What Affects Your Internet Speed

There was a time long ago when using the internet from your back porch required a long Ethernet cable. The Wi-Fi covers this issue and provides you better speed without any wire. Every file you downloaded from internet or web pages you view handled by thousands of computers before appearing on your screen. Let’s list all the factors that can affect your internet speed.


Internet speed depends on your network equipment such as cable or router. For example, Wi-Fi connection is generally slower than the Ethernet connection you are using. Wi-Fi will receive this problem that your internet speed might decrease if more devices connect to the same network. Moreover, if you have a weak processor your internet speed might be slowed down by the computer.

The Host Server

Most common cause for the slow speed of internet is the host server. There is a chance that server may be configured incorrectly. A slow server can make affect anything you do on the internet.


Once a malware or virus kicks into your system, it might be running in the system’s background. These viruses and malware connect to your internet without your permission and drains your resources. For protection, try installing an antivirus program, and get extensions and add-ons from trusted sources.

Background Apps

If your system is running on too many apps that need to connect to the internet, then things might go slower. Some of the apps might be running in the background without your noticing. Check the sync, backup setting or auto-update.

Number of Users

When a large number of users try to connect to the internet at the same time, this will slowdowns your internet speed. This happens often during peak activity hours, such as after the office timing when everyone gets home and tries to use the internet.

 TCP/IP Configuration

Installation software, which is provided by the dial-up internet providers, might change the default TCP/IP configuration settings on your computer by thinking that they will provide you better performance. These changes may cause poorer performance with internet services. Macintosh users usually don’t face these particular problems.

Distance from Router

If Wi-Fi router is placed far from you device, the internet speed won’t be as optimal as you want. To overcome this issue, consider buying a wireless repeater. For those who don’t know the wireless repeater, it is a signal copier that is the mediator of the router and the device that makes double the strength of the Wi-Fi signals. Physical and natural obstacles located between the router and device such as water and metal might also reduce the internet speed. So, make sure to not place any metal between device and router.

Web Browser

This is important that which web browser you are using. A poorly configured Web browser is the most common bottlenecks for fast web browsing. It is true that any browser won’t affect your internet speed. However, when you choose one browser over another, your browsing speed can vary.

Web Hosting

What Is And How To Use It?

IP address or Internet Protocol address is a numeric identification for a network adapter that can identify computers exclusively on an IP or TCP network. You can use it as a private address on a local area network (LAN), for a wide area network (WAN) or for public use on the internet. is an IP address that is used around the globe by many users. Read on to know what it is and how to use it.

How Does this IP Address Work?

This IP address falls in the IP range that is used by routers from reputed manufacturers, such as D-Link and Netgear. It is one of the numerous IP addresses that can only be used in private networks. When you have to specify the default gateway for a home router, you can use this IP address for the purpose. It is important to be familiar with the IP address for using routers or for setting up LAN.

It can work just like a different private IP, given that it can be modified and used repeatedly. This particular IP address can be used as a default gateway, which is another important purpose for using it. The use of this IP address is generally related to high speed broadband routers. You can find companies making the most of this IP address by using it as a default address for their Netgear or D-Link routers.

What are the Common Access Problems?

Some common problems in accessing the IP address can be caused due to the following reasons:

  • ICMP packet filtering, similar to firewall settings, installed in the router
  • Router unable to connect or shut down
  • 168.0.1 is not the router IP address, or it has been confused with 192.168.o.1

In case you are able to get some bytes, it indicates that your network connection is successful, and you can establish a connection to a wireless router. In that case, you should type in the IP address into your browser and give a try. You should also try changing the LAN setup, perform a modem reconfiguration or check the DHCP settings.