What Factors Affect Your Social Media Marketing the Most?

The potential of social media is not only limited to personal use anymore. Instead, it is being used to amplify your business via social platforms. Connecting with your audience, engaging with them and offering them the services that you were not able to offer through your website is what can be a productive affair for your business.

But it’s not all about handling social platforms and replying to your audience. Many factors affect your social media marketing and that matters a lot for your business.  So, here are some factors that you should keep in your mind and build your strategy accordingly.

Understanding User Behavior:

If you dig into your social platforms, you will be able to understand the user-behaviour and their expectations from your brand. But even though, you are not capable of delivering the same, will be a negative aspect of your brand. Most of the time, SMM expert avoid understanding user-behaviour that lacks them fruitful results.

Optimizing Content, Images & Links:

Whenever you are using the social platform as a brand, it’s important to consider every part of the social media as a benefits package that can help you amplify your business and sales. But for many, optimizing content images and links is worthless. However, considering them brings a huge difference in your conversion rate.

Avoiding Variety for the Audience:

Every social media platform offers multiple formats to boost your user-engagement, but most of the brands avoid them. Offering versatile ways to engage with their brand not only increase customer attention towards your brand but also develops a viral content for the users.

Consistency Matters:

For every business, the most important factor is consistency. Whatever you are offering to your customers, must be offered consistently. Similarly on the social platform, whenever you share some ideas, new releases build your consistency in offering the same to your audience. Lack of consistency will go negative against your business popularity.

Quality Maintenance:

Posting during heap hours doesn’t mean that you are working well and is productive for your business. What matters is the quality that you are maintaining on the social media. If you stick to the quantity and avoid heeding on quality, it will be hard for you to achieve progress.

Only Posting, No Entertaining:

There are many business profiles on social media which are only focused on posting on their social walls, regardless of user queries flooded on their wall and expecting the response. It’s highly important to entertain your customers and assist them in resolving their queries to increase your trust among the users.

For all your digital and social needs, get in touch with Web Presence. It’s important to hire a trustworthy firm which is well-experienced in handling offshore projects and deal with multiple obstacles within the business promotion. So, what is your viewpoint on these factors that affect your social media marketing? Do you have any other important fact that also affects the SMM to a high extend? Share your ideas and comment in the comment section below.


Why Would You Want To Buy Instagram Followers When You Can Get Them For Free?

This is true that you can make your own set of followers without paying money to others; all you need is a little more motivation. You will need to do some of the things like posting new images more often to engage other users with contents which are unique and different from others. Also, if you can tag your posts to other social media, that’s going to help you to solve the problem of how to get free Instagram followers.

Getting followers the right way

You can get free Instagram followers in the following ways:

1. Add interesting information to your profile:

Editing your profile and making it interesting to people reading it is an art and it is also essential if you want to get followers. Your profile should contain a link to your business website or link to other social media where you actively participate. It should also have information about the business you are doing and positive things about it. And last but not least, your profile should have a handle that is attractive and memorable.

2. Linking social media accounts:

This can be done by going to the Settings menu and then clicking Linked Accounts tab. If you link your social media with each other then automatically people who like you in one platform will start following you in other platforms too if they use that platform and therefore the number of people who viewed your posts will increase.

3. Content theme:

To make your followers stay with you and not get distracted you should use come up with a good theme, like sports, education, fitness, cooking etc.

4. Post as often as you can:

You should make a habit of posting at least one post each day, seven days of a week. You should take care of the following things while posting images:

  • Change your content of the image but do not change your theme.
  • Constantly different contents should be posted.
  • The best time of posting for getting a maximum view is 5.00 PM EST.

5. Be interactive:

Try to interact with other Instagram users. You should follow other users and their links and also comment on their posts and slowly they will also do the same for you. This will build a relationship between you and other users. It also solves the problem of how to get free Instagram followers

6. Don’t avoid others feedback:

Give an ear to all feedbacks and be nice to the critics. This will make you do better with your next posts.


Common Challenges That You Can Beat With Social Media Marketing

Promoting brand on a social media platform has turned into a serious business. Given the monumental impact that social media has on the mindsets of prospective buyers, it has become a thing of wisdom to hire experts to tap the most from social media connection. Also, social media marketing has fool-proof answers to various everyday challenges that a brand faces on his way to becoming a household name. Discussed here are a few of them.

1. Weak traffic size

 When anything and everything is being searched upon online, digital space has become the most trustable place where brands must register their presence. Social media marketing strategies help you draw traffic to your online property. So, serve the audience with what they want after thorough research and create content that is user-friendly in true sense. Once you achieve this, you can absolutely be sure of improving the traffic.

2. Poor customer retention

 Acquiring a customer is any time costlier than retaining one. Developing social relationship with the prospective customers is important to keep the ‘hot’ leads around. And, with coordinated attempts involving re-targeting etc., you can hope for increase in conversions too.

3. Unawareness about brand

 Social media marketing techniques like hashtags when used in time-relevant manner rather than the promotional one create more ripples than any conventional advertising method. So, talk what customers can easily identify with; it definitely helps create brand awareness.

4. Dismal customer service

If social media is the platform where you find your customers the most of the times, then cash this window as a medium to address their issues. Equipping social media teams with answers and solutions to customer queries can prove to be effective in bringing consistency at all levels of interaction with the customers.

So, social media marketing is certainly a promising tool that can help you gain more of customers’ trust and better market share eventually.


This Company Does Everything a Client Needs for Mobile Marketing

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Curdex Media

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  • Videos
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No waste of time

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Correct marketing solutions

At Curdex Media, they provide the correct marketing solution based on your services, products and needs. They offer a full menu of digital services, and are able to help any company at any stage of the buying cycle. It does not matter if yourneed is to keep clients through mobile apps and marketing for social media, this company does it all.

Images tells it all

This company believes that images tell a story. They assure you they will incorporate beautiful imagery into the project they are doing for you so that your business will stand out to the world.

Mobile searches

In early 2015, mobile searches became more than desktop searches in frequency. Websites that are not optimized for mobile service were penalized by Google as they do not offer the optimal experience for clients or customers who were looking for a company like yours. So it is important to upgrade your site to a mobile ready website and it is easy and very affordable.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is also needed to be found in the digital age we are in. This company can help you get your webpages and website to the top using an on-page and off-page SEO optimization techniques and strategies. Your return on investment with SEO is huge and this company can get you there.

Content does matter

At the very least your content does matter to them and needs to be able to be accessible anytime, and anywhere. This company does it all.


Imperative Ecommerce SEO Practices

If you are the owner of an ecommerce website there is probably already a high chance that you aware of how difficult it can be to stand out online – with many incredibly popular brands showing up first in the search engines when a user searches for products in which you also offer. Because of this many smaller ecommerce companies can find it incredibly difficult to rank, leaving some choosing to sell their products on alternative platforms such as Etsy and eBay.

However, although it might be harder for ecommerce websites to get the rankings in which they desire, it doesn’t mean that they can’t, and today we’re going to provide some great SEO tips for ecommerce website owners to consider:

Essential Ecommerce SEO Tips

  • Create an engaging experience: In today’s tech-savvy world people ae no longer willing to wait long periods of time for web pages to load – when pages take a long time to load the majoring of internet users simply deice to visit an alternative website instead. You should ensure that your website boasts a simple design that is easy to use and navigate, removing clutter and large blocks of unnecessary content. Make sure that all of you pages load quickly. You can check your page speed using free tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Think about Google:

    Make sure that you’re using the SEO practices in which Google likes, remembering at all times that you need Google to be your friend. Each of your web pages should boast unique and compelling content, you should not be using a standardised website template, all your products must have descriptions and you should have a blog. These are only some of the things that are recommended by Google and if you want to ensure that you’re doing everything that right way you should employ professional SEO services to assist.

  • Mobile:

    So many people now search for the products and services that they require on their smartphones and tablets – therefore it is imperative that you cater for these people. In the last two years the number of people making search on their mobile phone has doubled and you need to take advantage of this otherwise you risk losing out on masses of customer and business. Make sure that you website is easy to use on mobile at your peril!

  • Link building:

    You need to make sure that you are link building in the right ways. Some tips to remember when it comes to link building include the following; trying to build links in which will generate quality traffic, always varying anchor text, avoiding poor links, using great content and utilising social media platforms.

If you do not have a lot of time to spend on SEO but want to ensure that your rankings improve it is advisable to employ a professional SEO agency to help you, who have an abundance of knowledge and tools readily available to put together the greatest strategies and campaigns. What’s stopping you? Find the best SEO company for your needs and requirements and give them a call today! You have nothing to lose.