Top Advantages of Rooting Your Mobile Device

Here’s a little secret for you: as you root your mobile device, you’re no longer just a user of it. You become your phone’s administrator, too. It will provide you with unlimited access to mobile features you never even thought possible before.

When you root your phone, you can install unapproved apps, update your OS, overclock or underclock the processor, delete unwanted bloatware, and customize anything. Can you imagine getting unlimited access to your mobile phone at the swipe of your finger? It is worth a try!

If you desire to know more advantages of rooting, then this article can be of great help!

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Removing useless apps

When you bought your phone, there are already pre-installed apps for you to use. Whereas some are useful, some are totally useless and only eats a lot of space and battery life on your device. What’s worse is that you can’t just remove those apps. Unless you can afford wholesale flash drives for more storage, you’d get a huge help with rooting. With this, completely useless apps, or what called Bloatware, can be finally removed.

 Blocking Ads

Developers need advertisements to generate income. By putting ads to your apps, money comes in their way. However, a lot of users don’t like it, especially if it pops up in the middle of our games or whatever we’re doing. But here’s the good news: once you successfully rooted your android device, apps like Ad Away, AdBlock Plus, and AdFree will come to your aid and block every ad in your apps.

Customizing everything

People mostly decide to root their phone because of custom ROMs. It’s like getting a brand-new device without becoming broke. Custom ROMs are often user-friendly than stocked ones; it offers performance-boosting abilities like twists for your system and battery life optimizations. Also, it updates more frequently than your stock ROM.

Installing incompatible apps

It’s a shame that some apps are incompatible with your phone. But, by rooting your device, you gain access to all the apps the world offers. In fact, you will get more android updates, more frequently and earlier, once you root your phone.

Optimizing longer battery life

When you root your phone, you can optimize it for a better battery life. Apps like Greenify can close useless apps automatically for you, or Set CPU to overclock and increase your android device’s performance, or underclock for longer battery lifespan. Of course, you need to root your phone first to do this.

Full backing up of device

You can only back-up some settings and apps on your device, and it’s not enough if you want to secure everything if you happen to delete important files. If so, root your device so you can backup anything and everything.

Customizing device’s skin

You want it to look more appealing, don’t you? Then you must root your phone now. As you do, you can choose and customize it in which way you want.

Wrapping Up

There are so many ways to make your android phone more powerful. All you must do is root it to perform a ton of things for you. Remember that you own your device and you deserve better. But there’s a hitch to this awesomeness; it can leave your phone broken – far more broken to be repaired – and warranty won’t be able to help you. As a matter of fact, the moment you root your phone, your warranty is already void.

Rooting your phone is not recommended for everyone. but no one’s stopping you from being awesome! After all, with all the mentioned advantages, it’s worth taking the risk long as you follow the necessary precautions. So, are you ready to root your mobile device?