Needles is the Leading Case Management Software Use by Law Firms

This software is used by many law firms to manage everything that happens with a case and is the best software for case management. The software includes the following:

  • Lead/Intake
  • Customization
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Communications
  • Case Costs
  • Workflow
  • Reports


Intake screens prompt the intake staff to ask questions that are case-specific during the first call from a potential client. This software can import intake data from a website, file or call center.


This section has all individual contact files for each person or company. Needles offer places to track notes, documents, associations, and customer user-defined fields.


The system allows for easily creating document templates for merging information from the program. This can be done no matter whether the firm is using:

  • Word
  • WordPerfect
  • Adobe


There can be communication that is one-on-one or the entire group. It also integrates with almost any email system, allowing everyone to post emails as well as attachments directly to client case files.

Case Costs

This case management software allows tracking all case costs and expenses related to a case and can be tracked on the Value Tab. The firm can customize the codes, so they are able to track providers and any expenses or costs linked to each case. This includes attorney’s fees, reductions, liens, time and more. It also interfaces with many and various bookkeeper programs including TimeSlips, QuickBooks, and allows for customized bills to be generated.


This system keeps track of tasks from day-to-day as well as tracking the workflow for every user in each individual case. Checklist items appear daily on the user’s Today screen.


This software tracks the firm’s most important statistics; including Universal reports, as well as checklist summary, a statute of limitations, provider history, marketing, and management reports.