Value Creation Automation Can Trigger Growth of Logistics & Supply Chain Businesses

With the dawn of internet, when businesses got digitised, it was indeed a revolution witnessed by the world. Even more, this transformation in technology gave birth to innumerable businesses, especially ecommerce companies, which further triggered the growth of logistics and supply chain businesses across the globe.

Together logistics and supply chain consists of innumerable processes and activities that is humanly impossible to manage. And, that is why logistics and supply chain business organisations have gradually started resorting to advanced business automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA).

Technological advances in logistics and supply chain will not only enable businesses in exploring multiple growth opportunities but also lead to skilled job creation. According to a report published by Ajilon, in only the US alone, the logistics and supply chain industry will lead to the creation of approximately 27800 jobs.

VCA has the potential to add new dimensions to the logistics and supply chain businesses. This business automation solution can streamline processes and can guide them through an efficient business operation. Resulting in optimum resource utilisation, VCA can make logistics and supply chain businesses robust and effective.

Before we proceed any further, it is important to understand, what exactly is logistics and supply chain business all about.

Understanding Logistics & Supply Chain

A drastic change in communication, information and transportation technologies have converted supply chain as a subject. It is these days that logistics and supply chain is being taught as a separate subject in colleges, seeing the tremendous growth of this business. Supply chain is the major term, or better said subject, and logistics is a part of that subject.

In simple words, anything that is related to receiving the raw material, its maintenance and handling; or, storage of goods in warehouse, its packaging or movement within or outside the company; or the delivery the customer’s order to their doorstep and any other related tasks is covered within the the domain of logistics and supply chain.

Its history dates back to the World War II days, when the definition of logistics was limited to the procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military personnel, facilities and materials. But today, completely encompassed in technology, logistics and supply chain is a big business in itself.

How VCA can make a difference to the logistics and supply chain business?

VCA is not limited to flow of information, like the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). VCA applies through end-to-end application of the entire business processes.

How can VCA’s presence make a difference?

To make the modern day logistics and supply chain management robust and effective, companies need to look for advanced technological support like business automation solution.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is one of the best automation solutions that offers a holistic business solutions to logistics and supply chain companies. Unlike Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs), VCA does more than offering seamless flow of information. Even more, VCA goes beyond even Business Process Management (BPM). BPM could only optimise the logistics and management business processes but VCA actually gives businesses an intuitive control to the different processes.

VCA can maximise the cost saving and ensure optimum productivity at all different business levels. Automated platforms keeps all the stakeholders well connected. Owners, managers, delivery boys, drivers and other stakeholders remains connected through the automated channel created by VCA.

Integration of various business levels in logistics and supply chain and the communication channel are the other factors that enables VCA in making huge difference. Free flow of information and hassle-free communication created by Value Creation Automation (VCA) helps the logistics and supply chain companies in setting up a seamless workflow.

On other hand, business automation solutions such as VCA also makes tracking and tracing systems like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) more effective and efficient.

Besides, Geo-Coding another powerful tool that business automation solutions bring along. It not only facilitates rectification of errors in addresses and locations of the customers but also enables business in analysing the area that is generating larger demand for them. Adding maps and photographs to the customers name, address and street etc.

Geo-Coding can prove to be a major cost saver for the logistics and supply chain companies. Even more, it can play a key role in taking effective marketing and sales decision.

Automation solutions like Value Creation Automation (VCA) adds value to the logistics and supply chain businesses. Automation enables companies in giving an integrated performance, which can be a key factor in building a robust business-customer relationship. It aids to the customer satisfaction and results in their retention.

In the way ecommerce business are growing, flourishing and changing the customers behaviour and expectations, logistics and supply chain businesses has a long way to go. And, we all understand that with demand, competitions grow. In such a situation, exploring VCA’s potential would prove to be very beneficial for logistics and supply chain businesses.

Above all this, VCA also facilitates real-time tracking of tasks. Having automated the inventory, VCA not only helps logistics and supply chain companies in improving their fill rates but they also do not need to keep a large floor area to manage their inventory. It also helps all the stakeholders, from managers to customers, in knowing about the status of a order at the same time.

VCA Enabled Logistics & Supply Chain Can Help Economies Evolve

Logistics and supply chain is one of the important businesses, which is the result of continuous technological advancements. VCA help this sector in growing with a fast pace, thereby adding stability to the world economy.

The Ajilon report also suggests that global supply chain services is expected to grow annually by approximately +9 {434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} by the end of 2017. And, with advanced business automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA), logistics and supply chain business can keep growing beyond imagination. In fact, if we go by the report, logistics and supply chain is one of the strongest growing sector in America and in the world.

Growth, enabled by business automation solutions, in logistics and supply chain business sector can give birth to skilled workforce, who are better paid off and has an improved standard of living. High production of good and services and global reach will result in the creation of high demand and along with their digital co-workers, humans will also play an equally important roles but not as a labour class, instead as a professional trained and technologically equipped workforce.

Business automation solutions like VCA can be the new lifeline of the logistics and supply chain businesses. On the other hand, it can also add to the inclusive growth of the world economy, having offered multiple business opportunities along with job creation in multiple fields.