Establish Yourself as a Trusted Source

I just finished my first article and in it, I wrote about the importance of listening as a means to determine consumer demand. From a marketing standpoint, particularly a blog marketing standpoint, this is truly the “goose that laid the golden egg”. Because of the need for big retailers to market to a mass audience, the opportunity for online marketers (including personal bloggers) to take advantage of being able to market yourself as a trusted source has never been better than it is now.

Planning a marketing strategy

All over the world, consumers have become much more savvy, in that they recognize the need for value. Consumers now consider the value of an item or service in addition to price and preference in any buying decisions they make.

That’s an important aspect to take into consideration when planning a marketing strategy. Does your product or service provide both value and affordability? Does it solve a problem or need? These are the questions you must ask yourself. And you have got to be honest with yourself as you answer these questions.

The answers you come up with may be profitable in the short term, but what about the long-term? Will your customers trust you enough to purchase from you again? Therein lies the secret, in my humble opinion.

This secret is something I’ve touch on before and likely will again. Actually, it’s not really a secret. Establishing relationships with people is something all of us does on a daily basis. It’s the same in terms of blog marketing. Just as you would take the recommendation of a product or service from a friend offline, so to would you take the recommendation of an online friend. People are more likely to be comfortable making a purchase on the recommendation of a trusted source. That’s a marketing principle, in my opinion, that can be applied to any type of blog, be it personal or otherwise.


What does it take?

How do you become that trusted source?

That go-to guy/girl?

You do that by being real in all that you do, both online and off. I believe it’s the personal touch that’s been missing for too long. My blog (and by extension, myself), for example, is becoming what I mean by “trusted source”. Eli @ Business Sphere is another example of a blog that I, as well as many others, consider being a trusted source. Becoming a trusted source isn’t really a difficult thing to become, but it does take some work.

While there are many ways for one to do this, the way I’ve chosen is to share with you my journey to online success, by providing valuable information in my posts, like this one, freely as I learn how to get to where I want to be. And, although I know I’ve missed an email or two from readers, I read all and answer 99{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} of comments and try to foster comment debate (although I will admit that I’ve not been that successful in doing so :P). I make myself available to my readers if they have questions or a problem they need to resolve. By taking a personal interest in other people’s lives, albeit online is my way.

That’s all I have for today.

I hope this finds you having a great day/night.

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Tips For Hiring A Virtual Assistant

These previous couple of years have seen the medicinal services industry changed definitely. Being at the bleeding edge of innovative headway, the medicinal services industry quickly grasped the force of virtual staffing arrangements. Remote colleagues have helped numerous doctors work as doctors while keeping up sound operation of their private practice. It has given openings for work that are adaptable and can be kept up around different duties for some individuals. Remote aides can deal with regulatory staff, for example, interpretations, accounting, information passage, planning, and other individual and managerial errands. After some time, virtual partners have likewise created abilities that can add to promoting, online networking, visual computerization, and research. Obviously, this will just work on the off chance that you will have the capacity to locate the ideal virtual right hand for your practice. To help you locate the ideal applicant while outsourcing doctor official right hand, here are a few tips to help you with the procedure:

1. Extend your financial plan. We as a whole attempt to work inside a financial plan. Furthermore, one reason why many individuals are thinking about a virtual partner is a direct result of its cost viability. Consider spending more to contract a virtual associate with more involvement. Attempt to consider it to be a venture.

2. Convey what you need. While contracting a virtual right hand it is essential to tell applicants what you need and your desires. You ought to likewise be clear about your financial plan, to what extent the agreement will last, and the undertakings you hope to be finished.

3. Test the water. Before consenting to a long haul contract with a virtual right hand, allocate a little occupation and perceive how the hopeful will toll. Investigate the teach, extent of work, and auspiciousness of the VA applicant.

4. Accessibility of the VA. Most virtual associate work for various customers in the meantime. Ensure that the VA you will contract is accessible to go web based amid your facility’s working hours or amid the time when you require them the most. They ought to likewise have the capacity to do different tasks in the meantime.

5. The nature of work and polished skill. This is a standout amongst the most pivotal things to consider before procuring a VA. Investigate the nature of the work conveyed by the hopeful and attempt to evaluate in the event that it meets or surpasses your desires.

6. Do an individual verification. A decent VA is one who is exceptionally prescribed by different experts. Attempt to check references and past work.