Recent Advances in Pheromone Technology for Pest Control

Are you not keen on pesticides being sprayed around your home or business premises? Well you may be interested in the ever more sophisticated development in the pest control industry that offers a green pest control alternative to conventional methods.

In nature, the range of pheromones includes the alluring chemicals a female animal uses to attract males. They are a scent-like chemical that acts as a signal for many insects and other creatures to communicate with. The most common insects that use pheromones are moths and beetles. If you are experiencing a pest control problem, this could be just the thing.

By using pheromone infused products, you can confuse male pests into thinking that females are calling to them from that direction. The males will then go out to look for the females, and then can be caught in the pheromone laced trap and got rid of.

Pheromones have some great advantages. When pesticides are used, they don’t just kill the pests but the beneficial insects too. Pheromones can be precisely targeted because each insect species has its own chemically distinct pheromone.

Fundamentally, this means a pheromone treatment can target one specific pest found in your home while causing no damage to any other animals. Insect pheromones don’t affect humans or pets either. When pesticides are sprayed, even by an experienced pest control company, you have to keep away for a few days after because they’re toxic. The use of pesticides is also time-consuming, labour intensive and expensive to buy.

Pheromones also have some disadvantages too. You also run the risk of the pests not being destroyed completely, as only the males are trapped.

And pheromone treatments are not a preventative measure, as it only works on adult insects. Basically, it’s not possible to use these treatments before the pests have infested. They could cause a lot of damage to your home in the meantime.