ezTalks Provides Remote Video Conferencing Integration Solutions

With the continuous development of global economic integration, corporate headquarters and branch offices, suppliers, distributors, chain stores, mobile office staff held a remote video conference is very necessary, but the convening of remote video conferencing will face a lot of problems, Here I will come to see the issue of remote video conferencing, and video conferencing leadership brand – how to solve the problem:

First, video conference fluency:

Network bandwidth will be volatile, and around the network access may be different, so the network bandwidth around the environment is also different, the actual speed of the meeting of course there will be some differences. ezTalks using intelligent packet loss detection technology and anti-QOS technology; to ensure that 30{434a08f94422146a19c320141017f28b8081a8cfe051d075a408cabb7f570554} of the case in the network packet loss, video conferencing is still smooth.

Second, video conferencing clarity:

This clarity is not just clear video, but also clear speech. Blurred video images will make the participants feel tired; the delay of voice transmission will affect the effect of the meeting. ezTalks using the international advanced H.264 + encoding, in a limited bandwidth, showing 1080P HD video images and lip sync audio transmission.

Third, the security:

Remote video conferencing may involve the company’s trade secrets, which, once leaked, will cause significant losses to the company. ezTalks uses the most advanced AES 256 bits to encrypt video conferencing and provides multiple authentication and permissions settings such as locking a meeting room and so on.

Fourth, compatibility:

Remote video conferencing attendees may come from a variety of different environments, but also learn a lot of participants do not have some professional hardware equipment, temporary purchase is obviously not realistic. The ezTalks video conferencing cross-terminal compatibility of the perfect solution to this problem, through a fixed PC, mobile PC, tablet PC, smart phones can participate in the meeting, to maximize the use of existing hardware equipment resources.

Fifth, mobility:

Video conferencing requires not only the participation of professional conference room equipment, but also the involvement of mobile devices, since decision makers are usually the most mobile. ezTalks have perfected across multiple terminals and can be seamlessly docked between these terminals.

Six, simplicity:

After more than a decade of development, video conferencing features more and more diverse, diversified at the same time means that the operation will be more complex, if the complex to the need for professional and technical personnel to participate in debugging, the efficiency of video conferencing will Very low. ezTalks uses a simple web interface, all the functional operation is at a glance, even if the computer who knows a little, within 3 minutes can quickly get started.

Seven, multi-network access:

There are many Internet access providers, South Telecom, North China Netcom, as well as CRC and mobile, and now there are 3G, there will be 4G and other networks, different networks need different access points in order to ensure that the remote video conference held The ezTalks conference room server all use multi-line access, whether it is telecommunications, or Netcom, or mobile network, can be distributed through the intelligent routing technology to the most suitable transmission line.

In fact, only need audio and video conferencing equipment (such as: microphone, camera, etc.), a computer / tablet / mobile phone, as long as there is a network, anywhere, you can convene a meeting by ezTalks, attend the meeting, through IP address, Through the tunnel encryption, to achieve a simple and secure remote video conferencing.

ezTalks is the world’s leading online video conferencing provider that enables you to connect with people anywhere and anytime. Integrated with HD video conferencing, audio conferencing, screen sharing, content sharing, remote control and other powerful features, it can be widely applied to all industries.