How to Find Answer to Protected Parts of Your Computer System or Network

NTP offers a wide-ranging answer to protect the varied essentials of your organization, to guarantee the veracity, confidentiality, and accessibility of your IT structure, systems and data.

Data Classification Discovery

While organizations know where sensitive data is supposed to be, often the truth is quite different. But with Data Discovery & Classification, NTP will check your environment and give you detail findings to help you know where your weaknesses are relative to data that is sensitive.

Data Recovery

NTP also can help you salvage data from corrupted, damaged, failed, or remote 2nd storage when not able to be normally accessed. This data often is being recovered from media storage from both external or internal hard drives, solid-state drives, storage tapes, USB flash drives, CDs, RAID, DVDs and other methods of storage. Recovery often is due to physical damage to the area of storage area or logical damage to the file system preventing it from being mounted by the host OS or operating system.

Digital forensic

Digital forensic is the method of first uncovering and then interpreting data. The goal here is protecting evidence in its form that is most original for being able to reconstruct past events. This team of specialists uses these procedures when they are investigating:

  • Crimes
  • Violations of internal policy
  • Reconstruction incidents involving computer security
  • Troubleshooting problems that are operational
  • Recovering from system accidental damage

 Ethical hacking

This type hacking helps businesses or organizations to ID potential threats to computer systems and networks. An ethical hacker makes attempts to bypass system security to search for points that are weak and that could be broken into by malicious hackers. This information will then be used by the business or organization to improve security systems, to minimize or eliminate any possible attacks. NTP Cyber Security is an experienced and reputable ethical hacker and will ensure a productive and efficient assessment.

Incident Response

It is not a question of “If” you will be damaged or hacked, but “how” and “when” will your company reply. NTP will help you to plan as well as prepare for the way you will be able to worth with these security incidents.