Waterproof Technology – Allow Traxxas TRX-4 Scale Tackle In Slow Or Mud

The Traxxas TRX-4 Scale is one of the latest designs of Traxxas and it packs with the lots of the new features. This car is manufactured by the Traxxas way, powerful, and also ready for entertainment. In addition, it offers the great features, durability, versatility, capability, and others. The steep angle rear allows the device to tackle and the front design of motor biases the weight forward for climbing when compared to the other types of the Trail Crawler. The The rc cars parts are easily available in the online store and they can deliver your order with the one or two days. You can also get the original parts to your RC car.

If you are looking for your child birthday gift then it is the perfect choice to gift your son. Most of them like this Traxxas very much and it makes you son birthday more memorable one. Here you can see the complete features of this incredible machine. It is one of the upcoming Traxxas and within the May it will available in the market for the outdoor activities.

Unique controls

It is loaded with the cruise control for the long time travel. With the help of the transmitter, you can set the Traxxas speed and the cruise control allows the user easily handle the device for a long time. By using the multi-function you can adjust the speed of the car to match the caravan of the trail explorer.

Body of device

The body of the Traxxas TRX 4 is made of the soft plastic material and also comes with the black and some hard plastic parts. By using the advanced technology, it can manufacturer so it offers great durability. it consists of the inner fenders, LR86 yellow stickers, tank jack, spare tire tools, body roll cage, and much more. This device can be classified into the two parts that are inner and outer structure. After the machine body has installed then you cannot able to see the inner structure. It comes with the long run time more than two hours with the powerful battery

Features of Traxxas TRX-4

The Traxxas is equipped to handle with the remote control and everyday driving entertainment. It comes with the 1.5mm steel frame rails pair and also the large diameter steel pairs. The half-shaft joints of steel CV-style are reliable when the transfer the gears case is quiet. The latest version of the RC card comes with the metal gear digital servo that provides the user the durability and reliable power through the tough situations. It is the device loaded by the fully waterproof RC car with the innovative designs. So you have the freedom to tackle snow, mud, and creeks without worry about the water.


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