Everything You Need to Know to Download and Install Archiver.FS

There are no different versions of Archiver.FS, just one package (with a trial license) to download and then install.This one installation covers all 64-bit Windows version and works with Windows 2003 onward. MLtek does not have a 32-bit version of this software.

Before installing

Prior to installing Archiver.FS take the time to make certain you have all the prerequisites installed – especially SQL Express. Also take the time to read through the guide for Quick Setup prior to installing Archiver.FS. Then you need to download and install Version 3.x (v3.452).

Where to find information

All information you need to know can be found here

 Need help?

If you need help in setting up Archiver.FS, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if you are only planning on using the free version, we are still glad to give assistance to getting you up and running.

Fresh Install

Requirements – Archiver.FS needs the following components:

  • Take time to first read the Quick Setup guide prior to the new install of Archiver.FS.
  • It is essential to have SQL Express 2008 R2 or later.
  • It is essential to have.Net Framework 4.0 – make certain any pending Windows Updates have been applied.
  • Crystal reports .Net Runtime if you are wanting to use the reporting function – you can download the 64-bit version.

Upgrading/Updating from a previous version

The process to update Archiver.FS is quite easy:

  • Make sure no archiving or maintenance jobs currently running.
  • Uninstall the old version answering “Yes” to question of wanting to keep the configuration database.
  • Reboot the computer, but not essential if you cannot.
  • Install the new version. Your previous configuration will be found by the new version and all processes will continue as they did before.

Other downloading locations

Archiver.FS is listed on numerous download sites as well as on a choice of mirror site that it can be downloaded from. We recommend since they normally are the most up-to-date of all the mirror sites.



Skills of coding have become more important than ever and they are turning into the core proficiency and capability for all types of Today’s Century employees. The unavoidable fact is showing the way to individuals to look for new methods of learning to code.

Tests4geeks is one of such learning websites. It is the service for IT skills programming assessment. It’s a tool which makes the process of hiring programmers easier.  It is the service which tests your candidates-programmers before you see them. Each programming test is developed by professionals with great knowledge, experience, and skill. Tests4geeks is a platform created to make interview process for corporate as well as start-ups easier and much better than what it is right now. You can create tests for various platforms and languages, and then you can test your candidates as per their general knowledge on the subject they are interviewing for. After the particular test is done, you can call those candidates in future for a further personal interview.

Tests4geeks is not only good for people who want to conduct these tests but also for those who as a developer want to test their own knowledge. It is the program which includes the best tests for hiring coders. This service is especially for individuals who are working as team leads, HR managers, and recruiters.  In addition, programmers can also join in for the reason that there are thousands of chances to show off their skill and test themselves here!

The Tests4Geeks helps companies to hire the deserving candidates as per their requirement. Because many a times candidates write so many things in their resume no matter how much they know. So it helps to enable companies and Human resource agencies to test every candidate to decide whether that candidate has the basic knowledge of what he is applying for or not. It makes the life easier by offering you to take tests online to filter the good candidates. With the help of Tests4Geeks, you can shortlist your candidates and then sit for an interview. The process is quite effective and easy that you can choose the best talents easily without much involvement and expense. Tests4geeks can be a game changer for your organization as you will receive a bunch of awesome pre-chosen shortlisted candidates who have been tested already. The candidate can choose any test among the hundreds such as PHP, HTML, .net, JavaScript, c# programming test Python, Databases, Java, and iOS. They also contain subcategories too.

Benefits of tests4geeks-

It is helpful for Business, HR agencies and for programmers. As for HR agencies, tests4geeks will provide them their best candidates. And as programmers, they can test themselves, get a report and attach it to their resume. It will help demonstrate candidate’s knowledge and skills during a job search. It’s very simple and easy to use for long process. It has big scope in future as students can learn this to make bright career in this field. It’s very necessary to do this course from a reputation institute. As there are many institutes which claim to give better course and training on these courses.

How useful it is –

Whenever you have to hire programmers or candidates, you can give an ad on sites like Indeed, Monster, and other job portals. Then you receive a large number of applications, out of which you call a few of them for an interview. Now say, you take interview of 40 candidates in a day. After taking the interview of all, you find out that out of those 40, about 25 have not even the basic knowledge of the skills you desire for. It means you have just wasted your valuable time with those 25 candidates. We all know Time is a valuable asset! We need to spend our time carefully. Now, the Tests4Geeks allows you to create a test for the skills you want in your candidates. So as in this case, create CSS/HTML test and send the link to the test to all the candidates that sent their applications. Now when they will complete their test, you will get the results. Then, you can assess the results of all, and call only those who deserve or have the skills you desire. It saves your time and money, and the cost of using Tests4geeks is quite affordable. And for candidates, it is the key to getting the best job as per their talent.

It works in a certain pattern as follows:

For HR Agencies

So if you want to hire a programmer or a candidate, at first send him a link to the particular test which can be found on the website. Once the candidate completes the test, you will receive an email of an automated report. If you are not satisfied with the candidate result, then, you have just saved your valuable time! And if the result is satisfactory, then you have earned an important asset for your future! You don’t need any special skills to use Tests4Geeks online service. It is very easy to use, and you can create multiple tests in just a few minutes.

Just enters his name and emails to start the test, the link got active. Once the candidate is done with the test, the reports will be emailed to the candidate and to the company.

  • Pass test by Myself-

This option is just for testing candidates skills by own.

  • Tests4Geeks offers branding option-

It offers the candidate and the company to use your own sub domain on your Company’s domain, to promote your business and skills for the bright future.

One can save his/her quality time by using the service of Tests4Geeks which is available at good prices online. Therefore, for companies can take online knowledge test of the candidates before calling them for an interview and can save their valuable time! All in all, Tests4geeks is a really great and huge platform for both candidate and Hiring managers to find suitable job and job candidate


Uses of Net Promoter Score Software

In today’s market, it is critical for every business to track, analyze, and evaluate their customer satisfaction in order to improve the overall client experience. If your clients like your business, products, and service, they may recommend you to others. However, on the other side of the coin, dissatisfied customers may recommend that others stay away from your business. Totaling the numbers of referrals and detractors, and then summing these values, with give you your overall Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS can then be used to track the types of clients that your business should focus on in order to expand more efficiently.

In December 2003, Fred Reichheld, a Director Emeritus and Bain Fellow, released a study titled “The One Number You Need to Grow”. This study discussed the NPS and why it is a critical number in tracking the progress of your business. It can be a useful tool in helping you become a top competitor in your industry. He also added that it is a simple way to evaluate customer loyalty and growth.

The NPS can be used to measure client satisfaction, as well as business progress and development efforts. Using this score, you can gain demographic information on your good clients, and target your marketing campaigns and business developments toward these types of customers and their needs.

What is net promoter score software?

Net promoter score software is specially designed to analyze online feedback and promotion of your business by your customers. The software works by calculating your total positive feedback and total negative feedback given by your online clients. It then deducts the negative feedback from the positive feedback, leaving you with a net promoter score. This is a representation of the overall promoters of your business. If your net score is negative, the software provides various solutions on how to improve this.