Android or Mac OS X at the same time. In this case, we explain how you can load Apple software to run all your applications in Your computer. Positive fact is that by keeping Windows 10 and Mac OS X on your computer at the same time, you will be able to interact between both systems as if they were two different computers in one.

The program you need to run Mac OS X on your Windows 10

There are different options, but one of them is completely free and is called VMWare Workstation Player 12.5.7. It allows you to load virtual machines or create them yourself. Although it is advisable to load an already created one, remember that you can configure which resources are destined to run Mac OS X on your computer. Of course, greater resources will outperform performance, but keep in mind that Windows 10 has to share them with Mac OS X. Therefore, it is recommended to equip your secondary system around 1/4 of the resources destined for Windows 10.

Download VMWare Workstation Player 12.5.7, this way you can load Mac OS X into your Windows 10 computer.

On the Internet you can find virtual machines already created and optimized for VMWare software, different versions of Mac OS X perfectly adapted to simply double-click to complete its installation. With your own copy of Mac OS X, the version you have, you can create a file image with extension .ISO that will allow you to create your own virtual machine.

What you will need for VMWare Workstation Player 12.5.7 to recognize the Mac OS X virtual machine is a patch that enables this function. Otherwise, you can only load images from other operating systems such as distributions based on GNU / Linux or other versions of Windows than the one you have installed on your computer.

When you have installed VMWare Workstation Player 12.5.7 on your computer, download the pre-configured virtual machine with the version of Mac OS X you want to install. It then applies the patch to accept this operating system and finally runs the virtual machine and configures the parameters that require it, such as the virtual memory allocated to virtualization.


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Value Creation Automation Can Trigger Growth of Logistics & Supply Chain Businesses

With the dawn of internet, when businesses got digitised, it was indeed a revolution witnessed by the world. Even more, this transformation in technology gave birth to innumerable businesses, especially ecommerce companies, which further triggered the growth of logistics and supply chain businesses across the globe.

Together logistics and supply chain consists of innumerable processes and activities that is humanly impossible to manage. And, that is why logistics and supply chain business organisations have gradually started resorting to advanced business automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA).

Technological advances in logistics and supply chain will not only enable businesses in exploring multiple growth opportunities but also lead to skilled job creation. According to a report published by Ajilon, in only the US alone, the logistics and supply chain industry will lead to the creation of approximately 27800 jobs.

VCA has the potential to add new dimensions to the logistics and supply chain businesses. This business automation solution can streamline processes and can guide them through an efficient business operation. Resulting in optimum resource utilisation, VCA can make logistics and supply chain businesses robust and effective.

Before we proceed any further, it is important to understand, what exactly is logistics and supply chain business all about.

Understanding Logistics & Supply Chain

A drastic change in communication, information and transportation technologies have converted supply chain as a subject. It is these days that logistics and supply chain is being taught as a separate subject in colleges, seeing the tremendous growth of this business. Supply chain is the major term, or better said subject, and logistics is a part of that subject.

In simple words, anything that is related to receiving the raw material, its maintenance and handling; or, storage of goods in warehouse, its packaging or movement within or outside the company; or the delivery the customer’s order to their doorstep and any other related tasks is covered within the the domain of logistics and supply chain.

Its history dates back to the World War II days, when the definition of logistics was limited to the procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military personnel, facilities and materials. But today, completely encompassed in technology, logistics and supply chain is a big business in itself.

How VCA can make a difference to the logistics and supply chain business?

VCA is not limited to flow of information, like the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). VCA applies through end-to-end application of the entire business processes.

How can VCA’s presence make a difference?

To make the modern day logistics and supply chain management robust and effective, companies need to look for advanced technological support like business automation solution.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is one of the best automation solutions that offers a holistic business solutions to logistics and supply chain companies. Unlike Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs), VCA does more than offering seamless flow of information. Even more, VCA goes beyond even Business Process Management (BPM). BPM could only optimise the logistics and management business processes but VCA actually gives businesses an intuitive control to the different processes.

VCA can maximise the cost saving and ensure optimum productivity at all different business levels. Automated platforms keeps all the stakeholders well connected. Owners, managers, delivery boys, drivers and other stakeholders remains connected through the automated channel created by VCA.

Integration of various business levels in logistics and supply chain and the communication channel are the other factors that enables VCA in making huge difference. Free flow of information and hassle-free communication created by Value Creation Automation (VCA) helps the logistics and supply chain companies in setting up a seamless workflow.

On other hand, business automation solutions such as VCA also makes tracking and tracing systems like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) more effective and efficient.

Besides, Geo-Coding another powerful tool that business automation solutions bring along. It not only facilitates rectification of errors in addresses and locations of the customers but also enables business in analysing the area that is generating larger demand for them. Adding maps and photographs to the customers name, address and street etc.

Geo-Coding can prove to be a major cost saver for the logistics and supply chain companies. Even more, it can play a key role in taking effective marketing and sales decision.

Automation solutions like Value Creation Automation (VCA) adds value to the logistics and supply chain businesses. Automation enables companies in giving an integrated performance, which can be a key factor in building a robust business-customer relationship. It aids to the customer satisfaction and results in their retention.

In the way ecommerce business are growing, flourishing and changing the customers behaviour and expectations, logistics and supply chain businesses has a long way to go. And, we all understand that with demand, competitions grow. In such a situation, exploring VCA’s potential would prove to be very beneficial for logistics and supply chain businesses.

Above all this, VCA also facilitates real-time tracking of tasks. Having automated the inventory, VCA not only helps logistics and supply chain companies in improving their fill rates but they also do not need to keep a large floor area to manage their inventory. It also helps all the stakeholders, from managers to customers, in knowing about the status of a order at the same time.

VCA Enabled Logistics & Supply Chain Can Help Economies Evolve

Logistics and supply chain is one of the important businesses, which is the result of continuous technological advancements. VCA help this sector in growing with a fast pace, thereby adding stability to the world economy.

The Ajilon report also suggests that global supply chain services is expected to grow annually by approximately +9 {434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} by the end of 2017. And, with advanced business automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA), logistics and supply chain business can keep growing beyond imagination. In fact, if we go by the report, logistics and supply chain is one of the strongest growing sector in America and in the world.

Growth, enabled by business automation solutions, in logistics and supply chain business sector can give birth to skilled workforce, who are better paid off and has an improved standard of living. High production of good and services and global reach will result in the creation of high demand and along with their digital co-workers, humans will also play an equally important roles but not as a labour class, instead as a professional trained and technologically equipped workforce.

Business automation solutions like VCA can be the new lifeline of the logistics and supply chain businesses. On the other hand, it can also add to the inclusive growth of the world economy, having offered multiple business opportunities along with job creation in multiple fields.


TWILX – The Process of Selecting an Australian SEO Company

Want to know the correct process of selecting an Australian SEO Company because you’ve been burnt from a previous SEO Company?

If you have been stung by an SEO Company you will know all too well the pain involved of spending money and attaining no results at all. By doing a Google search you will find a lot of results for the termAustralian SEO Company. TWILX Web Solutions is just 1 SEO Services Provider that can produce the best results for your website by using 100{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} Australian SEO Services. There are in fact hundreds of SEO Companies scattered amongst the internet that are all fighting for your business so it is apparent that the only way to select an SEO Company is to find a reliable SEO Company in Australia that will ‘have your back’ and can guarantee results.

The first thing on your mind should be locating a trustworthy SEO Company that is solely based in Australia and that will put themselves in your shoes and treat your business as their own.

Proven Fact:

About 93{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} of Australian SEO Company’s saying that they’re “100{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} Australian”is in fact NOT. These companies are actually outsourcing most of their work to freelancers overseas that live abroad in countries like India & Pakistan.

Is finding a trustworthy SEO Company in Australia important to you? Do you need an SEO Company that has the very Best SEO Services? TWILX Web Solutions can not only meet your expectations, but exceed them with their SEO For Business services. TWILX is an Australian SEO company that are primarily engaged on providing the greatest and quickest financial return of investment to businesses. TWILX offers SEO& Web Design services Australia wide and has great brand recognition and loyalty from their growing customer base.

Struggling to find your way through the internet nonsense and overwhelmed by the amount of SEO Companies out there? There is so much competition amongst the many Australian SEO Company’s that are all fighting each other trying to push the hard sale on unsuspecting new customers but they always fail to deliver any successful results. WHY? The less credible companiesjust care about themselves and with that thought in mind, they choose to outsource their workto overseas companies for SEO Services. This is because services like content development and link building costs them much less but the quality of work is also much less.

If your sitting there trying to figure out which SEO Company to select than you must understand; if that company ‘cuts corners’ it only takes 1small mistake and that 1 mistake will cost you 20x more cash if you don’t select the Best SEO Company Australia in the first place.

So what could happen if an SEO Company outsourced their work for my website?

 Google Penalty: Your website could be penalized by Google! Lots of other SEO Companies that are representing themselves to be an official “Australian SEO Company” are usually practicing frowned upon behaviours like BlackHat SEO to get you quick rankings. This may sound good in the short term but it is whole heartedly against Google’s policies. If you did get wacked by a Google Penalty, your website would stand to lose up to 90{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} of all organic traffic for at least 3 months and that is the best scenario if you acted quick! There would be a big struggle to reclaim back those same search engine rankings that you lost by using a less credible SEO Company that outsourced their work.You could stand to lose most, if not all your customers from the loss of traffic to your website and you would also have to invest a lot more money again on Google Recovery Services.

In summary, always use WhiteHat SEO techniques and take the SEO process slowly with an outlined strategy and stick to it. Cutting corners is the worst way to go about things so make sure you are selecting an Australian SEO Company that is right for you.


What Affects Your Internet Speed

There was a time long ago when using the internet from your back porch required a long Ethernet cable. The Wi-Fi covers this issue and provides you better speed without any wire. Every file you downloaded from internet or web pages you view handled by thousands of computers before appearing on your screen. Let’s list all the factors that can affect your internet speed.


Internet speed depends on your network equipment such as cable or router. For example, Wi-Fi connection is generally slower than the Ethernet connection you are using. Wi-Fi will receive this problem that your internet speed might decrease if more devices connect to the same network. Moreover, if you have a weak processor your internet speed might be slowed down by the computer.

The Host Server

Most common cause for the slow speed of internet is the host server. There is a chance that server may be configured incorrectly. A slow server can make affect anything you do on the internet.


Once a malware or virus kicks into your system, it might be running in the system’s background. These viruses and malware connect to your internet without your permission and drains your resources. For protection, try installing an antivirus program, and get extensions and add-ons from trusted sources.

Background Apps

If your system is running on too many apps that need to connect to the internet, then things might go slower. Some of the apps might be running in the background without your noticing. Check the sync, backup setting or auto-update.

Number of Users

When a large number of users try to connect to the internet at the same time, this will slowdowns your internet speed. This happens often during peak activity hours, such as after the office timing when everyone gets home and tries to use the internet.

 TCP/IP Configuration

Installation software, which is provided by the dial-up internet providers, might change the default TCP/IP configuration settings on your computer by thinking that they will provide you better performance. These changes may cause poorer performance with internet services. Macintosh users usually don’t face these particular problems.

Distance from Router

If Wi-Fi router is placed far from you device, the internet speed won’t be as optimal as you want. To overcome this issue, consider buying a wireless repeater. For those who don’t know the wireless repeater, it is a signal copier that is the mediator of the router and the device that makes double the strength of the Wi-Fi signals. Physical and natural obstacles located between the router and device such as water and metal might also reduce the internet speed. So, make sure to not place any metal between device and router.

Web Browser

This is important that which web browser you are using. A poorly configured Web browser is the most common bottlenecks for fast web browsing. It is true that any browser won’t affect your internet speed. However, when you choose one browser over another, your browsing speed can vary.