Led Lighting Solutions in the Design of Entertainment Events

Beautiful, bright and practical decoration of entertainment events, television shows, and dance floors – this is an inexplicable part of success among the audience and visitors. To interest a whimsical client you need to maximally interest him. This is what the led lighting solutions can do. can provide you with such success!

To make your project really interesting, you can decorate it with LED lighting. Recently, this kind of design is quite popular and is actively used both in large-scale sizes and simpler single versions. If desired, with the help of LED lighting you can decorate a whole room – floor, walls or partially create a shielded wall. It looks so bright, professional and enchanting.

Led floor

If you see the screened walls, ceilings – this is not news for us, here’s the floor, something new. In fact, this is one of the most popular led lighting solutions, which is actively used in party design, stage for performances, as well as individual rooms reserved for shooting TV shows. The principle of the LED floor lighting system is the same as the operation of the screen. In simple words, a certain number of screens fit on the floor area, which is able to change and submit a picture to them using the control system. At the same time, all screens work as a single unit and are controlled by a remote control. A special program can create such drawings that you need or just create bright colors.

With the help of such technology, impulse, intelligent models of Led floor are created. They are able to respond to the person walking and his movements. Depending on the program, which is equipped with a system of the floor, the floor will make sounds reproduce drawings show the way or to perform successive steps in the form of game options. Depending on how the passer-by behaves at this or that moment, the further course of the image will change. Very often, lighting solutions are used to decorate the floor of a stage at concerts or podiums in model shows. Walk on such a floor can be no problem in both conventional sneakers and hairpins. It is absolutely safe in touch and review.

A special plus for those who want to install Led floor – it’s easy to transport and install. Models are designed for safe and fast installation, as well as subsequent work with them.

Our products fully meet the quality standards and will perfectly look at any events of a private or public nature. This is ideal for parties and other entertainment.


KKMOOM Ultra Slim Car, Splendid In Performance

Here, Today we have the joy to unpack the KKMOON Ultra Slim Car Dash Cam DVR that we got here for you. This is a great degree financially knowledge dash cam with incredible potential. It includes a Full HD 1080p 3.0 Inch LCD Display alongside a wide point 170 degrees focal point which will have the capacity to catch about everything that is going on around the front of your auto. It should catch 1080p video and additionally 12mp stills, nonetheless, in light of our inquiry on YouTube, there is by all accounts a little issue with the video outline rate. We will address these conceivable issues when we discharge our full audit and test recordings taken by this dash cam.

As it is standard these days with most auto DVR dash cams, the KKmoon Ultra Slim 3.0 dvr bolsters; circle recording, which means it will naturally overwrite the most seasoned film on the dvr once the memory card turns out to be full; an implicit G-Sensor which will consequently bolt the latest video document at whatever point significant stun or movement is identified; and finally it has a worked in IR LED to help the dvr catching recordings during the evening. It records in Mpeg4 AVI with sound provided by the implicit amplifier and records to Transflash/MicroSD memory card. It is our experience that these kind of spending plan DVRs just up to 32gb memory cards. Should the unforeseen happen, playback of the recorded film should be possible specifically on the dvr by means of its 3.0 inch 1080p LCD Screen or it can likewise be played back externally through the accessible HDMI yield port found on an indistinguishable side from the MicroUSB and Memory card Ports.

Included accessories with the KKMOON Ultra Slim 1080p Car DVR are a to a great degree long miniaturized scale USB auto control link (500mA), a standard microUSB link, a windshield suction mount and finally a careful manual in English and Chinese. As most spending auto DVRs accompany glue mounts we are very astounded that a quality looking suction mount is incorporated with the KKMOON.

Much obliged to you for going along with us amid first take a gander at the KKMoon Ultra Slim 1080p Car Dash Cam DVR highlighted here. It costs 16.99usd now in the wake of utilizing this select $2 coupon code: LQPK42 . If it’s not too much trouble stay tuned as we will be trying it out finished the next days and we will be detailing back with test film, and in addition our general impressions of this amazingly reasonable auto dvr.


Complete guide of MJX bugs 2

MJX has been endeavoring to grow the Bugs Series of brushless engine quads. Notwithstanding the Bugs 2, which is the concentration of this article, MJX is likewise dealing with a Bugs 8 and Bugs 6. What’s more, how about we not overlook the first Bugs 3, one of our most loved nitty gritty brushless drones. No, we don’t comprehend the numbering they utilize when naming new drones, however we do like the way they fly. Before we make a plunge further with the Bugs 2, we ought to likewise say that there are elective F100 drone choices on the off chance that you don’t care for the “carriage” look.

Truly, truth is stranger than fiction; the Bugs 2 is the official successor to the Bugs 3. While we can’t state we comprehend the numbering tradition, we can state we like the increments it conveys to the table. The Bugs 2 is by all accounts a fundamentally the same as drone, however they included an inherent HD camera, elevation hold, and GPS.

Presently, MJX has discharged another RC Quadcopter, MJX Bugs 2 which has two adaptation, one is MJX Bugs 2 B2W and B2C, the fundamental contrast between them is the previous one has WIFI 1080P camera, accessible for dark shading while the last one has HD 1080P screen, accompanying white shading. It’s very good for the drone lovers. You can take it with you on travelling and any other where you want to take it. Due to its compatible features you wont have any issue to use it anywhere.


MJX Bugs 2 has 485g-weight landing gear, and protective battery, 310X310X410 mm measurement made in plastic substantial. It has 6-4CH channels and 6-hub gyro, 310 mm wheelbase and 2.4G recurrence.

In the package, it has a quadcopter, a transmitter, a 7.4V 25C 1800mAh LiPo Battery, four protective covers, two propeller set, a propeller settling mount, a telephone cut, a screwdriver, a charger, and an English manual.

Equipment and Features

mjx bugs 2 B2W and B2C are intense for some helpful highlights. They both can bolster GPS situating framework, which can manual for fly without losing their direction. In addition, they can likewise bolster elevation hold mode, one key to return, and headless mode. They have a brushless engine, worked in 2S 7.4V 1800mAh 25C LiPo Battery (included), which can bolster around 16 minutes for flight and takes around 300 minutes to charge full. It can control around 500 meters remote separation and 300 meters FPV remove. B2W has WIFI 1080P camera, while B2C has HD 1080P camera.


MJX Bugs 2 B2W and B2C cannot give you a chance to appreciate opportunity in the day, but rather likewise around evening time, since they have a LED lights for night flight. You can appreciate delightful scene in the night sky. On the off chance that you are keen on them, don’t neglect to utilize the coupon code: 5RCQuadcopters to get them at bring down cost.


The New and Improved Segway Hoverboard

The 6.5-inch hoverboard scooter is the fastest selling hoverboard currently on the market. Riders are guaranteed a level of comfort while riding the Segway scooter. It gives you the best experience in riding that you will ever have.

Safety first

Safety is a necessity and this Segway style hoverboard is the best decision. This is because Gear Force hoverboards in Australia are certified at the highest level against fire and has electrical safety requirements. It is completely secured from any failure that might happen during riding.

Safety features added

These safety features and instructions have been added:

  • Low battery protection when battery drops to less than 10 percent it will begin to slow down until it will eventually stop
  • Avoid surface that are slippery such as water
  • Avoid surface such as gravel roads
  • Wear gloves, helmets, guards for the elbows and other safety gear
  • Ride on roads that are safe and avoid bumpy surfaces
  • Children must be attended by an adult when riding
  • Don’t lift the self-balancing hoverboard off the ground when turned on


This hoverboard has a Samsung Li-Ion battery which is powerful and lets riders cover up to 20km on only one charge. It has a two-motor engine that delivers up to 700 watts of power for maximum speed in riding in both outdoor and indoor.

Latest hoverboard

This modern hoverboard is the latest type of self-balancing scooter. It can ride on a slope of 30-degree grading. It can easily climb a slope without any failure. Also, this 6.5-wheel hoverboard has the capacity of being able to control unnecessary speeding. A light will come on to let the rider know they are exceeding the recommended 12km/hr. This feature goes a long way in controlling speeds that are excessive.

Lights the way

This electrical Segway style hoverboard can make hovering around an exciting activity. This hoverboard comes with a LED lightbuilt-in that will light your path in the dark at night. This LED light allows you to see any danger in the path ahead. This light is also a great way to make sure other people see you at night.

This is a new and improved hoverboard.